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by Ellis Mitchell



I wrote this book because Building a successful enterprise while also fostering strong family ties presents unique challenges. The entrepreneur cannot measure success by financial gains alone, but must consider personal satisfaction and a well-balanced family life as well.

My new serial books “START UP BUSINESS” can help you to get the healthy Balance between Business and Family Life to Achieve True Wealth and Happiness is a book for all entrepreneursâ??both waiting-to-be entrepreneurs contemplating the idea of striking out on their own and those already involved in running their own businesses. If you are considering the possibility of launching your own company, I offer encouragement; if you have vision and the willingness to work hard at something about which you are passionate, you too can succeed as an entrepreneur. If you have recently become an entrepreneur, this book will help you to draft a blueprint for your own career.

Throughout this account of my career, I stop on occasion to point out lessons I have learned from my experiences. You will see that they are very basic and fundamental.

This is not the first book by a successful entrepreneur that offers advice by sharing personal successes and failures, and points out lessons that can help readers chart a course to financial and personal success. Numerous books have been written by academics and business entrepreneurs that lay out business theory, occasionally citing cases that support their approach to business management and development.

I hope you will let me show you how you, too, can become an entrepreneur, achieving success in business as well as in family life. The rewards can go far beyond the accumulation of material wealth.

Why you should BUY this book?

  1. Understand the concept of START UP BUSNIESS and what is the specific criteria that control the success of your new business.
  2. Avoid the mistakes that many of the new Entrepreneurs falls in at and after the start-up stage
  3. Know more about the Entrepreneurs profile, characteristics, personalities, and needed skills.
  4. Realize the benefits and opportunities behind owning a small business.
  5. Learn how to avoid the main draw backs facing the Entrepreneurs.
  6. Understand the culture diversity of the Entrepreneurs

 Also you will find a free action plan BONUS that will help you to start your first step, So what are you waiting for!!!


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How to Make Money Online 7 in 1 Box Set: Make Money Online, Social Media, Instagram, Etsy, Amazon FBA, Habit Stacking Project and Google Drive

by Frank Hunter

Making Money Online

50 Easy Ways To Make Money Online From Home

If you are going to learn to make money online and be successful at it. To achieve success in an online business, you have to set goals and one of those will be to get as much traffic to your site as possible and know the way of making money online that you will follow.
Knowing how to combine several online marketing techniques effectively is one way of getting traffic to your site.


How To Master Social Media Marketing With Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ And Pinterest

For those who are just starting to use social media for marketing, you will be amazed at how social media can streamline your operations and make them more cost effective. Using social media is a much easier way to get people talking about you and what you do. As a result, social media can drastically build up much profit when promoting your products or services.
It can as well boost your business much faster. The new changes in social media marketing have made it much easier to keep customers because the logistics of distribution are much less complicated than they used to be. And for these reasons, using social media in marketing and promoting your products has huge turnaround and can help build your business.



This unique book guide is created and designed to make sure you are able to position your business whether it is online or offline with Instagram to a much higher level than it is now.
It is an interesting book that will help you achieve and have many clients knowing more about your product, thus resulting into huge sales.


The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Sell Crafts And Make Money Online

It’s absolutely vital that you take every advantage to expand your presence online. You may want to explore your uniqueness and creativity to the world but you may wonder how to do it? ETSY is a marketplace dedicated to buying and selling all things handmade. This marketplace or a shop that helps you sell your crafts online thus making your product known to your esteemed customers.
By setting up a shop on ETSY, it can help fine-tune your store, constantly making changes and improvements as you find new techniques and tips.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA 2016 for Beginners: How To Make Money Online With Amazon and Create a Passive Income While You Sleep

If you intend to sell online, then fulfillment by Amazon is for you! If you have not heard of this program, then you now know. There are quite some merchants that have taken advantage of this program offered by Amazon to market their products. This is because of the nice Margins that are associated with using this service. Fulfillment by Amazon has been offering its services for over four years now and is a service that represents the fulfillment of Amazon.

Habit Stacking Project

7 Steps To Build Easy, Effective and Everlasting Habits

Everyone nowadays has the answer to creating a better life, improving lifestyle, staying fitâ?¦the list is endless. The truth is, we are better at sticking to our nasty habits then we are sticking to life improving behaviors. Yes, it is that easy!
Creating good habits is an easy thing to do, so easy in fact that most people don’t even try.

Google Drive

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering Google Drive

The human mind has proven itself to be one of the most prominent miracles throughout the history of mankind.Technology and application of internet is one such example of human brain miracle which has changed the whole human life setting in the most astonishing way.

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A Guide To Conversation Tactics tips and trick to achieve effective conversation

by Larry C. Wells

This book is a guide with effective steps and strategies to help you improve conversations in all areas of your life.

It supports the aim to improve both your
professional and personal lives.
Effectual communication is a vital aspect of cultivating healthy relationships. As you may know, human beings are coherently dependent.

These are all excellent reasons for you to Isam to converse effectively. Life is about making the best of every moment, and that includes making yourself understood when expressing your thoughts and opinions. It is also important to be able to understand others.

If you are one of those people who never maintains a conversation for long, or you always feel like everything you say is wrong, then you will find these tactics especially beneficial.

Applying these skills will eliminate the strain to cultivate relationships at work and elsewhere.

This could be a huge breakthrough for you, as mastering conversation tactics provide numerous benefits. You need these tactics for different occasions like business events, social networking and much more.

This guide covers very specific aspects of conversation tactics and makes sure that you
know how to manage conversations in various types of environments.

The main thing you can do to make a great impression in any setting is be proactive. Perfect conversation techniques always stand out among other skills because you can easily capture the interest and attention of many.

This means you can create an understanding even in times of conflict

LOTTERY PROFESSIONAL: How to Earn a Living Playing Lotteries

by Michael A Muse


Are you tired of working 9 to 5 and living paycheck to paycheck? Do you buy lottery tickets every week, hoping for that long shot chance of winning millions? Why leave your financial success to chance, when you can, within one year or less, start earning tens of thousands of dollars every month by capitalizing on everyone else’s hopes of winning the lottery!

With the age old luster of the Lottery, and the resulting bouts of lottery fever every time Powerball or MegaMillions approach $100 Million, tens of millions of people buy lottery tickets every week, often multiple times per week. More and more people are buying official lottery tickets from the convenience of their smart phones and home computers. Thousands of smart people like you have learned how to make hundreds, thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply creating a website (or using their existing websites) to list an affiliate link to sell official lottery tickets to more than 50 top jackpot lotteries around the world. Every time someone clicks on the affiliate links to buy tickets, you keep your 15% commission. The average lottery ticket buyer in the United States buys tickets twice per week, with an average ticket purchase price of $9. That comes to approximately $70 per month, for which you would collect $10. If only 100 people buy the average number of tickets on your website every month, you would earn $1,000 every month. Convince your friends and family to buy their weekly lottery tickets on your website, and you will most likely already have 50% of your 100 monthly buyers!

What is even better, if you tell your website visitors how they can also make thousands of dollars every month doing the same thing (signing up under your affiliate number), you will earn a percentage of every dollar that they earn from their website lottery ticket sales, and your monthly income will start to grow exponentially.

To learn the details of how to earn a living from the lottery, and to sign up with the world’s longest serving official ticket buying service, continue reading Michael A. Muse’s Lottery Professional”.

Other popular books by Lottery Guru Michael A. Muse:

– LOTTERY: 7 Numbers That Win Most Often (

– LOTTERY: 7 Steps to Win (

– LOTTERY: Winners Buy Tickets (

– The Lottery Link (





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Four Figure Online Store: Start a Shopify & Teespring Business Without Your Own Inventory

by Rob Martin

2 Internet Marketing Ideas You Can Implement for One Hour a Day

Inside this bundle you’ll learn:

– How to find the perfect product
– How to never worry about inventory and shipping ever again
– The exact criteria to use to know if a product will sell or not
– How to advertise on Facebook and get 100%-300% ROI
– How to create your own Shopify store in less than an hour
– How to get cheap clicks on Facebook
– How to set up the shipping without doing the grunt work!
– A complete detailed STEP BY STEP method of Facebook Fan Page Marketing … so you don’t have to spend a single cent on advertising if you want to!

– How to find hungry buying markets to sell to
– How to do the research by making one simple search on Google!
– How to confirm market size and profitability in less than 30 seconds
– How to find an awesome design inspiration
– 2 ways to outsource your tshirt design and what to choose and when to choose it!
– How to create a Teespring listing from A – Z
– The types of content to create on Instagram
– The exact apps I use to create awesome quality content for free
– The power of hashtags and how many hashtags to use for every post that you do


You can “trial and error” your way to online marketing success and that’s not so bad if you have a lot of time and money.

But the smarter way to do it is to learn from other people’s mistakes and implement the lessons from their mistakes.

I urge you to choose the second method!

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SPEED READING TECHNIQUES a comprehensive guide with Tips and Exercises

by Dan Bolson

This book is specifically written for individuals who wish to become speed readers without spending their money on speed reading courses. It provides insight about speed reading, the facts and the myths and most importantly, tested techniques.

Not only does the book come with the explanation and working of speed reading phenomenon, but it also contains speed reading exercises. These exercises are fairly easy and one doesn’t need to arrange for costly equipment or devices. The only thing which you need is devotion and willingness to become a speed reader.

Highlights of the content:

  • – Gives an insight of the reading process and the basics of brain and eyes of the reader
  • Working of the brain
    Eye-Brain coordination

  • – The book reveals the truth about speed reading by clarifying the myths and misconceptions
  • – Know what speed reading brings for the speed readers and how it benefits the speed readers in various walks of life
  • – Offers credible KEYS to successful speed reading
  • – Explains the most significant speed reading techniques, their working and the method of application
  • – Speed reading exercises, step by step guide with illustrations
  • – Contains Bill Cosby’s speed reading strategies
  • – The author also offers speed reading table to evaluate your performance at different stages. The table comes with formulas and scoring method.

What is great about the book is that the content is not based on the speculations or exaggerations. Everything is explained with logic and research-based analysis. This is a must-read book for all those who have been looking for something practical and result oriented. It does not claim 1000 words per minute in one week. But this book definitely comes with the methods which lead to a tremendous reading speed keeping an exceptional comprehension ability.

The College Student’s Way To Riches: How To Make A Lot of Money While Being A College Student

by Jack J. Jackman

At age 9 poor, at 35 he was a multi-millionaire. He started out selling Mexican pottery that a truck driving neighbor brought over the border. Well, it wasn’t actually smuggled merchandised, but he always had to think of it that way. He barely scraped together enough money for the first shipment. His mission was to sell all of his stock before the truck returned weekly from its long haul. After succeeding with his first startup, he continued to open and start up one business after another. Many of his early businesses failed due to lack of know how. But he kept going until he developed an easy to follow list of what to do and what not to do, to essentially ensure business success for any type of business large or small. But he never forgot what he learned with his first business. You have to have something to sell, if you don’t, you have to find something to sell. This can be information, books, software, furniture, or anything else. What you have to sell doesn’t matter as long as you have something. Now you have to think of it the way Michael did at age 9, that is “what you have to sell is like a hot potato and you just caught it, time to get rid of it by selling it fast or you will get burned.” Secondly, you have to have a market – someone who wants your product. Thirdly, you have to send a message to this market that you have what they want. Then sell, sell, sell, all the while keeping up with growth, business bills, staff, personal bills, and the tax man. Michael Irvin learned this early and after making and spending millions of his own dollars and 11 years of staying up late, reading, and studying the best material he could buy. These secrets are shared in the books that he writes or co-authors under several different pseudonyms. He publishes his books under the series The Little Guys Way To Riches. I hope you enjoy the book. Look for others under Michael Von Irvin or
Consultant, Consulting, Riches, How To Make Money, Copywriting, College Student


by Christian Fabien

Have you ever felt sick and tired of work but you still have to drag yourself to office everyday? Have you ever thought of becoming financially free and generate lot of passive income? Have you ever thought of retired young and have lot of time to do the things you like? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, this is the perfect book for you! This book is a beginner’s guide for readers that have little or no knowledge in financial planning towards preserving and building wealth. Whether you are an employee, a business owner, or a freelance worker, you have the capacity to take control of your future and your money. This book aims to provide a paradigm shift in your mindset and practical actions towards your financial goals. Find out how to have more time and money for yourself by cracking the wealth code!

Smart Kids Smart Money: The Ultimate Parent’s Guide To Teaching Kids About Earning, Saving, Giving, Spending And Investing Money Wisely


Smart Kids Smart Money – The Ultimate Parent’s Guide To Teaching Kids About Earning, Saving, Giving, Spending And Investing Money Wisely!

Teaching kids about money will give them a big chance to lay a strong foundation and live a life of success with money when they become adults.

The truth is that kids learn everything by imitating adults; their financial responsibilities are formed by being caught rather than being taught. Therefore, as a parent, if you want to teach your kids to become smart about money, you must prepare yourself with great financial literacy at the first step.


This book contains proven steps, strategies, practical activities and powerful tips on how to teach your kids about the concept of money, the value of hard work, the skills of managing, spending and investing money wisely.

As the author of this book, I believe that this book will be an indispensable reference and trusted guide for you who may want to help your kids become wiser with their money and enjoy a successfully financial life in future. Once you read this book, I guarantee you that you will have learned an extraordinarily wide range of useful, practical tips, valuable information that will help you become a finance expert in teaching your kids about money. Take action today and start raising your kids about financial literacy tomorrow!

Here is a preview of exactly what you will learn:

– Why Should Parents Instill Their Children About Money?

– Teaching Children about the Concept and Value of Money

– Explaining The Basics Of Money Terms to Children

– Breaking Down the Expenses and Amount of Items

– Instill the Value of Hard – Earned Money to Children

– Commission vs. Allowance

– Chore Ideas

– Teaching Financial Responsibilities to Children

– Teaching Children How To Save Money at A Young Age

– Modeling

– Teach Kids How to Spend Money Wisely and Consciously

– What Are Main Factors Influence to Children’s Spending Habits?

– Set Goals

– Help Your Kid Obtain a Bank Credit Card

– Teaching Children about the Pros and Cons of a Credit Card Usage

– Explaining the Danger of Credit Card Usage to Children

– Guiding Children on How Credit Card Works and How to Use It Responsibly

– Teaching Children about the Difference between Good Debt and Bad Debt

– Credit Card Management: Wise Minimization of Debts

– Teaching Children How To Check Financial Accounts

– Financial Knowledge and Safety Measures

– Teaching Children about Taxes

– Introducing the Significance of Stocks to Kids at an Early Age

And Much Much More!


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21st Century Sales Intelligence: Mastering the B2B Sales IQ TEST for Sustained Sales Success (The iValueSales System)

by Richard Pfautz

Using the “SEAL and the Scientist” mindsets and methods for Business Situational Awareness and the Sales IQ TEST to convey influential data and drive buying emotions, discover how “elite” Sales Leaders achieve quota-busting, sustained Sales success.
What Business Leaders are saying about 21st Century Sales Intelligenceâ?¦
“At last! A systems approach to data-driven, not drama-ridden, B2B Sales is here. It’s a win-win for Seller and Buyer alike. Salesmanship and Leadership combined. This is the future of Strategic Sales.”
-Ellen Chang, CEO of LightspeedIC.

“B2B selling is finally explained from the C-Level buyer’s point of view. The methodologies Rick discusses will help drive sales at all levels within the customer organization. A “Must Read”!
-Sid Fuchs, CEO of MacAulay-Brown

“Finally, a data-driven approach that focuses on the business value of the proposed solution. You should hope that your competitors aren’t reading this.”
-David Kriegman, author of Zero to a Billion, and former COO of SRA International

Win more B2B business by applying what leaders from diverse fields like Gen. Stanley McChrystal (US Special Forces Commander), Adam Grant (Wharton MBA and Best-Selling Author), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post) and Simon Sinek (best-selling author and speaker) advise.

You will learn the insights, street-smarts and proven methods from Sales Leaders and Business Builders who all use the techniques and methods to influence and win including how to:
1.Defeat competition with winning 21st century sales strategies and tactics
2.Build the foundation of 21st Century B2B sustained Sales success – the TIP (Trust, Integrity & Purpose)
3.Use the Top 6 Business Value Creation Question Sets to capture ideas, build buyer enthusiasm and co-create Value
4.Quickly earn credibility and establish enduring trust – fast!
5.Keep on track with sales progress metrics and milestones while reducing “admin”
6.Motivate buyers with influential business data to align your solutions to their problems
7.Use logic AND emotion – at the right time and with the right buyers
8.Eliminate the No-Decision – Decision
9.Gain C-Level (CXOâ?¦) access and influence faster than ever
10.Integrate Social Media Marketing into your Sales activities.

Leverage your consultative B2B solution selling skills to become a Sales Leader with the new, iValueSalesâ?¢ System for the 21st Century and era of the IoT.

Combine finely tuned business building behaviors with the new, systematic, results-oriented Sales process to aligns the seller’s solutions with the prospect’s problems. Systematically qualify, quantify and accelerates Sales with the iValueSales System. Use innovative, easy-to-learn new tools and step-by-step processes with Checklists, Templates, Quizzes and Tools to excite prospects faster and defeat the competition. Win more! Win consistently! Crush your quota! Be a President’s Club regular!

Written by Sales people for Sales people based on the the latest research (Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, etc.), this ground-breaking System is destined to be the new “go-to” solution in the world of 21st Century Sales.

Includes access to website with downloadable tools and templates. (No charge to purchasers of the “21st Century Sales Intelligence” book. Crush your Quota – Fast

Got the Job… Now What?: How to Master the Corporate Game from Day 1

by Moritz Dressel

Have you just landed a job at a major corporation? Or have you recently started your career? Then be sure to make Moritz Dressel’s Got the Jobâ?¦ Now What? your guide.

Moritz Dressel, consultant and also author of the number 1 handbook for consulting career starters, The Aspiring Advisor, teaches you what to do and what not to do when you are just starting out straight after college.

Understand what makes or breaks careers in the corporate world. Learn from the mistakes others have made – and avoid them. This is what you can expect from this guide. In short, if you want to start a successful corporate career, follow Got the Jobâ?¦ Now What?

Based on dozens of interviews with corporate high-achievers, both junior and more senior, Got the Jobâ?¦ Now What? distills what really matters in getting your career start right and how you can lay the foundation for a promising future ahead.

Important to note, this guide does not explain how to find a job. Instead, it’s setting in right at the point where, up until now, graduates have been left on their own: right after landing the job. No longer!

Got the Jobâ?¦ Now What? will show you how to:

  • Win the corporate game already in the first week by leveraging a laser focused career starter action plan
  • Make a great first impression in the professional world (it’s not what most people think it is)
  • Find a great mentor so you can fast track your career
  • Build your network quickly, sustainably, and with the people that really matter for your career
  • Communicate effectively using tried-and-tested scripts and templates (both for phone and email communication)
  • Obtain buy-in from your managers following tried-and-tested business presentation design principles
  • Deliver exceptional work and actually get rewarded accordingly (read: get promoted without delay!)

â?¦ and much more.

Best of all, the concepts taught in this book are not plain theory. They are directly derived from practical working experience, and are presented as part of a realistic scenario from the professional world so you can follow along instantly.

But keep in mind, Got the Jobâ?¦ Now What? is not about cheating the system. It’s more about bending the rules in your favor. If you want to build a successful career in today’s leading corporations, this is your manual.

The book comes with tons of additional bonus resources – which is constantly being updated and expanded. Be sure to take advantage of these resources!

This book is for:

  • Recent graduates starting a corporate career
  • Aspiring young professionals with <2 years practical work experience in a major corporation

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