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The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice

by Martha Silano

The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice (Published by Two Sylvias Press) offers a unique writing prompt for every day of the year. Created by poets for poets, this calendar of exercises offers inspiration and a place to begin. Whether you are a novice or well-established author, The Daily Poet is an essential resource for poets, teachers, professors, or anyone who wants to jumpstart their writing practice. The Daily Poet is portable, coffeeshop tested, and offers quick warm-ups for any writing group or classroom. An excellent guide for students, The Daily Poet is also a handy reference for poets looking for fresh ideas to share in their writing workshops.

Cry Foul the Blink of a Watchman: Poems

by Russell Dorn

In Cry Foul the Blink of a Watchman, Russell J. Dorn takes readers for an often somber, sometimes joyful, and occasionally humorous ride through the teenage years and early twenties of an introspective young American man. Written as a private catharsis of remorse, lost love, and guilt, Dorn opens up this dark collection of poems for others to read for the first time, in hopes readers might find common feelings, shared experiences, life between the lines, and occasional bits of beauty. Topics such as blame, loneliness, inequality, relationships, and depression, as well as more fantastical themes such as werewolves, mermaids, folklore, romance, and Mountain Dew are within. Sharp and unapologetically brutal on issues of anxiety, unrequited love, religion, and human nature, this collection doesn’t shy away from tough or haunting topics. A collection of grave poetry.

The poem settings take place in a stark landscape of the cold desert of northern Nevada, as well as in landscapes of the poet’s imagination. Here we take a look through the crack in the mirror to glimpse the other crooked side in order to explore perspectives, psychology, and doubt. Here also is an examination of life in Reno, a twenty-four seven, casino town and the surrounding valleys. These poems from the creator of Felipe Femur the Skeleton and his ironic monster friends transport the reader into the complex adult landscape under the skinâ??the bones of the matter, the underlying structure. Gain insight to the mind that created the Halloween town of Toonstone with these often gloomy verses too poignant for the faint of heart.

Honest to the core, Russell J. Dorn never dilutes or dulls the sharpness of his words.

Poems include:

-Skeleton, Be Still
-Loup Garou on Holiday
-Dandelion Crown
-Gambling Man
-In the Rearview Mirror
-Lunch at Our Personal Roswell
-Linen Dunes
-The Mermaid
-Homage To Hai Rui
-In a Room Thick with Darkness
-Cry Foul The Turn Of The Watchmen
-Plus more than thirty more +

A chapbook of forty-nine poems from over a decade and a prose introduction to bind them together in their categories of remorse, perspective, love lost, and trust. Poems range from silly to serious. The poetry anthology encourages acceptance of change and moving forward as a person and as a society. The four sections, These Skeletal Remains, Intact; A Crack in the Reflection; Drown in the Shallow Sea; and The Blink of a Watchman relate to remorse, perspective, love & loss, and trust, respectively.

Thoughts of a Daydreamer: a collection of poetry

by C.L. Johnson

This is a collection of poetry that was written during the past few years. Some are inspiring, some are thought provoking and some are provocative. The book is sure to take you on a ride in the mind of a dreamer.

Navidades del Milenio: Un poema por Navidad del 2000 al 2016 (Spanish Edition)

by María Pasquín

Al comenzar el nuevo Milenio un poema puede resumir lo que ha sido cada año, el venidero y las propias fechas, que gusten o no, siempre marcan. Son versos que hablan de la sociedad consumista en la que vivimos, hacen guiños a la política del momento, al dolor de la enfermedad y muerte de los seres queridos, del Amor con mayúscula y del desamor, de infortunio y buenaventura. Cada año con un guiño surrealista diferente.

The Book of Now

by Sherry Rentschler

In her third volume of poetry, award-winning author Sherry Rentschler rips topics from current events: Terrorism, Politics, Domestic Abuse of women and children, Nature (both human and Mother). The subjects and events exposed from real lives are the focus of this honest, contemporary book of verses. Neither timid or sweet, these poems examine events as they have unfolded, and define them with bluntness, compassion, and her unique talent to expose and explain the unimaginable.

This is nonfiction. The events are real, sometimes haunting and often controversial. Topics traverse bigotry, racism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia and domestic violence, as well as ecological destruction, international slavery, and immigration.

Rentschler suggests that with understanding there is a key to unlocking a better future. Readers will discover this key as they pass through the volume designed to replicate a terrible grimoire, a book succinctly defining the four elements of chaos destroying our world.

A better future awaits and needs your help.
Find the key. Enter Now.

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