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Meet Baby Morgan: A new mother, a new home and a new neighbour with a sizzling secret. (Clara Andrews Book 5)

by Lacey London

Clara is back!

It’s fair to say that pregnancy hasn’t been the joyous journey that Clara had anticipated. Extreme morning sickness, swollen ankles and crude cravings have plagued her for months and now that she has gone over her due date, she is desperate to get this baby out of her.

With a lovely new home in the leafy, affluent village of Spring Oak, Clara and Oliver are ready to start this new chapter in their lives. The cot has been bought, the nursery has been decorated and a name has been chosen. All that is missing, is the baby himself.

As Lianna is enjoying new found success with her interior design firm, Periwinkle, Clara turns to the women of the village for company. The once inseparable duo find themselves at different points in their lives and for the first time in their friendship, the cracks start to show.

Will motherhood turn out to be everything that Clara ever dreamed of?

Which naughty neighbour has a sizzling secret that she so desperately wants to keep hidden?

Laugh, smile and cry with Clara as she embarks on her journey to motherhood. A journey that has some unexpected bumps along the way. Bumps that she never expected…

Praise for the Clara Andrews series –

â??Enjoyed the first book. I read them all in 3 days. Totally hooked’ Amazon Reviewer

â??Must read… would recommend to anyone… loved it!’ Amazon Reviewer

â??Its like you have your own best friend sitting there talking to you!’ Amazon Reviewer

â??Loved the love story and the realness of Clara.’ Amazon Reviewer

â??Very easy to get hooked on!’ Amazon Reviewer

‘Highly enjoyable! Got the rest of the series already.’ Amazon Reviewer

Rabid Mind: The Anatomy

by Roy Jackaman

(Book 1) A precursor to the adventure.

It was natural that the phenomenon of artificial intelligence would progress. With so many practical examples of the technology walking around, it was hard to imagine it would not. However, to progress you first have to build the monster then you can play with it, providing of course it doesn’t want to play with you.

Richard, the naïve technologist who works with artificial intelligence decides to take a non-prescribed route to complete some work for his overly demanding boss, Walter Jackson. Walter Jackson, a stickler for protocol, thinks he has Richard on a string. That however is not true and if William Jackson had any technological insight he would also have released the potential dangers Richard was unleashing. Then again, William Jackson was not a great expert on Richard’s work or an exponent of taking risk.

When Richard was playing with artificial intelligence, he always felt he was on the cusp of something great. Richard gradually immerses himself in a technological quagmire, which even he cannot truly contemplate. In between his pathological bouts of tedium, Richard meets a stranger who does not declare his origins. It begs the question, from where does he come.

Luckily, Richard has Craven – another artificial anomaly.

This book is written in UK English.

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