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Spanish Phrases for Beginners

by Elliot Carruthers

Learn useful Spanish phrases with funny and entertaining cartoons. Each cartoon makes the phrase memorable. Learning new Spanish phrases has never been so much fun!

Crochet Angel: 15 Wonderful Crochet Angel Patterns To Prepare Your Home For Christmas Miracle: (Christmas Crochet, Crochet Stitches, Crochet Patterns, Crochet Accessories)

by Julianne Link

Crochet Angel:

15 Wonderful Crochet Angel Patterns To Prepare Your Home For Christmas Miracle

Christmas time is here again, and so are the decorations. When it comes to Christmas décor, there’s nothing better than homemade, and certainly nothing better than angels.

But how do you find what you are looking for unless you make it yourself? When it comes to getting what you want, you have to do it yourself, and this book is going to show you how.

Let me give you the patterns to 15 different angels that you can make in just an afternoon. This book has it all, and with it, you are going to have exactly what you need to make any Christmas angel you want.

All you need is the yarn of your choice, a crochet hook, and a bit of time, and you have everything you need to make all kinds of angel décor. Have fun this Christmas season with all the decorations you can imagine.

  • Create 15 different angel patterns in just one afternoon
  • Have fun with the patterns and throw in your own flare
  • Mix and match to find your favorite patterns
  • Use pens, markers, and glue to add even more personality
  • And more!

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ENFP: Understand And Break Free From Your Own Limitations

by Matthew Brighthouse

The ENFP personality is all about dreams, visions, great ideas, and a desire to change the world.

To conquer life as an ENFP, they must make the most of their great powers, but be aware of the limitations too. This involves an awareness as to what those limitations are. Fortunately, we share them all with you here, in this book.

You’ll learn how to overcome some of the most common weaknesses that exist in your personality type. We then give you some simple, yet practical ideas to begin to transform those weaknesses into very achievable strengths.

Let your weaknesses inspire you to break free from your own limitations, and master your ENFP personality.

Crochet: 10 Modern And Beautiful Crochet Slouchy Hats Patterns: (Crochet Hook A, Crochet Accessories, Crochet Patterns, Crochet Books, Easy Crocheting)

by Julianne Leach

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Crochet: (FREE Bonus Included)

10 Modern And Beautiful Crochet Slouchy Hats Patterns

Why buy a stylish slouchy hat when you can make your own? There is nothing more satisfying than crocheting your own winter accessories. The patterns in this book will have you looking stylish without spending a lot of cash. Most of the patterns require one or two skeins of yarn and they work up quick.

It is always great when you find that perfect hat to match your winter wardrobe; now you can make one to match just about everything in your closet! The most popular styles, from slouchy newsboy hats to a warm slouchy fisherman’s hat is represented in these patterns.

This book contains:

  • 3 chunky slouchy hat patterns
  • 4 stylish slouchy hat patterns
  • 3 unique slouchy hat patterns
  • Instructions for increase, decrease, and special stitches
  • A comprehensive crochet abbreviation chart
  • A crochet hook conversion chart

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