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Romanov: The Last Tsarist Dynasty

by Michael W. Simmons

The Romanov family ruled as tsars and emperors of all Russia for just over three hundred yearsâ??nineteen men and women in total, some of them brilliant, some of them mad, most of them somewhere in between.

The story of the Romanovs begins in Moscow in 1613, and ends in Ekaterinburg in 1918, at the beginning of a revolution, where Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their five children were slaughtered by a Soviet death squad.

In this book, you will learn about the lives and reigns of each Romanov emperor and empress. Read about Peter the Great, who kept company with peasants and pie sellers but had his own son tortured to death; Catherine the Great, who finally convinced Europe that there was more to be found in the far north than just snow and barbarians; Alexander I, the gallant emperor who famously defeated Napoleon in 1812; Alexander II, who freed the serfs and survived five assassination attempts before perishing in the sixth; and Nicholas II, who ended the Romanov dynasty in 1917 when he abdicated the throne on behalf of himself and his son, the hemophiliac Alexei, who would never be emperor but is now considered a saint.

The Romanov Dynasty

Michael I (1613-1645)

Alexei I (1645-1676)

Fyodor III (1676-1682)

Sofia Alekseyevna, regent for co-tsars Ivan V and Peter I (1682-1689)

Ivan V (1682-1696)

Peter the Great (1682-1725)

Catherine I (1725-1727)

Peter II (1727-1730)

Anna I (1730-1740)

Anna, Duchess of Courland, regent for Ivan VI (October 1740-December 1741)

Elizaveta I (1741-1761)

Peter III (January 1762-July 1762)

Catherine the Great (1762-1796)

Paul I (1796-1801)

Alexander I (1801-1825)

Nicholas I (1825-1855)

Alexander II (1855-1881)

Alexander III (1881-1894)

Nicholas II (1894-1917)

Healing Without Medication: Health Benefits Of Turmeric and Curcumin

by John Sage

The use of turmeric for medicinal purposes has existed for thousands of years. The powerful plant has been a stable in India and various East Asian countries. Used directly as a herb or during cooking as a spice, turmeric is a easy plant to add to your daily life.

The health benefits of turmeric can be attributed to curcumin, the main active ingredient in the herb. Numerous studies of turmeric and curcumin have shown amazing results at treating many common illnesses and maintaining overall wellness. Inside this publication of Healing Without Medication: The Health Benefits Of Turmeric and Curcumin, you will learn the following:
The history of turmeric
What is curcumin
The health benefits of turmeric
Scientific studies of curcumin
Potential side effects when taking turmeric
Easy recipes to eat more turmeric

Don’t wait to increase your health. Get your copy of Healing Without Medication now.

Romance: A Taboo Revenge with My Best Friend’s Father (First Time Married Man Romance) (Older Man Younger Woman Contemporary New Adult Romance Book 1)

by Blue Sky Books

Kayla Hines has the perfect life: straight-A student, superstar athlete, and a hot-as-hell boyfriend.

But then she walks in on her best friend kissing the face off her boyfriend at a party. Her perfect life falls apart.

There is only one solution: revenge.

She has always wanted Adam Filch, her best friend’s dad, but he has been off-limits. Friends don’t do that to each other. But they’re not friends anymore, and Kayla is hungry for revenge. There is only one thing that will truly show her ex-best friend how betrayed she feels. She has to persuade Adam Filch to be her firstâ??and in her best friend’s bed no less!

She tells herself it is just for revenge, but how can she resist Mr. Filch’s stern expression, his fit body, and his calm, commanding voice? How can she resist this taboo?

She knows one thing for sure.

By the time this is over, she’ll have her revenge. Or not?

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Romance: Wanting my Stepdad (Taboo Stepfather Nerd New Adult Romance) (Older Man Younger Woman Contemporary Short Stories Collection Book 1)

by Rachelle North

All I have ever cared about is my work.

Geology is what I have breathed and lived ever since I was a teenager.

Not that I had a choice, both my parents are Geologists too, or at least my father was but he passed away when I was small.

I grew up in my mother’s shadow, and when I was made Assistant professor at the university I thought I was headed towards the path of greatness. That finally my mother would be proud of me.

But then I met Luther Gipson.

The man whose work I had studied several times, the living breathing Godfather of modern geology.

I hadn’t expected him to be so hot. To look like an absolute Greek God. I mean, aren’t academics supposed to look boring and wellâ?¦like academics?

I also didn’t expect him to be married. Especially not secretly married to my own mother!

But I can’t help but want him.

I can’t help but wonder how that thick beard will feel against my skin, how he looks under his boring clothes.

I know he was flirting with me too when we met at the party. I know he knows how much I want him.

I get the feeling that he wants me too. How will this ever work?

WARNING: This story contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only. It is a short-story romance with NO cliffhanger. Enjoy the bonus stories!

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