Free politics and current events Kindle books for 16 Dec 16

Those Who Hunger and Thirst

by David W. Runyan II

This essay presents Washington DC as an imperial kleptocracy currently in a state of decline from which there is no escape. The surprising election of Donald Trump will have no lasting effect. The Cunning of Corruption will swiftly erase any good he may do as if it never happened.

The benefit of decline is the return of human individualism and the eruption of naturally occurring culture. Decline therefore is an event to be embraced.

The only loser of decline is the imperial kleptocracy.

Every Action: The philosophical idea that no matter how obscure the action we perform is, somehow we believe it’s positive.

by Luke Guthmann

This is a short story of philosophical fiction that takes place in the year 2150. It follows a man’s slightly crude and unconstrained internal dialogue of the world that he lives and works in. The primary focus of philosophy in this story is on action, and when we perform those actions, no matter how bizarre, obscure or even ruthless they appear to us or other people, we believe the very action will have a positive outcome.

This short story may challenge your understanding of actions that we randomly perform. That the very things that you do, somewhere, somehow, have you believe that a positive outcome will be greater than the sum of other actions you could perform at that very time. Though the action that we choose to do may be classified as irrational, we still perform them and on the surface or deep down within our cognition, performing that action has a positive outcome. Why?

‘Every Action’ has quirky and gritty remarks with sporadic internal dialogues injected to give a feel of existential authenticity. It may even make you laugh. The primary focus ties into the main idea of action. It will present an alternative and challenging idea of how we view every action, in hope that we can view our very own beliefs in a more abstract, open and interesting way. It will at least provide something to think about, no real answers will be found here, but maybe some interesting questions will be.

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