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Ukraine: Europe’s Best-Kept Secret: An Insider’s Guide

by Maria Kachmar

Having lived in Ukraine for almost 10 years, the author offers a concise, easy-to-read insider’s travel and living guide with practical advice for enhancing your stay. Part I introduces you to many of the delights the country has to offer and Part II contains city guides for Lviv and Kyiv, with helpful information on tourist attractions, entertainment options, places to eat, unique Ukrainian experiences and family-friendly activities. For those planning to stay longer, Part III offers practical advice on medical facilities, best places to shop, local transportation, tips on meeting locals, getting to know the Ukrainian way of life and much more.

A Panty Shop In Bogota

by Jesse Myner

A memoir of the author’s time as gringo patron of a women’s panty shop in a low estrato neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia.

15 Places to Street Perform/Busk in Seattle, WA

by Kirsten Anderberg

A veteran street performer (aka busker) for the past 30+ years gives advice on street performing venues in the Seattle area. From street festivals to ferries, bus tunnels to public property, learn the ins and outs of street performing in the Seattle area from someone who has experience in the field. Fifteen different street performing opportunities are described in detail, including site-specific rules for buskers, previous personal experience, application procedures/deadlines and contact information for the venues.

Shimmering Japanese Sunlight

by Kay Thomas

Shimmering Japanese Sunlight is one woman’s experience traveling to Japan where she discovers the unexpected in a treasure of an island country.
Thomas travels for knowledge rather than information, and this collection of essays invites you to see through the author’s eyes with her glint of humor how she engages with the overall politeness in the nature of the Japanese people, and the surprising quietness on crowded city streets. Three generations after World War II and Thomas wants to put her childhood thoughts from her schoolbooks to rest by going to Hiroshima.
Travel is always about the people connections and Thomas takes you along to visit housewives demonstrating the art of sushi making, an Ikebana teacher guiding her patiently in the tradition of floral arranging and a Zen Buddhist priest offering a tea ceremony and mindful meditation.

mamatyarininottenihonnissyuudaimaouporuporunosannbyakurokuzyuugonitinokisekitoseihuku (Japanese Edition)

by daimaouporuporu




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A Dork in New York – Part One

by Stephen McGinity

Thought you knew everything there was to know about New York? Think again.
Let me take you on a journey of discovery throughout one of the worlds most fascinating cities, as I delve deeply into each and every nook and cranny of its five boroughs… Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.
Uncovering more than I ever could have bargained for on each and every exciting corner.

A Couple of Weeks in Fiji

by Corey Hamilton

Photo book of recent trip to Fiji, which included a stay on the Coral Coast, a trip to Suva and a cruise through the Yasawa Islands.

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