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Crash Course On Operating System Blocks & Commonly Used Data Structures Overview: A Concise Practical Guide to Understand Operating System Fundamental Blocks and Commonly Used Data Structures

by Apoorv Raghuvanshi

To be a good programmer is difficult and challenging. Writing computer programs is important and takes great intelligence and skill. Just having a good grip over your programming language doesn’t necessarily make you a good programmer. If you have written enough pieces of software, necessary part of that experience is – you must learn the environment where your program will run. More you know about the system, better you are while writing your piece.

In current times, where technology keeps evolving every day both our software and hardware platforms keep changing. So, the piece of software that works fine on one platform, might have to be redesigned for another platform. This is mostly true while writing system software. But even for application software, if you understand how to modularize your software based on underlying architecture, when really to take advantage of kernel provided primitives like threading, IPC, synchronization etc., analyze benefits and trade-offs associated with them – you will feel more confident in writing your piece and the result is, a more robust and reliable software.

With this intent, this book gives you a crash course of core building blocks that make an Operating System. This book is my attempt to remove few extra pounds and just focus on core fundamentals and building blocks of Operating System and commonly used Data Structures. The intent is, more you know about how your system works, you are more likely to become a better and an effective programmer. I am confident, once you understand these building blocks; you could create your complex data structures as per your specific requirement and work on them like a charm.

Previous familiarity with data structures and the operating system is the best combination. This book mainly has two audiences.
First category of audiences are recent grads, who have read big voluminous books but still wonder how things work. In this book, I have tried to remove possible redundancies and focus precisely on core fundamentals which I learned hard ways.

Other could be the experience professionals who want to refresh their fundamentals, especially ones coming from upper layer development, wondering how things work under the hood when they make those fancy library calls or who may want to switch to work closer to the system.

iPhone SE: Master Your Iphone SE In No Time – The Complete Step-By-Step User Guide With Advanced Tips And Tricks!

by Alexander Moore


Master Your iPhone SE In No Time – The Complete Step-By-Step User Guide With Advanced Tips And Tricks!

Apple computers have been among us and are famous for quite some time, some years ago, they launched the phone which is the first of modern smartphones and they promised that it would bring revolution to the industry and so, it did.

Apple has launched its many iPhones. This guide will help you better understand your iPhone SE. This guide will help you understand if this device has what you need and you will be able to better decide if you want to buy it or not and whenever a person buys any product, especially a phone, he wants to get it started as quickly as possible and for that he needs some guide about what the features are and how they work.

This book provides you with that information, about what iPhone SE basically is, what are its key features and its design. What is its hardware and how it works? What is different about this specific phone than other iPhones and how it performs. In the end, the tips and tricks you can do with your iPhone SE are mentioned in this guide.

Following are the chapters covered in this book to start with your iPhone SE:

  • Introduction to iPhone SE
  • Hardware Overview
  • Display, Connectivity, and Battery Life
  • Software Overview and Performance
  • Tips and Tricks

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WHAT TO DO AND MAKE MONEY ONLINE: I6 Smart Internet Income Generator

by Philip Kabcy PhD

Learn how to work from home, or anywhere in the world. This book will teach you many ways for building an online income that provides all that, and more. Forget getting another job- work for yourself on your terms instead.
You can use these systems anywhere in the world- how many job can offer you that kind of flexibility. The ability to design your dream life whenever you want to be? Read this book and find out how you can make money! Learn the tactics to earn as much as you do not can, how to work from home and make money in your spare time- with nothing more than computer and internet connection-nor prior experience required.
More than 15 internet business opportunities outlined for you to select the best that suite you, as much easily to get up setting and running. It can be set up within days and can push cash in to in your pocket a lot sooner, plus little to no start up cost.
Would it not be great if you could earn some income online on your flexible ways. Work when you want and where you want, and finally have huge extra cash you need to afford a few luxuries in your monthly budget.
Be able to make time off whenever you want without having to beg for permission from your boss and arrange for it weeks or month in advance. Be able to double, triple, or quadruple your wage once you learn these business strategies rather than waiting for you boss to reward you with more work and zero extra pay.

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