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HISTORICAL ROMANCE: Tempted by the Rogue

by Kate Shepherd

A Full Length (35,000+ Words) Historical Regency Romance with NO Cliffhangers – Contains explicit content (18+)

I was never afraid of much. For years, I’d been travelling the world, from the Orient to the wild reaches of the Americas. It had been a wild life for me and my traveling companion, Lucy, and I’d learned not to be afraid of much. But when my grandmother became ill, I was forced to return back to London to resolve the specifics of her passing and my inheritance. My return to London brings up my past, and the desires that I’ve long since buried. London is a big city, but is it big enough for me to continue running from my past?

For years, my life has been about pleasure. My pleasure, and the pleasure of whatever woman brings me back to her home to show her something her husband can’t. But it hasn’t always been this way. I can remember a time before I found my calling between London’s shapeliest legs. I can remember, but I do my best not to. And when a living, breathing reminder of the man I used to be returns home, I do my best to avoid her. But fate may have other plans.

Includes a bunch of FREE Bonus Romance Stories!

Romance: Loving the Enemy

by Annabel Blair

Isobel Darrow joined her brothers in the uprising because she’d seen firsthand the loss Scotland felt when English boots stood on its soil. She’s committed to the cause and to slaughtering any Englishman who steps in her way. When the commander chooses her for a mission of importance and speed, she is more than happy to do her part. Until, that is, a traitorous–but charming–Englishman attempts to steal her horse.

Will Davenport is on a mission of his own, to stir up dissent among the ranks of the Scottish at Edinburgh. He thinks he’s had a streak of luck when he stumbles across a girl with a horse. When he tries to make off with the beast, though, he discovers that the fiercely beautiful Isobel Darrow is not a girl to be taken lightly. Can they see past their countries’ animosity to the passion that sparks between them?

Contains some explicit scenes intended for mature audiences.

Contains a series of FREE Romance Bonus Stories.

HISTORICAL ROMANCE: The Scottish Warrior

by Annabel BLair

**FREE Bonus Romance Stories Included**

Aidan is scouting in the woods after a major battle when he chances upon a woman desperately in need of his help.

Rhona is about to be taken advantage of by Graeme, a man who knows only how to take what he wants from others.

It seems that Aidan has arrived just in the nick of time. He frees her and sends her on her way, never thinking to see her again.

But it soon becomes clear that Graeme will not rest until he has finished what he started.

Aidan must find the girl and warn her to stay out of the forest. But he may get more than he bargained for when love quickly blossoms between them.

Can their love survive?

And will she ever be safe from Graeme?

Contains explicit content for mature adult audiences

The Conspiracy of the Rose: a Novel

by Alastair Fontana

Frederick was barely eight years when he looked death straight in the eyes. It was a warm spring morning. He was a small child, with red hair and blue-green eyes. No one would have ever believed that he would become king at fourteen and emperor at seventeen. That he would revive the empire of Caesar and Hadrian. That he would wipe out the dark ages with his court of scholars and mathematicians of all races and religions. Or that he would speak seven languages, write love poems in Italian, and win countless battles and wars without ever having to use his sword. Nobody, on that pleasant March day, would have ever imagined the amazement that his adventure would arouse in the centuries to come.

But death, not love, would be his faithful companion on that wonderful journey. The ghost he had stared at on a spring day would follow him like a faithful dog, like a shadow at sunset. It would wake him up in the middle of the night, dripping with sweat, turning friends into enemies, kisses into daggers, and ultimately becoming the very obsession of his soul.

This is the story of the incredible life of Frederick and of how he was deceived. This is a story about the greatness and the baseness of the human soul. A story about the infinite sadness of betrayed love and about the enthusiasm that moves the universe. But above all, this is a story about the loneliness that we all hide deep inside. Always too busy to be able to notice it, until the day when taking our gaze away from the abyss will be no longer possible.

The Egypt Campaign: A Novel of Napoléon’s Invasion of Egypt and Syria, 1798-1801.

by David Smethurst

25 Messidor, year VI of the Revolution. Arrayed before the French army led by Napoléon Bonaparte is a stupendous sight: A crescent-shaped arc of over seven thousand Mameluke cavalry festooned with pistols and scimitars, draped in rich, colorful silken robes, extending from the Nile River right around their line. Behind them are some ten thousand fellahin, armed with clubs and cudgels. Suddenly, the Mamelukes let out a collective cry from seventeen thousand throats and, like a floodgate that has been opened, they dash toward the French army like a great torrent. “Steady men,” cried lieutenant Fourier. “Here they come.”

In 1798, Napoléon Bonaparte led an army of 50,000 to overthrow Egypt’s despotic ruler and spread enlightenment throughout the Middle East. The Egypt Campaign is one soldier’s story of that fateful expedition. In this book, a French lieutenant, Philippe Fourier, and his fellow officers battle the armies of Mameluke Beys, Turks, British, and a growing insurgency in the deserts and mountains of Egypt and Syria. As they march deeper into the Middle East, their goal turns from victory to survival.

On the Kennebec: Volume Two (Joseph Shorey of Maine Book 2)

by William Michael Wochna

“On the Kennebec: Volume Two” takes up where we left off at the end of Volume One. Molly Molasses, the Indian fortune teller, had predicted that Joseph Shorey would meet the love of his life soon after he left the logging camp. So where is she?

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: The Rancher’s Brave Bride (Clean Historical Wounded Heroine 20th Century Billionaire Romance)

by Faith Crawford

An orphan travels West to meet a lonely widower and his child. Will they find each other’s heart in this new wild world?

Theresa Doe never knew her parents. Abandoned on the day she was born, all she has ever known is life in the orphanage with the Sisters of Holy Mercy. For seventeen years she’s lived with hunger and cold, her faith the only thing to sustain her. But now a lonely widower out west has put out a call for a wife and Theresa has been chosen to go to him.

Henry Forth is a restrained and taciturn rancher in the Colorado Territories. He has struggled to build his ranch into a success and is in need of a woman to be his wife, the lady of his house, and a mother to his three-year-old child.

Theresa now must travel from her home in Pennsylvania to the wild west of the Colorado Territories, to live with the quiet Mr. Forth. In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains there is no law. Bandits lurk in the forests and danger waits on the horizon.

In this strange and dangerous place Theresa must transform from an orphan to a wife, even though she has no knowledge of married life.

NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Saint Nicholas: The Origin of St. Nick or Santa Claus

by Isaiah Cox

A historical fiction tale, in short story format, re-telling the legendary background and deeds of the ancient Saint Nicholas (the origin of Santa Claus). This book was designed by the author to be read out loud during the holiday season, preferably by a warm fire and lighted tree. When spoken the tale lasts approximately ten minutes. The story reminds the reader and listeners of the giving and caring nature of the first Saint Nick. The author weaves history and legend together to create a wonderful story of antiquity. Five illustrations executed in charcoal, by the author, as well as one woodcut decorated initial.

The Secret Bluestocking: Isobel’s Traditional Regency Romance

by Alicia Quigley

“The writing of this debut novel is gratifyingly good and is remarkably well attuned to the era. Brilliant, in fact. Very appealing. We’re given a perfect sense of the time but there’s no unwieldy, stilted dialogue that can sometimes make me say huh?! Editing also passes the test. My compliments to the author.” ~ Reader review

“At last a more recent regency author who knows how to write, understands the genre and tells a good, clean story. The book was very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to reading another of Alicia Quigley’s contribution to the genre. Lovers of bodice rippers, this is not for you; this is for those of us who love Austen, Heyer and Buck. Enjoy!” ~ Reader review

Written as an homage to Georgette Heyer, this is the first novel written by Alicia Quigley. After years of being filed away, we’re happy to present it for your enjoyment. Please note, this is a Traditional Regency Romance; the “spice” (sex) level is very low, a G-rated movie, if you will.

What would you do if you were intelligent, independent, wealthy and had an interest in archaeology? If you’re the Honorable Miss Isobel Paley, you do as you please, but you would keep it as your most guarded secret.

Isobel’s story is set in a time of social change, after Mary Wollstonecraft published her famous “A Vindication on the Rights of Woman,” positing (correctly, of course!) that women were not inferior to men. Even so, Society hadn’t yet changed to the degree that a free-thinking woman of means could be open about her “unseemly” interests.

Isobel happily pursues her intellectual passions without a care for marriage. She’s perfectly capable of tending to her own life as a trendsetter in fashion during the Season and an archaeologist in Scotland during the summer. Marriage, she believes, is only the surrender of her legal identity, independence and fortune to the whims of a man.

Then an accident outside her country estate brings Major Lord Francis Wheaton into her life and her home. Lord Francis, recently back from the Peninsular Wars, must convalesce at Isobel’s manor, being too injured to travel.

What follows is the tale of two strong-willed individuals, both harboring secrets of their own, and their undeniable attraction to one another. Will Isobel succeed in keeping her secret? Will Lord Francis find what he needs? And just who is the mysterious Marcus Paley?

DIGNITAS (Spanish Edition)

by Maria Mercedes Perez Casado

Fuentes del Horna, Segontia, Provincia de Celtiberia (Año 586)
La ruptura de un compromiso matrimonial entre dos clanes de la nobleza rural visigoda desata una guerra abierta que se prolongará durante casi tres décadas.
Con el trasfondo de los primeros años del reinado de Recaredo, la oficialización del catolicismo y la proscripción de la fe arriana, ambas familias se afianzarán en sus posiciones y la escalada de violencia se volverá inevitable.
La llegada de un misterioso extranjero al pueblo inclinará la balanza.

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