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Romance: Gay Romance: With This Ring I Thee Wed (Hockey Best Friend Sports Romance) (Romantic Comedy First Time Marriage Romance Book 1)

by Van Cole

See What Happens When A Gay Man Marries His Best Friend… Who’s Straight.

Kirin’s life is spiraling hopelessly out of control. His boyfriend is conspicuous by his absence and he has consigned himself to a loveless relationship, while all the time the object of his desire is just out of reach, but tantalizingly near enough to touch, actually, even closer than that, because after a tequila-filled night of black holes in his memory, he has inadvertently ended up married to his best friend, hockey ace and all around Mr. Straight Guy, Jackson.

All he wanted to do was arrange his wedding, but he never imagined that it would also turn into his own!

But when they try and get out of the accidental matrimony they have found themselves in, they soon discover it’s not going to be as easy as that! What has begun as a joke suddenly becomes a lot harder to just shrug off.

As life happens, Kirin begins to understand the significance of what he has got them into. Pretending to be something they are not is getting harder for both of them.

This is bad enough for Jackson but for Kirin, it proves to be too much. It is not just others they are deceiving, but also themselves.

But what can he do?

This Is The First Extended Version Of The Short Story I Do

Ash’s Possession (Hell’s Saints Book 1)

by Cheney Leigh Scott

I had Sex with Ash Graves not even a week after I met him and I don’t regret it, not one bit. The man is a bad boy, a biker, a law unto himself and he owns me. Completely. Body. Heart. Soul. The worst part of being an ‘old lady’? Once a Hell’s Saint decides that you belong to him that’s it. You’re owned. Possessed. In for life.
I love him. I want him. That should be enough shouldn’t it? I thought so until the man I love let me know that shackled or not he’s a free agent. Or that’s what he thinks. I swore never to bow to another man again, not after my disaster of an engagement and I won’t break that vow ever again, not even for Ash so I guess the big bad biker’s gonna have to hold onto his handlebars because this little lady isn’t ready to accept defeat and I know just how to reel him in. Sex. Lots of it and the promise of a love that will keep him bound to me forever. Ash thinks I’m going to just roll over and be his? Not until I possess him just as completely as he’s possessed me.

Romance: Gay Romance: The Reunion (Second Chance Protector Best Friend Romance) (First Time College Contemporary Romance Book 1)

by Van Cole

Will These Two Lovers Get Their Second Chance At Love?

At high school, Dane Walters had a secret.

It started out as a pretty private thing. His sexuality was his own business, and he kept it to himself. His fantasies about his teammates, and in particular quarterback Sam Kentucky, were entirely inside his head, and he trusted in his ability to hide them away from the rest of the world.

Then, his secret no longer involved Sam. It was Sam. The two football players struck up a fast and furious romance, bonded by their hidden selves and their most desperate desires; they couldn’t get enough of each other, and the world didn’t have to know.

But secrets are dangerous creatures. They can’t be contained for long – and once they’ve started to spread from one person to two, it’s only a matter of time before they explode. When Dane’s secret blows up, it changes the course of the rest of his life, and the shock-waves still resonate ten years later after his move to New York.

At high school, Dane Walters had a secret, but these days it’s not a secret anymore. It’s just a painful history, and a wound that never cauterized or healed – so when Dane finally gets the chance to make his way back to that door he’d always believed got slammed in his face, it’s inevitable that he has to try.

Only one question remains. When he arrives at that door, will he open or close it?

This Is The Updated Extended Version Of The Romance Short Story Reunited By Van Cole

Chantilly (Italian Edition)

by Roberto Lezzi

Una coppia, che vive in affitto in una grande città, decide di cercare la casa dei desideri e, a questo scopo, mette un annuncio sul giornale. Un giorno, i due ricevono una telefonata da un’anziana signora dalle scarpe rosse che li invita caldamente a vedere il suo appartamento in centro città. E allora tutto cambierà…

Roberto Lezzi è nato nel 1976 a Torino, dove è vivo e vegeto.
“Chantilly” è il suo primo romanzo.

Visita il sito web per maggiori informazioni.

The Stories of the Beating Stick: 2nd Edition

by James Joseph Wares

A collection of short fiction not intended for children, the prudish or the prim. An untidiness hangs over the humanity happening between the pagesâ?¦optimist are met with despair, the delusional come to realize stark realities, the ugly begins to feel beautiful, the simple minded becomes the profound, acts of patriotism and treason are blurred, murder and justice begin to fail distinction

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