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Remembering (The Starlight Chronicles Book 4)

by C. S. Johnson

With the arrival of 11th grade, Hamilton Dinger has no shortage of activities to pursue. With his job at the mayor’s office, schoolwork, and fighting off evil, he has no time to worry about Starry Knight’s recent betrayal and his relentless fixation with her.

Even though he does anyway.

Pushing past his emotional turmoil, he works with Aleia and Elysian to uncover the truth about the Seven Deadly Sinisters and his supernatural origins. When disaster strikes once more, Hamilton and his friends realize the only way to prevent chaos from taking over Apollo City, and eventually the world, is to find the answers to the questions hidden deep inside his heart and mind.

Doggy’s Minnesota Winter (Ella the Doggy)

by Jayne Flaagan

Ella the doggy loves the season of winter – especially because she lives in Minnesota!

In states that get cold like Minnesota does, people have to dress up to stay warm outside, but not Ella! Ella is a dog called a Husky and Huskies can play outside for a long time without getting cold because their fur keeps them warm.
In “Doggy’s Minnesota Winter,” you will find Ella taking long walks in the deep, white snow, watching children build a snowman and playing games outside with the children.

This winter is extra special for Ella the doggy because she gets to learn how to pull children in a sled! You will enjoy reading about all of the funny things that Ella does while she is learning how to pull the sled and laugh at how goofy she is!

You will see that Ella stays very busy during the winter. Snuggle up with someone now to read about Ella’s adventures and what it is that she loves getting at the end of every cold, winter day in “Doggy’s Minnesota Winter!”

Dear Jolly Ol’ F.A.T. Man,

by Nicky V

In his author debut, Nicky V writes a charming Christmas story sure to take audiences on a memorable holiday adventure!
“Dear Jolly Ol’ F.A.T. Man,” is the tale of young penguin named Jeevo, who wonders how The Jolly Ol’ F.A.T. Man knows who’s naughty or nice. His curious mind leads to an answer from the Jolly Man himself, where (with the help of Rudolph and the Elf on the Shelf) they go on a journey to discover how to become Nice on that infamous list. And although it may be his first Christmas, Jeevo soon realizes that it’s the best Christmas, ever!

Freddie’s Friends

Freddie’s wild fantasies lead him on escapes into the woods, desert, rain forest, ocean and caves. Only in Freddie’s imagination could we find howling monkeys, a smiling sloth, a shark wearing a band-aid or an angelfish with a halo. The pages alternate between adults gently guiding him through the regular duties in his daily life and Freddie’s daydreams of making friends with dangerous animals instead! Some would say Freddie has a short attention span, but any child who’s been accused of having too much energy can identify with his fun fiasco! The caring adults who answer, “I don’t know” make us wonder if these questions are also daily repetitions, especially when we see where Freddie’s friends really live! At the end of the day, Freddie’s safe at home, with a perfect bed time story ending.

The original book is printed with blue and yellow lettering on pastel colored backgrounds to help some dyslexic people read easier. Ellen Simmons Myer found many students were unable to focus clearly on black letters with a white background, resulting in backward letter writing. She purchased clear plastic folders with pastel tint; several kids who put their paperwork inside could read perfectly with that simple fix. We intentionally didn’t use black type or white backgrounds in Mrs. Myer’s books to help some children recognize such problems as early as possible. For clarity, we’ve also inserted “pop-up text” for each grouping in black on white for plain reality pages and Purple text on white for Freddie’s fantasies. The printed book has provided hours of fun for every child who has received it and we know you’ll enjoy these enthusiastic characters every time you read it.

Best Christmas Songs for Kids: Twelve super simple Christmas songs

by Charlie Wright

No holiday has as many songs as Christmas does.
Go ahead and read this book with your kid! This is one of the best ways to spend time with your children! It will bring the holiday spirit into your house. You may also give it as a gift to your friends and relatives, wishing them Merry Christmas. These simple lyrics can be an excellent thing for your children to learn through the holiday season.


The Adventures of Mr. Noel

by Elisabeth Campbell

Mr. Noel the bunny wants to travel the world and then does just that. But after he goes on the huge adventure he’s always dreamed of, he realizes he isn’t happy. Now he must embark on a whole new journey to discover what will make his heart whole.

The Fastest Book Ever Made – Collection of Short Stories From a Workshop

by Voice Verso

Voice Verso- DIY book publishing and selling platform organized its first ever 101 Indie Publishing Workshop. Wherein, almost 25 people participated in a short story competition. The short listed authors get to featured their stories in an impromptu book. So, here we are!

Danny’s Monster Christmas Magic: A rhyming story to light up the season! (Danny Books Book 8)

by Janet Young

Description: What do monsters do at Christmas? Snarly ones snarl. Creepy ones creep. But what does Danny’s Magic Monster do? Does he steal the presents and eat all of the cookies? Or does he fall in love with the Christmas tree? Hmmm –

Whatever he does, it’s probably silly. This book is sure to be fun to read with
the kids. Monster will light up the holiday season with rhymes and fun!

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