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MYSTERY: Darkest fear – The Tenants: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Crime Thriller, Murder) (ADDITIONAL BOOK INCLUDED ) (Suspense Thriller Mystery, Serial Killer, crime, London 1)

by Patricia Blake


Darkest Fear

Raki Maheson born of a low cast mother and Tamil father in the town of Salli, on the north- easterly tip of Sri Lanka occasionally invaded by the rebel forces of the Tamil Liberation fighters. All his salient traits of his personality are traceable to his strong low cast roots. which despises compromise and forbids diplomacy, contempt for privilege, love of argument, distrust of the religion and faith in humanist logic. These were some of the characteristics of the rugged folks of the Salli district from whom Raki sprang. A number of them, too, are readily prone to mental disorder of one kind or another.
On February 1985 Raki was arrested at his Orrs Hill home, after human remains had been identified as the cause of blocked drains. Within days he had confessed to fifteen gruesome murders over a period of four years. His victims, all young call girls, had never been missed. It is a story of a singular relationship between a mass murderer and society as some of the victims could have been spared, had the police been more efficient. Despite all these controversial statements by the Killer himself and the press, Raki Maheson is remanded and later his trial begins and he is sentenced to serve life imprisonment

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The Butcher’s Daughter: A Memoir

by Florence Grende

In The Butcher’s Daughter: A Memoir, Florence Grende shares her Jewish family’s journey of surviving Hitler’s Europe in the forests of Poland, and offers a glimpse into her father’s partisan activities there. Her story is framed by her coming of age in an America where, as one of the second generation of Holocaust survivors, she must find a balance between belonging and exile, and between her own life and her wounded family’s history, in order to come into her own.

“‘The Butcher’s Daughter’ is a deeply personal account of growing up in the aftermath of atrocity. It is not only the clearest view we are ever likely to get of the myriad and intimate ways that trauma is inherited and suffering passed on, it is also witness to the fact that the strength it takes to prevail is also part of that inheritance. Luminous and profound, ferocious and sublime, ‘The Butcher’s Daughter”will move you beyond measure.”
–Richard Hoffman, author of “Half the House”and “Love and Fury”

“In a clear voice that manages to be both haunted and compassionate, Grende reminds us that ‘Monster and victim can be one and the same. ‘Tackling subjects as harsh as war and family dysfunction, she writes with exquisite attention to sound and prose rhythms, reminding us, as all masterful writers do, that what you say matters because of how you say it. What a stunning debut.”
–Barbara Hurd, author of “Listening to the Savage: On River Notes
and Half-heard Melodies””

Florence Grende’s Memoir wields the keen, bracing edge of utter honesty…She writes of the bits and pieces of rage, endurance, bafflement, grief, and the will to live. Here is a story of a woman trying to move forward in the new land of America but who has been raised with the shades of the European dead for company. The terse, poetic, prose makes the reader feel what it was like to grow up and live with silences that truly were unspeakable.
–Baron Wormser, Poet Laureate of Maine, 2000-2006, Author of “The Road
Washes out in Spring: A Poet’s Memoir of Living off the Grid”

Lost in Transplantation: Memoir of an Unconventional Organ Donor

by Eldonna Edwards

One Gently Used Kidney, Free to a Good Home.
When 48 year-old single mother, massage therapist and returning student Ellie meets a young woman with kidney disease, she decides to make it her mission to save the girl. Unfortunately, outdated rules made it difficult for altruistic donors, and besides, the woman doesn’t want a savior. Does this stop Ellie from her quest to “be the change” one seeks in the world? Not a chance.

Told with humor and self-reflection, this inspirational memoir of courage and compassion is interwoven with anecdotal stories that help the reader identify what kind of person commits the selfless act of organ donation. Ellie,a self-described devout agnostic, is kind but often irreverent. She is generous, but she is no saint. Ultimately, becoming a kidney donor has given her a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. Lost in Transplantation asserts that we are all capable of altering a human being’s life for the better, including our own.

All About #1: Anime & Manga (All About Series)

by AlphaManga

What is anime and manga? What is The History & Evolution of Anime and Manga? How do you Differentiate Anime & Manga? Who are Some of the world’s best Mangaka? The All About Series is a 8 part eBook Series dedicated to giving you the History and Evolution of some of the most popular Anime and Manga.

This is the first chapter of the Series “All About Manga and anime”, exclusively made for the fans and followers who are looking for some interesting and informative details about an art of anime and manga development and their favorite mangaka.
From the basic introduction, historical background of manga and anime to the works of some of the most popular Japanese mangaka enthralling fans all over the world, this Ebook is definitely going to give you immense pleasure and interesting knowledge. In addition, you would be informed about various types of anime and manga, along with the news regarding the upcoming manga and anime series.

The next chapters of this series would also connect you to your favorite mangaka, by making you explore their talent works, experiences and amazing strategies they have applied in their created stuff.

History of some of the world’s best and most popular Mangaka: Akira Toriyama, Hayao Miyazaki, Hiromu Arakawa, Masashi Kishimoto, Takeshi Obata, Eiichiro Oda and Tite Kubo. Along with info about the most popular manga & MORE!

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