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Learn to Sail: The Beginners Guide to Sailing

by Kenneth Martin

Getting out on the water is easier than you think! Learn to Sail: A Beginners Guide to Sailing, covers the essentials step-by-step without overwhelming you with intimidating diagrams and long lists of sailboat parts. It walks you through everything you need to know to be a responsible sailor, from sail-trim theory and practice, safety, sailing etiquette, points of sail, steering, mooring and everything in between.

Nociones sobre lesiones comunes en los corredores (Spanish Edition)

by Luis Melo

En el ebook se plasman las lesiones o molestias mas comunes en el mundo Running.

Muchas veces sentimos molestias , dolores varios y no sabemos de donde llegan .

Entre otros temas aparecen en el libro

Dolencias de la banda iliotibial
Dolor articular, ¿Bursitis?
El espolón
Neuroma de Morton
Tendinitis de Aquiles
Tendinitis rotuliana
Tratamiento del pie de atleta
Dolor de rodilla.
Ejercicios para perder peso
Ampolla en el pie

Fitness y Nutricion El mejor binomio (Spanish Edition)

by Lucas Graham

El estado óptimo de bienestar general del cualquier persona en lo social, material, económico, espiritual, es lo que se define como salud integral del ser humano. En un lenguaje más sencillo, es la unión de los distintos factores que inciden en la vida del individuo y contribuyen a su estabilidad.
El bienestar de cualquier individuo, sea del ámbito que sea, es lo que se conoce como Salud Integral. En palabras sencillas, es un ligado de componentes emocionales, espirituales y biológicos, que contribuyen a un estado de equilibrio en el ser humano.

El perfecto estado de salud, no es solamente la desaparición de enfermedades, sino una posición de progreso humano que cada persona, debe conservar. Sin embargo, es un derecho que poseen todas las personas del mundo, sea del país que sea y esto debería cumplirse
La salud integral es el óptimo estado de bienestar del ser humano que se logra cuando existe un ideal balance de todos los constituyentes que se han tocado y ofrecerán para que el ser humano se sienta capaz de lograr todo lo que se propone, y así podrá descubrir la totalidad de la felicidad de la mano de Dios.

La crisis que vivimos en la actualidad en cuanto a lo económico se refiere y los constantes cambios que tiene el mundo, han repercutido en los sistemas de salud. Comúnmente es lo que conocemos como una crisis de salud.
En la actualidad este sistema se encuentra saturado, día a día tenemos más complicaciones para tener una óptima calidad de vida y resulta difícil premiar con una atención buena para quienes ofrecen este servicio
Esto se origina debido a la gran carga de actividad a la que se desafían día a día los empleados de esta área. Se puede apreciar como esta realidad se vive en todo el mundo.
Todo esto ha llevado a perder y dejar de valorar la persona humana en la actualidad, en el que se trata los individuos como un número y no como se debe.
Es momento de pensar y hacer un stop en nuestras vidas, dedicarnos tiempo a consentirnos, valorarnos y cuidarnos.

DIY Solar Heater: Build and Use a Solar Air Heater for Less than You Think: (Energy Independence, Lower Bills & Off Grid Living)

by Michael Smart

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DIY Solar Heater

Build and Use a Solar Air Heater for Less than You Think

If you are in need of a new way to maintain heat this winter, you shouldn’t look any further than solar power heating. In order to avoid an electric or gas bill that goes through the roof, a solar power heater could end up saving you a lot of money. Utilizing the power of the sun to heat your home is one of the best things that you could ever do. This book teaches you like never before how you can free yourself from those overbearing utility companies and be completely independent from the grid. Learn like never before how you can find an alternative means of heating, and how you can build your own DIY solar panel.

This book takes you from the ground level, explaining every detail of how you can employ solar power to heat your home. Along with conveying a basic understanding of the mechanics behind solar heating, this book also provides the details for several specific solar heating projects, giving you step by step instructions how to create them. These projects include window box heaters, portable solar air heaters, and even a solar water heater. This is a no nonsense guide that gets right down to the nuts and bolts of solar power heating! Buy this book to find out more!

Learn how to:

  • Create an alternate source of energy
  • Heat your home more efficiently
  • Survive the cold winter
  • Be free from your utilities
  • And much more!

Download your E book “DIY Solar Heater: Build and Use a Solar Air Heater for Less than You Think” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Cricket is We Ting

by D. Terry Wickham

After watching a cricket match for the first time in person, I sat and listened to some of the comments from spectators. A lot of them were knowledgeable comments but as usual most led to not-so-heated arguments. So I decided to do some fact finding on my own and soon realized that there’s more to the game than I had anticipated. I also came across some historical records that I thought were really funny. From this was born ‘Cricket is we ting’.
So, I took all this info and decided to write this book but I also wanted people to have fun while learning so I used limericks, which the English love, and I think you will too.
‘Cricket is we ting’ is chock full of information written in a fun way simply to entertain and educate and if you’re like me, after reading this book and after drying your eyes (you’ll laugh till you cry!), you may also want to go into the records and have as much fun as I did in researching the game.
Thanks and have fun!

Exploring the World with Leon the Lightning Bug!: ¡Explorando el Mundo con Leon la Luciérnaga!

by Audrey Reed

Children’s book for 2nd and 3rd grade reading levels. Focused on taking notice of nature with your guide Leon the Lightning Bug. Interactive with counting, spelling, motor skills, and foreign language skills building. Let your imagination soar!

The Underlying Evil

by Tim McElhinny

The Underlying Evil is a suspense-drama set in the sport of bodybuilding. The main theme is the effect of anabolic steroids on the lives of the characters.

The plot centers on a father’s emotional separation from his son because of anabolic steroids. The son, Tim, is a competitive bodybuilder using steroids to win a major contest and turn professional. The father, Paul, is angry that Tim is using drugs and wants him to stop. Neither individual will relent, dividing them in anger. Tim must deal with his father’s anger while training for the biggest contest of his life and juggling an elusive girl he is desperately in love with. Various events, including a lucrative contract to endorse products for a fitness firm, drive him deeper into bodybuilding as he pursues his goal. However, the death of a friend and the revelation that his steroid use is affecting the people around him, lead him to make an important decision about bodybuilding. Paul is a former competitive bodybuilder who blames himself for exposing his son to the sport. We experience his journey from a beginning bodybuilder to a champion and his ultimate rejection of the sport because of steroids. Finally, just as his relationship with Tim begins to mend, a character from his past comes back to shatter his present.

A subplot focuses on a ruthless bodybuilder willing to do anything to win and turn professional. Through him we are exposed to another side of bodybuilding and the reckless behavior heavy steroid use will generate. He commits a murder, linking him to a savage criminal he must turn to for help and who plagues him throughout the story. The criminal is a member of a crime ring that buys steroids from the black market and distributes them nationally through a chain of commercial gyms. The ring is run by an indiscriminate profiteer shamelessly spreading steroids throughout bodybuilding and aiming to govern the sport. Within the ring is a reluctant doctor administering steroids to bodybuilders and handling the logistics of distribution. He is targeted for arrest by an undercover vice detective seeking to shut the ring down.

Depicted are the world of competitive bodybuilding and the steroid use beneath the surface. Together the characters race toward an unknown ending in which none of them escapes unscathed.

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