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A Jenna’s Creek Wedding: A Christmas Novella-A Small Town Inspirational Romance (Jenna’s Creek Series Book 4)

by Teresa Slack

The day before Jamie Steele and Eric Blackwood’s wedding, tragedy strikes, forcing them to postpone the ceremony. Eric goes to Chicago without her for an externship with a pharmaceutical company while Jamie stays home in Jenna’s Creek to mourn her loss.

When the externship is extended and the wedding pushed even further back,
Jamie begins to wonder if they’ll ever get married. After five months Eric finally returns in time for the holidays, but nothing between them is the same. Jamie doesn’t want to be one of those clingy woman who demands a ring on her finger. But why does Eric continue to allow delays to come between them?

Eric never wanted to go to Chicago without Jamie, but she insisted he take advantage of the opportunity while he had the chance. Now that he’s home, the differences between them seem to have multiplied. Can they reconcile their differences and go back to planning a future together? Or are they better off realizing they were never meant to be before it’s too late?

Marybeth, Her Hopeful Heart (An Oregon Trail Adventure Book 1)

by Anne Damewood

NEW! REVISED AND EXPANDED, VERSION 2! Marybeth Cameron killed a manâ?¦ or did she? That desperate act sends her fleeing for her life. But life and love are unpredictable. She rescues a mysterious stranger who tempts her to dream of things she would not have dared before. Their lives intertwine as they attempt to complete the attractive stranger’s hopeless promise to a dying man, only to discover his hidden treasure. Now they must deliver it safely across a thousand miles of unmapped wilderness.
This dangerous journey sends them across great plains, deadly deserts and snow-choked mountains with a wagon train of pioneer women and men. This quest is destined to change Marybeth’s life and future… if she can survive it?

Touched: Book One: Encounters Series

by Paula Wiseman

Secrets come in all sorts and sizes. Sometimes, they are as sweet as an engagement ring in a nervous boy’s pocket. Other times … they threaten to shatter your very self. With those kinds of secrets, it’s difficult to judge if keeping it or telling it is more damaging. For years, I believed telling my secret was far more dangerous than anything imaginable. I was wrong. My daddy was one of the finest men Allen County, Tennessee ever produced. His brother, Hollis, was a devil from hell. I could never bring myself to tell Daddy or Mama the truth about what Hollis had done, and I was sure God counted me just as guilty. So I carried it inside and never told another living soul. Except for David Lee. Until that summer Phil’s daddy died. Then everything unraveled.

The Oarsman

by Zubin Mathai

In the novel, The Oarsman, a magical river begins singing out, and a dying man suddenly aches to know if the paradise at its end is real enough to fill his heart. He hires an oarsman to take him upstream, but a twisted encounter sends them back to revisit every role the man has played in his long life.

A merchant hoarding, an artist trying to capture love with a brush, a warrior looking for peace in war, and a dreamer imagining himself a knight to fight a dragon â?? these, and more, were faces of the man.

As forces try to derail their quest, and as they row further back into the man’s past, the man begins to suspect that the oarsman is more than he seems.

The Oarsman, with its combination of adventure, fantasy, and spiritual inspiration will delight any reader, and also excite the currents of the river flowing through all our hearts.

Children Books:Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin: (Animal habitats) Marine Life (Preschool) Early Learning (Values book) (Bedtime Stories Children’s Books for Early & Beginner Readers Book 4)

by Tali Carmi

Teach your kids the value of environmental care

Take them on an adventure in a marine nature reserve

This is the fourth book in the Terry Treetop best sellers series. In this book Terry Treetop went camping with his parents to a marine nature reserve. He saw a cheerful group of dolphins and wanted to play with the little dolphin, but something went wrong and the little dolphin was in danger.

Will Terry be able to save the little dolphin?

This beginner reader’s eBook will teach your child about marine mammals and their habitats, and will inspire your kids to be aware of the environment and the responsibility of humans towards animals in their care.

Your kids will enjoy full-color illustrations of Terry and the dolphins group.

Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin is a sweet children’s book written especially for you and your kids ages 2- 8.

With simple text and 16 colorful illustrations.

The story is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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