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All about Elephants: Boost Your Creativity with 70 Beautiful Elephant Patters for Your Inspiration (Inspiration & Meditation)

by ColorQ Books

This book is comprised of 70 illustrations to boost your imagination and release stress. Inside you will find various designs featuring different elephants. They are suitable for adults.

You can use different techniques and color schemes, there are absolutely no restrictions. Coloring is a wonderful way to spend your free time, be more creative and relax.

Please, note, this kindle ebook is not suitable for coloring. It is only a preview showing the designs. You can download these designs following the link at the end of the book. There you will find high-quality images that can be printed out and colored.

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Zen Doodle Scribbling: Inventing Doodles like Never Before (Drawing is Easy Book 2)

by Sarah Niland


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We often doodle, without even realizing that we are creating some forms on the backside of our notebook. More often than not, people often get embarrassed if they are caught doodling. To the surprise of many, these unintentional scribbles that you leave behind on paper margins, notepads, walls, or desktops have significant meaning. Many psychologists around the world have dedicated their lives to the research of doodling. Doodles can even be used to diagnose the emotional issues of people.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

– What your Doodles signify
– New Patterns of Zen Doodle
– How to use Zen Doodle patterns for creating amazing Zen Doodle Drawings
– You will step-by-step guided how to draw Zen Doodle Bear, Zen Doodle Elephant, Zen Doodle Flowers, Zen Doodle Girl.

Invent Doodles like Never Before!

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All the instructions you will find at the end of the book.

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Animals and Birds: 20 Intricate and Fun Designs for Nature Lovers Who Want to Release Stress with Creativity (Nature & Stress-Relief)

by ArtyShock

In this book you will find 20 hand-drawn patterns from designers who are passionate about coloring. Together we strive to provide the best coloring experience for our readers and artists.

You can preview all the images here – “Animals and Birds” was inspired by wonders of nature . You can have fun and use any technique that appeals to you.

In a modern world it is essential to find a way to release stress. Coloring provides an amazing opportunity not only to relax, but to become more inventive and creative. However we decided to take it to the next step and produce a book which is stress-relieving and super fun as well. Spooky, silly, stunning patterns are perfect for those who need some entertainment. We hope you will enjoy our original designs!

Zendoodles: The art of letting your mind guide your pencil. (Zen and Doodle Book 1)

by Andrea Allen


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You have bits and pieces of paper filled with doodles and little sketches. You tend to do these when you’re on the phone, watching TV or just to keep your hands busy. You’ve doodled all your life, but you want to do more artistically. You want to add your doodles to other pieces of art and express yourself.

The problem is you’re not sure where to start. You’ve seen Zendoodles or Zendoodles online and tried to copy them, and you can’t seem to get them just right. I’ve got good news for you. We can walk you through the steps to get your hobby to the next level, and we can do it in a format that is easy to follow.

This guide will take you through the basics and how to add them to drawings of people with different expressions and poses.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn :< h2>

– What is Zendoodle?
– Tools of the trade
– Laying out your piece
– Girl in Scarves
– Going a little tribal
– Science Fiction Girl
– Profile

Enjoy reading and practicing, and do not forget to receive your


All the instructions you will find at the end of the book.

Good luck!

Sexy Japanese girl Youna Mizumotos photograph collection Vol1 CHAPTER 1 and 2 (Japanese Edition)

by Gold publishing



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