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Wings of Sorrow (A horror fantasy novel)

by Iain Rob Wright

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A captivating fantasy novel that brings the supernatural thrills of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel to a new generation.

Growing up is hell.

Scarlet is a sixteen-year-old girl with no friends living with her single father. The one thing her life has none of is excitement. That’s until she meets a naked stranger beside the lake. Then everything changes.

Scarlet discovers that she is not just an ordinary sixteen year old. In fact, the fate of the world rests on her shoulders, and it seems like she’s one of the bad guys. A weapon.

Pretty soon, Scarlet is going to miss her old, boring life, but will have to accept that it is gone forever. At least she’s made a friend -a demon named Sorrow. He’s one of the bad guys too.

Only evil can save her now.

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“Iain Rob Wright is sick and twisted.” David Moody, author of Autumn and the Hater series

“Iain Rob Wright scares the hell out of me.” J A Konrath, author of Origins and Afraid

“A Master of the genre.” Matt Shaw, author of the Black Cover books.

“Cuddle up to this novel and it might rip your throat out. A fun, thrilling read!” David T. Wilbanks – Co-author of Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road

“One of the BEST horror books I have read in YEARS!” – Eric S. Brown, author of Last Stand in a Dead Land

“Iain Rob Wright brings true excitement to the horror genre, with wholly original stories and characters to route for.” – Ryan C Thomas, author of Hissers, Rating’s Game, and Origin of Pain

Categories for Wings of Sorrow

– Horror
– Young Adult
– Fantasy
– Myth and Legend
– Occult

Neighbors: A gripping serial killer thriller with a brilliant twist

by Jeremy Bates


New York is a city of eight million strangers. For twenty-five-year old Buddy Smith, who values his privacy, it’s the only place he would call home. Yet his simple life is flipped upside down when a new neighbor moves in next door. She’s young, beautiful, a bit nosy…and might just be a cold-blooded killer. Against his better judgment, Buddy spends the night with herâ??a decision that will prove to be the biggest mistake of his life.


“Thriller fans and readers of Stephen King, Joe Lansdale, and other masters of the art will find much to love in this highly recommended, action-packed read.” – Midwest Book Review on Island of the Dolls

“An understated horror story that will remind readers what chattering teeth sound like.” –Kirkus on Suicide Forest

“[A] short, sharp shocker…Bates writes persuasively from Brian’s adolescent point of view, making the horror of his youthful reminiscences that much more intense.” – Publishers Weekly on Black Canyon

“Jeremy Bates has written a great book that would make a great Hollywood screenplay!” – Suspense Magazine on The Taste of Fear

“Bates takes an intriguing premise to shocking lengths, revealing the outcome only in an epilogue. A graphically violent story with building suspense and a moral about where weaving such a web may lead.” – Booklist on White Lies

“The Catacombs is a thrilling descent into the unknown, peeling back the dark layers like a rotting onion, tears running down your face as you try to climb your way out. A hypnotic story of buried truths, disfigured creatures, and lost histories told with an authoritative voice full of heart and insight.” – Richard Thomas, Bram Stoker nominated author on The Catacombs

“Jeremy Bates doesn’t miss a trick, teasing and misleading, ratcheting up the tension as the heroine…loses traction on a slippery slope of deceptions.” – Glenn Kleier, New York Times bestselling author on White Lies

“A horror story like none other…makes for a read that will delight horror fans who want their novels steeped in psychological suspense as well as action.” – Midwest Book Review on The Catacombs

“A success!” – Hellnotes on Suicide Forest


“Definitely gave me chills reading this late at night which hasn’t happened since I was a 13 year old teenager reading Stephen King’s, It, for the first time.” – verothehero

“Move over King and Koontz there’s a new talent in town.” – judy pfanner

“I had to stop reading at certain points because he was freaking me out. That only happens to me with one other writer–Stephen King.” – Lyn Lutrzykowski

“I think of early Clive Barker, without the guts.” – H. Kelly

“Suicide Forest is up the with Joe Hills Heart Shaped Box.” – Lola Cain

“Scariest book I’ve ever read” – Jamie Dobbs

“If you like Greg Olsen or Jeffrey Deaver, Jeremy Bates is a great new talent.” – Lnh

“I found it rivaling some of Stephen King’s and Dean Koontz’s early works—high praise indeed.” – Diana D

“If you enjoy Richard Layman, you’ll love reading Jeremy Bates” – Anna W.

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Listen to Gran

by Jennifer Chambers

New York 2090 and the New Prohibition is in full swing with speakeasy joints offering their brew for the thirsty public. When people in search of the bootleg liquor go missing, it’s up to a G-man to find them and the brew they’ve been drinking.
Horror short story

La perla del Sinaí: «La siguiente historia está inspirada en hechos reales» (Spanish Edition)

by Joaquín Lavalle

«Ni tus peores enemigos te pueden hacer tanto daño como tus propios pensamientos»

Estas fueron las palabras que el comandante Capriano escribió a su pupilo antes de emprender su última misión ¿Quién iba a creer que en la biblioteca de un viejo monasterio perdido en el lugar más remoto de la tierra, un teólogo alemán descubriría los manuscritos bíblicos más antiguos de la historia, y que en él residirían las claves para descifrar un enigma que se remonta a la época faraónica? No obstante, es ahora, en el presente, que el joven y escéptico agente especial David Ruiz, se verá inmerso en una loca y desesperada batalla contra el terror, y con el único propósito de detener el mal que se cierne sobre la Tierra.

Se trata de un libro con raíces en las clásicas novelas de misterio. Basada en elementos de la Historia, (que va desde la época faraónica hasta el siglo XXI), se adentra en la intriga policial, y la propia fantasía que reside en el universo conspirativo del terrorismo. Por otro lado, es una auténtica novela de amor, ¿amor a primera vista o un amor apasionado? Júzguelo usted mismo, pero sobre todo, no olvide una cosa, hay un final y una verdad.

Guy Hamilton – English Film Director

“Ancient historical and religious conflicts lead us smoothly into violence, murder and treachery straight from todays headlines”
“An exciting mystery mixing historical fact with todays war on terrorism”

«Giselly Salazar on January 21, 2015
Tremendo libro, lleno de información con excelente narrativa que te mantiene en ascuas mientras las emociones afloran como si estuvieses en el sitio de los acontecimientos. Tiene un poco de todo: acción, suspenso, miedo, sentimiento, realmente valió la pena leerlo, felicitaciones al escritor, Dios lo bendiga y que nos continúe escribiendo.

“How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself”. That was the message Commander Capriano wrote to his disciple before setting out on his last mission. Who could have possibly believed that a German theologian would discover, in the library of an old monastery, entrenched at the end of the world, the oldest Biblical manuscripts known to history and that they would include the key to an enigma dating from the Pharaonic epoch?

This is an ambitious book, having its roots in the classic novels of the mystery genre. Based on historical elements (ranging from the Pharaonic epoch to the 21st century), it delves into police intrigue, romantic vignettes and a conspiratorial fantasy from the universe of worldwide terrorism.

Disponible en formato impreso, tanto en español como en inglés.

Twenty-Four and a Bottle of Rye: A Short Story

by Adam Vine

Call me Maxwell. I pull bodies up from the bay after they fall off the Golden Gate Bridge. You’d think it’s disturbing, but it’s not. I understand why they do it, the jumpers. They belong to all walks of life. They all come to leap off into that blue abyss and feel true flight for the very first time, the liberation that always outran them in the labyrinth. Twenty-four a year…

(First published in Sanitarium Magazine #20)

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