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The Cypher

by Xavier Robinson

Bletchley Park. May 1945. Marion Castledine is a WREN who works in Hut 11, operating the Bombe, the decryption machine designed to break Enigma, and England’s biggest secret. While Bletchley Park celebrates in the news of Hitler’s death, Marion discovers something she was never meant to find – evidence of a conspiracy that implicates the most senior of political and military leaders.

Present day. The day of a man’s funeral. After seven years of estrangement, two brothers find themselves with their father’s house to empty and a lifetime of resentment to mend. In the attic they find a box of secrets left by their grandmother and in it they find a code, encrypted by the legendary Enigma machine. Intrigued, Shaun Brogan starts to investigate. The brothers are sucked into a world of conspiracy, murder and a vast cover-up that, if revealed, would rewrite the history books. Paul Brogan must trace the line of a hidden history to uncover the truth and a valuable artefact, because a powerful cult will stop at nothing to incentivise him and they have something of Paul’s that he once held precious: his brother.

The Executioner’s Son (The Long War Book 3)

The Executioner’s Son is the third volume in Townsend’s five-book series, The Long War, set against the background of ruse and stratagem between the Soviet Union and the United States. The …Son opens in 1953 in Suzdal, Russia’s medieval religious center and ancient capital, now a GULAG. Its former monasteries, nunneries, and fortresses are NKVD prisons. Screams punctuate the night. The spring thaw, the Rasputitsa, extrudes the murdered from the earth.
On a spring day, the youthful Danton Larionov, son of NKVD officer, Captain Volk Larionov, encounters thirteen-year-old Ekaterina Soroka, the Ukrainian, on the meadow beneath the Suzdal Kremlin. He forces himself upon her, but she pauses him with a fairy tale. Through the summer as Stalin’s death convulses the Soviet Union, she tells him Russian tales, holding him at bay. In the fall, she disappears. Danton, stunned, had fallen in love.

A decade later, Danton, rejecting his father’s trade and connections, now a Soviet Army engineer, receives a coveted assignment to the Kuibyshev School of Combat Engineering, Moscow. The Director of Deception Studies is one Colonel Alexander Soroka, ‘the sorcerer’, whose WWII exploits in the arts of misdirection are legendary.

Could the storyteller, Ekaterina–the name Soroka is as common in the western Soviet Union as Williams or Smith is in Middle America–have had some connection with the magician? The Russian and Soviet states struggled against tribal loyalty since Ivan the Terrible’s Oprichnina; Danton had switched tribes, changed loyalty from the security services to the Army. Danton Larionov becomes the master’s student to ply this art against the รข??main enemy.’

It is she. His rekindled love cripples him. He has fallen in love with the daughter of a powerful Communist with influence at the highest levels of the Soviet State. Ekaterina belongs to a powerful Soviet family, but yearns for the kingdom beyond the seventh sea. Her imagination lies in Western Europe, France or England, or hope beyond hope, America.

Danton the bully, conflicted in loyalties the bully seeks the love of the Ekaterina the storyteller. Love in Stalin’s Soviet Union, is complicated and he must tread with care, but doesn’t. He is exiled to a distant land, where, on a flooded Laotian river crossing, the American sniper, SP-4 Richard Belisle, frames him within crosshairs.

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