Free humour Kindle books for 17 Dec 16

(campy) Minecraft building tutorials (easy)

by Josiah Heun

This is a minecraft book that is unfinished but very enjoyable with 100+ pages of witty tutorials.
Just never got around to publishing it, I made approximately 2 years ago.

Diary of a Wimpy Ender Dragon Box Set Book 1-Book 5

by Crafty Steve

From the International Bestselling Authors of the Wimpy Ender Dragon Series, Box Set Book 1-Book 5!!!

In this great Minecraft adventure series, we get to read the diary of a Wimpy Ender Dragon â??â?? Black, he who is born in a cave with the help of a Girl-Player. He’s going to learn things about himself and the world around him, as well as interact with other Minecraft creatures and with his own feelings…

This Boxset Includes:

Diary of a Minecraft Wimpy Ender Dragon 1 â??The Adventure Begins
Diary of a Wimpy Ender Dragon Book 2â??Nether Adventures
Diary of a Wimpy Ender Dragon Book 3 â??Zombie Invasion
Diary of a Minecraft Wimpy Ender Dragon Book 4 â??A New Life
Diary of a Minecraft Wimpy Ender Dragon Book 5â??The Return to The End

Download this Minecraft Diary Now!

The perfect gift for any Minecraft lover.

FREE to kindle unlimited subscribers, download and have fun!

*note: this is an unofficial Minecraft book. It is not approved, endorsed, sponsored, authorized by respective trademark holders.

Pauline Piper, E-book Writer: How I wrote my first ever book

by Pauline Piper

When Pauline Piper read in the local paper that her old schoolmate Marjorie had published a book and was going to sign copies of it in the local library, she suddenly remembered that she had always wanted to write one. Despite her admission that she had never been able to express herself very well in words, she enlisted the help of her patient husband John, a great reader, unlike herself, and began to pen her very first novel.

In her candid account of the ups and downs of authorship, Pauline steers us ably through the process of writing her first novel, from its inception to publication day and beyond. In this self-revealing book – a minor work of art in itself – she introduces the reader to the home life of a literary artist remarkable for her determination to succeed against all the odds.

Essential reading for all budding authors, this unique chronicle strips away one by one the myths that have surrounded authorship for millennia and gives us the lowdown on how to write and publish a work of fiction in the digital age.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Prospective readers will be well advised to â??look inside’ this book before purchasing.

LISTED UNDER: Humour – Essays and Fiction – Humorous

Trivia Cartoons

by Elliot Carruthers

Enjoy fun and interesting trivia! Trivia cartoons will entertain you and make you laugh. Learn interesting tidbits and facts.


by Michael Soll

After a solar flare scorched the Earth and incinerated the atmosphere, survivors dug deep beneath the surface, discovering a new means of life where none had ever lived.

Spec is an ordinary 16 year old residing underground in the Hive, a modern day colony where he and 73 other human beings survive.

Every day is the same for Spec.

Wake up.
Mine for clay and insects.

That’s why he has decided to venture outside of the colony with his best friend, Cotta. Spec plans on going where there are no ceilings and no walls, a place where there are no barriers. He plans on going to the mythical surface.

Las series de mi vida: Cinco años de A VER SERIES (Spanish Edition)

by Cecilia García

Este libro es un homenaje a las series de televisión que han marcado mi vida y me han hecho como soy. Para celebrar el quinto aniversario de mi blog A ver series (2011-2016) propongo una recopilación comentada de las ficciones que son tan importantes para mí. Desde series que vi en la juventud como Doctor en Alaska y que me maravillaron, hasta historias sobre las que he ido escribiendo a ritmo de emisión como Mad Men o Breaking Bad y que se han convertido en iconos de la cultura pop, así como otras joyas no tan conocidas pero igual de apasionantes para el amante de las ficciones televisivas de calidad.

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