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The Upcycled Toys Club: A Family Friendly Recycling Activity Series

by Matt Duncan

Welcome to The Upcycled Toys Club, the first interactive coloring and activity book series of it’s kind! Designed for both parents and children, The Upcycled Toys Club generates an experience that the entire family can enjoy. This upcycling activity book provides an easy-to-use guide intended to spark your child’s creativity by allowing parents and children to work together to create new toys, utilizing resources that are free, easily obtained, and readily available in your home. Most likely, you already have everything you’ll need!

Follow the story of Evan as he learns how to build upcycled toys from recycled materials, and shares his new knowledge with all his friends and family. Use the Discussion Questions at the end of the story to spark meaningful family conversations about the importance of conserving our resources. Then, use the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to build some of Evan’s favorite toys!

Ready to make even more of your own awesome toys? Join The Upcycled Toys Club online by visiting:


DIY Christmas Gifts: Simple Homemade Crafts For The Holiday Season

by Molly Faulkner

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to get started on putting together great gifts for your loved ones.

What are you going to do in this regard? Homemade Christmas gifts begin with a simple read on Christmas gifts.

DIY holiday gifts might seem tough, but they are not as hard as you think. The holiday season is here and you need to do it yourself. These are quick & easy options that are going to do what you want.

Arts and crafts have never been simpler. Whether it is DIY edible gifts or DIY decorative gifts, you want the best ideas. These are the Christmas tips and tricks that will help you out.

Even DIY jewelry and DIY cosmetics have never been easier!

What about DIY kitchen ware and DIY candles? Yes, those are on offer too!

These are simple DIY gifts that just work. Whether it is Hanukkah or Christmas, you want the best and you will get it.

Holiday gift ideas begin here. Stop considering homemade gift ideas that don’t work. These are Christmas gift ideas that simply get the job done.

What about gifts in jars? Yes, you will get a look at that too.

A homemade gift is hard to ignore at the best of times. It will show your love. It is time to get those Christmas projects up and running with the help of this Christmas guide.

Whether it is DIY gifts in jars or jar recipes, you want the best. These are simple DIY household hacks that will bring a smile to your face.

Get these Christmas gift tips that will help out. The best DIY hacks are the ones you appreciate and you will adore this.

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