Free fiction Kindle books for 16 Dec 16

Nicolette Thorne: Good Girl Gone Bad (Dangerous Love Book 2)

by Nakeesha Cluse

Nicolette Thorne had $180,000 reasons to get the hell out of Savannah, Georgia. Stealing drug money wasn’t the smartest thing she’d ever done but she was desperate and its owner was burning in the darkest pit of hell; he wouldn’t be needing it.
The way Nici saw it, all those years of putting up with Jackson and Tyree’s shit, she deserved the money and she had every intention of making a good life for her and her son, Landon.
When David Morales, her son’s biological father, suggested they move to Atlanta with he and his Fiancée, Nici jumped at the chance. She wanted David and Landon to bond and after Leila’s little threat, Nici was determined to win David back. He was hers and always would be, that bitch didn’t stand a chance.
Moving to Atlanta seemed to be the answer to Nici’s prayers. Still, every once in a while, she couldn’t help but look over her shoulder. Her greatest fear was that the 250 miles she put between her and her past, wouldn’t be enough.

Ride for Mine: Family Over Everything

by Ro Monique

Meet Jacobi, Jamari, and Joriah, three brothers closer than you can ever imagine brothers being. They share a home, which is the host of many late night wild parties where they go by their own rules.

Jacobi, being the oldest and most level headed of the three, is ready to part ways, find a woman, and have kids.

Jamari, on the other hand, is wild, loud, sexy, with a reckless mouth, and doesn’t really give a damn who doesn’t like it!

Joriah is just living the life following in the footsteps of his big brother Jamari.
They were raised by two loving parents who showered them with anything they wanted, but were able to do so with drug money. Bonnie & Clyde, as they were affectionally called by the boys, were two of the biggest distributors in the south until they were tragically murdered. The last person to have contact with them was their right hand, Rick, who’s not able to answer questions as to what happened that fateful night.

But their parents had a secret, something that they thought would never get out, but it did, and was the reason that they were killed. How will the brothers feel when they find out about the secret that their parents kept from them all those years?

The brothers are outraged and want answers now! Unfortunately, Rick isn’t helping and is beginning to seem like their number one suspect.

In the midst of everything going on, they each meet three beautiful young ladies who turn their worlds upside down, while helping them at the same time during their time of mourning over their parents.

Cisco Bandits: A Gwynn Reznick Mystery (Gwynn Reznick Mystery Thriller Series Book 2)

by Inge-Lise Goss

Newly trained and ready to rock her first assignment, Gwynn Reznick is about to go undercover for the first time. She will investigate one of the highly private companies who call on Ruben Dordi’s Investigation Group. Ruben is the bossâ??and he also happens to be Gwynn’s boyfriend.

When Ruben gives Gwynn her assignmentâ??to pose as an accountant for the Prudell Energy Companyâ??Gwynn resists asking exactly what she’s supposed to be investigating. She knows Ruben has his reasonsâ??she’s just not sure why they require her to go two months without even a hint as to why she’s there.

But things change quickly when Gwynn witnesses the death of a Prudell employee. It’s made to look like an accident, but when Gwynn learns that another employee died just before she arrived, it seems like a little too much of a coincidence.

When the CFO tells Gwynn about missing project files and data that just doesn’t add up, Gwynn finds herself suddenly in over her head. Will she be able to maintain her cover, follow Ruben’s orders, and get to the bottom of the mystery? Or will the killers get to Gwynn before she cracks the case?

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