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by Jeffrey Koval Jr.

A family copes with the inevitable loss of an ailing relative against the backdrop of a comfortable upbringing, personal reflection, and the macabre activities children find themselves involved with throughout the years.

“It was a mass-produced and super commercialized item. We were, concurrently, super skeptical, but my brother was feebly open-minded and I was always looking for a way to spook myself and my family out. The silly board game even had a “glow in the dark” feature that added to the ridiculous nature of the whole ordeal. This led to Adam and I spending countless afternoons in the basement, sitting cross-legged on the floor in the dark, peering into the softly glowing, barely visible face of the Ouija board.”

The House That Jack Built: A Humorous Haunted House Fiasco

by Jonathan Paul Isaacs

Never Flip a Haunted House…

In less than 24 hours Nate Merritt loses his job, his girlfriend, and his estranged Aunt Edna. But after Edna’s will bequeaths him a historic mansion deep in the backwoods of Louisiana, Nate hatches a daring plan: he’ll renovate the house and flip it for a tidy profit. The fact that Nate doesn’t know anything about home improvement doesn’t deter him at all.

Too bad Nate doesn’t realize the mansion in question happens to be haunted. And the ghost who lives there might not be so indiscriminate about Nate’s ability.

Humorous and irreverent, The House That Jack Built is a story of learning how to move on into the next chapter of lifeĆ¢??-as well as a tribute to every disastrous renovation ever attempted by a homeowner.

And ghosts. Don’t forget the ghosts.

Samson and Me

by Robert Joseph Napoli

What if you were given another chance in life? What would you do, embark on a journey for Good, or Evil? A question that has been asked over the ages, what if I did have a way to change things for the Good, would you? Or would you decide to do something to satisfy your own desires? This is a journey into the unknown by one man and his faithful friend. This is one question you will have to ask yourself, what would I have done?

The Fourth Age: Shadow Wars

by david pauly

As the Third Age ends, a desperate Elven ship flees the war torn shores of Nostraterra, as Elf Queen Aradia races against time to save Bran, the diminutive Gracie who destroyed the Dark Lord Magnar. As the Fourth Age begins the domination of Men, force Elves and Dwarves to acknowledge the tyrannical might of the Westmen and their king Creon.
Secret societies within the mines of the Dwarves and forests of the Elves plot against the Westmen, unleashing horrific violence and destruction; determined to kill Creon’s son, crown-prince Alfrahil. Confronted by the scheming Fire Priests of the Dwarves and Dark Elven cults, messengers sent by Alfrahil barely escape with their lives to bring news of the plot back to Eldora. Falsely accused, Alfrahil’s brother Daerahil is convicted and banished by Creon to the broken ruins of Magnar’s former stronghold.
Battles fought within the shadows of all realms in Nostraterra foretell the coming struggle that may tear the lands apart. Will Alfrahil find the real conspirators and clear Daerahil’s name? How will the kings of the Elves and Dwarves control their fractious elements, yet still remain independent from Eldora? These and many other questions await you in the Fourth Age: Shadow Wars.

Holy Crap: And the Judgment Day Blues

by Jason Guinn

It’s the end of the world and not everybody feels fine; especially the two sad sacks who are battling for the fate of the world.On the one side you have Seth Black; a jobless, loveless, depressed ass who discovers he’s the Antichrist and born to destroy the world. His nemesis is Jimmy Fetcher, a famous Christian author who recently came out of the closet and wants nothing more than to start a new life with his lover Jordan. These two men, guided by members of their prospective sides will travel the byways and highways of the American landscape to Hays County, Kansas where the final battle for mankind will take place. It’s a story packed full of demons and angels, love and loss, and the ultimate fate of the world.

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