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Año 49 d. C. Marcellus ha regresado a las enigmáticas tierras de Britannia para revelar junto con Lucius el secreto mejor guardado de la isla. La guerra por la libertad continúa en suelo britano, y la hermosa hija de Togodumnus, Ceridwen, es ahora la reina de la poderosa tribu catuvellauni y una enemiga formidable de Roma. Iniciada en los ritos druídicos de su pueblo, ha descubierto una temible profecía que le anuncia un destino peor que la muerte, y ella luchará con todo su poder para torcer la voluntad de los dioses de Albión, enfrentando a un enemigo más poderoso que la misma Roma. Un encuentro entre dos mundos: el romano y el celta, donde la intriga, el romance, la aventura y la pasión, entretejen la trama de la segunda novela que cuenta la extraordinaria historia de una poderosa dinastía de la antigua Roma.

Highlander Romance: Highland Blazing: Highlander Romance Collection (Historical, Scottish, Medieval) (Historical Scottish Highlander Short Stories Book 4)

by Raina Wilde


War. Passion. Vengeance. Love.

Claimed by the Enemy Highlander
War is everything to Aigneis McGowan. Since her father’s death, her life has been driven by one thing: revenge.

She is twenty-oneâ??a beautiful, fiery woman; leader of her clan and undisputed swords-woman. But when she comes face to face with the object of her hateâ??the heir to the clan who killed her fatherâ??the views which have shaped her life are challenged in ways she did not think possible.

On the battlefield, leading her clan against the man she has come to love, Aigneis finds that some questions have no easy answers, and sometimes vengeance entraps us.

The Rebellious Highlander Bride
Highland feuds are brutal. And sometimes their resolutions are just as devastating.

At eighteen, Isabeal McNottâ??only daughter of the grimly powerful warlord Daniel McNottâ??is given in marriage to a man she has never met, in exchange for land, titles and a truce with their enemy.

Feisty, and determined make her loathsome new husband’s life miserable, Isabeal finds herself tossed into a world of dark secrets, hidden intrigues, and powerful men who stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

But, in the midst of all the chaos is a growing tenderness for the man she has been bound to so reluctantly. Will Isabeal and her new husband rise above the pain and danger of their childhoods, clearing their own path in this dangerous world? And will Isabeal choose to love this man, or will her vow to dissent against her father win out over true love?

Forbidden Highland Love
In Frances McCraig’s harsh world, marriage is an act of duty, not of love.

Innocent and gentle, her childhood is shattered when her father, indebted and desperate, barters her hand in marriage against his mounting debts to Laird Jamie McNeil. Arrogant, brutish and cruel, Laird Jamie is nothing a young lady would ask for in a husband.

After a desperate attempt to end her own life results in a burgeoning love affair with Duncan, the handsome son of a neighboring Laird, Frances is torn between joy and danger, as her possessive, thwarted husband seeks vengeance on the lovers.

Duncan’s family has secrets. And Frances has allies. Will that be enough to let them rise above the odds and make a life together?

Three stand alone tales of passion, love and war; set in the stark and lofty wild of the Scottish Highlands.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains mature themes and language intended for 18+ readers only.

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Restoring Beth: A Sweet Western Mail-Order Bride Romance (Overcoming Brides Book 2)

by April Jensen

Seamstress Beth Arnett won’t be a burden to her impoverished family. Duty demands she marry to provide for her future, but gossip ruins her reputation in her hometown. Driven by desperation, she seeks a husband out west with a mail-order bride advertisement. She dreams of a love match, but all she expects is a haven from her troubles.

Rancher Pete Haseley isn’t interested in marriage, let alone to a girl he’s never met. But to please his grieving mother, he agrees. Regardless, he’s determined his new wife won’t distract him from his focus since his father’s murder: bringing the killer to justice.

A sweet/inspirational mail-order bride romance

Saving Hyacinth (Book 1)
Restoring Beth (Book 2)
Rescuing Cassie (Book 3)
Seeking Sylvia (Book 4)

Treasuring Polly (Book 1)
Cherishing Carina (Book 2)

Re-edited version released April 2016

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