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Old Fool’s Gold: Finding The Precious Things In Life

by Bob Johnston

Stolen gold from the Vietnam War, stolen again and hidden on a boat that is left behind by the US Navy. An old River Rat involved in the first theft runs across the boat 36 years later, tied up at a Vietnamese Navy Base in Saigon. Same boat, same numbers? Wondering if it’s even possible that the boat is really the same and the gold, could even remotely still be hidden aboard? He enlists the aid of the only other person who knows what happened.

A few old ‘Spooks’, two old river boat sailors, a lost orphan, an orphanage full of wonderful children and adults, plain simple country people, corrupt cops and government officials, along with some friends old and new join in some way to move things along. There are modern day cultural lessons and customs mixed in along with a lazy late night ‘float’ down a deserted river in Saigon.

The story crosses and re-crosses Vietnam and spills into Laos for the final outcome. On the way an orphaned love child (his daughter from 1968) and an old orphanage become part of the present, the gold moves into the new century. As it all moves you are introduced to the beauty, the seduction, the mystery and magic of Vietnam present; along with the misery and heartbreak that comes with it. The reader also finds that there is no limit to the good, old gold can do, when in the right hands driven by decent minds and hearts, put it to work.

This is no Mission Impossible roller-coaster ride but, a gentle trip from violent past memories to the joy and sweetness of present day Vietnam. The lush green hilly countryside where peace, love, beauty and friendship abide in the comfort of a very old but warm orphanage filled with joy.

Shifter Romance: Navy SEAL Tiger (Paranormal Alpha Dominant Male Navy Seal Shapeshifter Romance) (New Adult Fantasy BBW Military Hero Romance Short Stories Book 1)

by Emma Taylor

35 Special Bonus Stories Included!

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Jacob was the commanding officer in a tiger shifter naval unit. He spent most of his life out at sea, and a few nights a year at a bar known for treating military men decently. He never found being at the bar as entertaining as the rest of unit, that was until she walked through the door.

Tabitha was just a simply girl, going to the bar to be a wingman for her friend obsessed with military men. She never saw the point in trying to land one herself, she was never considered the attractive type of woman. So when the sexy naval commander chose to sit next to her, her world turned upside down.

Together they discover an entire new world of desire and love. The only question both of them are secretly asking is “Do they feel the same?” Tabitha may get her answer before Jacob hears his, but it’s up to these two to decide what is more important, A Normal life, or a life filled with love.

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Romance: Stepbrother SEAL’s Secret: (Bad Boy Alphas Military Romance) (Navy SEAL Pregnancy Billionaire Short Stories)

by Kristen Chase

People like me never got guys like him.
Hayden was an incredibly carved piece of muscular art and I was more of the large cushioned blow up doll you use for one night and never look back.

But Hayden was about to become the best stepbrother I could have ever asked for, and in more ways than one. I know that sounds strange, but it didn’t feel strange at all. It felt right.

It was right.
It scared me alright, but it excited me even more.

But what would happen when he would leave again for six months? My Navy SEAL lover would surely forget about me.

And when he gets back and sees my pregnant belly ready to pop? I’m sure he will wish he never even knew me to begin with.

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WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

The Hunt for Goeben and Breslau

by Gary Coatoam

“The Hunt for Goeben and Breslau” was earlier published as “The Unfinished Painting Trilogy”. “The Hunt” is an abridged version of “The Trilogy”, and thus it is condensed for easier reading since it is without endnotes. For illustrations, maps and over four-hundred endnote references, please refer to the earlier publication, “The Trilogy”.

Though categorized as an historical fiction, action, and romance novel, “The Hunt” is largely based on true events. Reams of papers and books have been published about World War I, but an immense number of pertinent records had been previously sealed for 100 years or more. Therefore much that had been written earlier may have relied on conjecturer rather than verifiable facts. Nonetheless, rather than just being another history novel, these historical findings are woven into the compelling story of two young lovers in turn of the century France.

Readers interested in the cascade of events that ultimately put the match to World War I, or in the actual role that Goeben and Breslau played as an igniter of that cataclysm, will also be interested in this previously untold recounting of events

The Unfinished Painting Trilogy (1914, The Unfinished Painting Trilogy)

by Gary Coatoam

(Approximately 1060 pages in length)

The young American couple lingered in front of the painting hanging in the Musée Picasso, the art gallery located in the Hôtel Salé in rue de Thorigny, in the Marais district of Paris. The rest of the tour group had already moved along, but the couple seemed to be mesmerized by the unfinished painting.

The young man said, “It seems so odd to have an unfinished piece here in Picasso’s Museum.”

The young woman stepped closer and commented, “The look on the model’s face seems to be so distant and sad. Somehow I feel that there must have been some great tragedy in her life. I wonder who she was, and I wonder why Picasso never finished this work.”

The nearby old security guard, overhearing the musings of the couple, sidled over to where the couple was standing and politely interjected, “Some people think that this might have been Picasso’s greatest work of art if he had ever finished it.”

The young man turned to the guard and asked, “Do you have any idea why he never finished it?”

The old guard replied, “There are many theories about this painting. Some say that since the painting was started here in Paris in 1914, Picasso was distracted from the work by the advancing Germans who were on the precipice of invading the city.”

“Is that what you think?” the young woman asked.

The guard thought for a moment and then replied, “It might be fact or it might be fiction, but there is an alternate theory that ascribes this painting to the greatest love-lost that Picasso ever experienced. The story harkens back to “1914 Gay Paree,” a city of lovers and bon vivants, and a city that was about to be turned upside down by the cataclysm known as the Great War.”

“Please tell us more,” the young man requested.

The tour group had moved on, and it was getting to be late in the afternoon. That area of the gallery was virtually deserted, so the elderly guard beckoned them over to a nearby bench.

“Come and sit for a while,” he suggested. “And I will do my best to relate a story that was told to my grandfather, which was then passed down to my father and eventually to me. It was told to him by a young American by the name of Michael Adler, and it is a story of great people, great tragedy and even greater love.

“It is a story about the world in 1914. It is about people like Winston Churchill who fell out of grace with the British Empire after the disastrous Gallipoli Campaign, and about tycoons who had discovered the value of the oily deposits, which were flowing out of the sands of Persia. It is also a story about the real reasons that the world went to war in 1914, and it is a story about star-crossed loversâ?¦ but, come and sit for a spellâ?¦ and I will tell it the best that I can.”

(Note: This trilogy is the compendium of the three individual books___”1914, A Prelude to War”___”1914, A World at Crisis___ and, “1914, The Unfinished Painting”)

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