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Autism Parenting: Practical Strategies for a Positive School Experience: Over 300 tips for parents to enhance their child’s school success

by Connie Hammer

Autism Parenting: Practical Strategies for a Positive School Experience empowers parents, caregivers, and family members of children, with or without an Autism Spectrum Disorder, to positively impact their child’s educational experience. This comprehensive guide pinpoints what areasâ??academically, emotionally, and/or sociallyâ?? a child may struggle with and provides practical strategies for them to arrive at school ready, willing, and available for learning.

Just imagine a future when your child goes to school willingly and gets there on timeâ?¦ When he says he likes his teacher, feels safe, has friends and enjoys learningâ?¦ A time when she comes home from school with a smile on her face because she has had another good day!

This handy guide will help you create this new reality – one that minimizes your child’s school related anxieties and increases his or her social competence. Where morning routines and homework time are stress-free and you approach special education meetings with confidence and a smile.

The interactive checklists at the end of most chapters are designed to help parents chart a course towards a more positive school experience. These printable documents keep parents focused and guide them to implement the strategies mentioned throughout the book. Start now to create a more autism-friendly, sensory-friendly environment for your child – at home and at school – that will enhance healthy, overall development.

Jordan’s Beautiful Mind: And His Dog Cony

by Fredy Bueso

Humor, Love, Friendship, adventures, behavior, playing outside, imagination, and a pet the loves his best friend.

Playing with Fire: The Danger of Dysfunction (Free with Prime Book 2)

by E. McNew

*Testing the Waters* part 2.

The first time I saw them smoking crystal meth, I had no idea what it was. They sat in a circle, and passed around a glass pipe filled with boiling liquid. The smoke was extremely thick and white. It had a slightly sweet smell to it. I knew that it couldn’t have been anything good, but other than that, I was lost.
The night I chose to leave Josh to be with Derrick, was the night I chose my fate for the next four years.
That night chose not only my fate, but the fate of Zoe and Chloe, and the fate of their relationship with myself and my family. My spiritual and moral struggle was just beginning.

9 interessante Fakten über Tiere: Allgemeinwissen-Buch für Kinder (German Edition)

by Memmy RP

Das ist ein Allgemeinwissen – Buch, eine kleine Wissenssammlung ( wuÃ?tet ihr daÃ?,..?) für Kindergartenkinder.
Zusammen mit Weihnachtsmann, werden sie seltsame Sachen über ihre Lieblingstiere entdecken, wie zum Beispiel: Die Giraffe kann mit ihrer langen Zunge ihr Ohr putzen, Der Elefant kann nicht springen usw.
Es ist schwierig, Interesse der kleinen Kinder zu wecken, oder ihre Geduld zu haben. Aber jede Information, die in einer Geschichte oder auf lustige Art präsentiert wird, wird schnell von Kindern gelernt.
Dieses Buch wurde für meinen 3-jährigen Sohn geschrieben und wurde auf ihn und auf seine Freunde getestet. Und ich möchte die gute Ergebnisse mit Euch teilen.

¿Qué hago si ya Elegí a mi pareja? : 8 Pasos para Consolidar tu Matrimonio Con PNL (Spanish Edition)

by Aurelia Flores Barzola

Este no es un libro 100% teórico: Es un compendio de lo que he visto, sentido y escuchado cuando por 5 años trabajé con parejas, gracias al Ministerio de la Mujer de mi país. Y 5 años de experiencia de vivir en pareja, sí, en mi matrimonio. Esta vez cuento con herramientas, técnicas y conceptos claros sobre cómo consolidar una relación de pareja, gracias a la Programación Neurolingüística.

Aqui descubriras:

8 Pasos para Consolidar tu Matrimonio Con PNL

1. Acéptate y ámate tal y como eres: Amor Propio.
Usa el Poder de las Afirmaciones con PNL
2.Dejar las expectativas
3.Aceptar a mi pareja con sus virtudes y defectos
4.Cada uno cumple sus sueños
5.Realizar mi plan económico, acompañada de la tecnica de la Deuda Emocional de PNL
6.Incorporar hábitos de la Gratitud en tu matrimonio
7.Disfrutar del deporte, la danza, paseosâ?¦
8. Alistándonos para ser Padres

Estos pasos he aprendido con la enseñanza de mis coach como es Elsa Avila, Analuz Velasco, el gran maestro de la Programacion Neurolinguistica Edmundo Velasco.
Asimismo de los mastermind de Tony Robbins, Luisa Hey, Carlos Cuatemoch Sanchez, Pilar Ortiz, Kim Kiyosaky.

Talking to Your Kids about Sex: How to Make It Comfortable

by Carol Black

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Talking to Your Kids about Sex

How to Make It Comfortable

Welcome to Talking To Your Kids about Sex, a book designed to approach your kids about the topic of sex in one of the best ways. A lot of individuals tend to have a hard time talking about sex with their children, but, more importantly, many of them miss talking about some of the most crucial parts about sex. Since this is such a long lasting topic, we’ll go over not only how to talk about sex, but also how to prepare your child to properly handle sex with its many risks, dangers, and what they can use to protect themselves.

First, we’ll cover how to talk about sex from a point of view not many people realize exist. Instead of the normal “just sit them down and talk” approach, we break the children into the topic and get them used to being able to open up about the topic around you, such as:

  • Watching slightly inappropriate films until they no longer look at you as though you are going to yell at them.
  • The usefulness of getting them used to not seeing sex as completely taboo in the household.
  • Treating them as a person by letting them know you don’t know everything but you’re willing to find out with them, on the internet.

Then we’ll go over some of the mass failure programs that teach children the responsibilities of sex and point out where they messed up. We’ll provide a new method of how to stress the importance of being safe during sex by covering the points parents have the hardest time dealing with; balancing life and bills. After all, taking care of the child when the materials are ready is generally easy. What makes it difficult are the long hours compiled with the seemingly never ending work that’s.

The remainder of the book will cover:

  • The different hidden issues that men and women have, separately, that are unique to either a man or a woman.
  • How to protect themselves with contraceptives and condoms.
  • How to determine if they are in a situation that could be potentially dangerous, even though they may be with trusted friends.
  • Why both women and men shouldn’t find themselves in situations where they are completely alone with the opposite sex unless they intend to have sex with them.

This book tries to cover every aspect that could have an impact on the child’s life and give you the helping hand you might need to cover all the areas of information your child needs to know about sex.

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Attraction Code For Women: Secrets to attracting the man of your dreams without losing your dignity & self-respect

by Hassan Taye

This book is all about the most important secret to making a man wants you as the woman you are- Not as he wants you to be!

Between the pages of this ebook, you will come to understand how you can successfully and effortlessly attract a quality man into your life.

Listen! Before you jump into any conclusion, this has much less to do with your sexy or hot looks than it does with who you really are.

Of course it is essential that you look very attractive but that is not everything and if you rely on “hot” or “sexy” looks alone, you will still attract men, no doubt about that. But not quality men. Rather, you will only attract men that would regard you as a sex object or a show off commodity to be discarded at will.

The truth is that every woman, ESPECIALLY YOU, has the capacity and potential to attract the quality man that you have always wanted, if you pay much attention to what is happening inside of you rather than outside.

When you do this, you will become the REAL YOU, which is the ultimate to radiate the alluring personality that make men to desire and stick with you.

What are you waiting? Get your copy now and imbibe the qualities to attract and keep the right man in your life!

Anything But Pink: A delightfully illustrated tale of a girl and a forbidden color…A perfect book for bedtime and early reading. (Great for kids ages 3-7)

by Adelina Winfield

Most girls adore the color pink, but see what happens when Starri’s parents say no to anything pink!

This wonderfully illustrated story about the forbidden color pink will keep little girls turning the pages to see what happens next.

A great book for any occasion, but especially for birthdays, Anything But Pink has a sweet message that embraces change, and new ways of looking at things. Great for early readers, and a fun bedtime story.

Once you read the eBook, you will want the Paperback as well.

7 Reasons Why You Rock Mom

by Eleanor Wint

-What if a few new parenting tips dramatically increase your productivity?
-What if your friends start congratulating you on your parenting?
-What if you could get an hour a day extra to read a book, exercise or spend some time doing something you long to do?

Dr. Eleanor Wint, shares her knowledge from cultures all over the world. Her teaching comes from years of working with families in all walks of life.

She is the author of “I Like Me: 5 Easy Ways for Parents to Help their Children Feel Awesome about Themselves”. She also co-hosts with well-known author and therapist Debbie Pokornik, a new Facebook live series for Moms, entitled “Secrets of Resiliency & Believing in You”. This is the best gift to give yourself. Every Monday and Friday at 12:30 EST starting December 5th 2016 at

In this book 7 Reasons Why You Rock Mom, you will learn:
-Why these 7 reasons are really the key factors leading to successful kids with great learning skills.
-What you can do to stay calm like other successful parents
-Why a sense of security at home means your kids can learn with less emotional resistance
-How to make sure your house is one awesome home
-How to make your children enjoy a balanced diet
-How best to play so you get physical and emotional growth

-How to use the startling findings from studies on children and sleep at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the National Sleep Foundation so YOU get regular time to be a part of your entire family
-How to make sure love for children does not turn into abuse

Yah Love: inspirational for all ages

by Author: Cynthia Stephens-Moore founder OF Nazarene BOOKs

A book on the creators love toward his children.

SURVIVE BREXIT: Manage your thinking in uncertainty

by Anthony Asquith

This handy book is ideal if your tired of worrying about what might or might not happen
over the Brexit issue. I’ll show you how you can begin to optimize your thinking to overcome
uncertainty. Even if everyone else is losing their minds around you.

This brief solution focused guide will show you how to;
Control your thoughts and remain positive
Go from stressed to rest in 10 minutes or less
Deal with difficult people in all forms
Remain calm and relaxed for longer, despite adversity and uncertainty following Brexit

Don’t follow the herd, you’re so much better than that and you know it.
This book is all about you and is for you, if you want to be able to relax,
remain confident and feel in control.

Buy this guide and watch as fear falls away leaving you in a better, happier place.

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