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by Phillip Hall

The Count is unleashed!

A serial killer has the police on edge. The Count’s victims are identified by the tags he left draped around their necks bearing a single designation: a number. Each removed organ was carefully wrapped in plastic, labeled, and the piece-meal corpse was left to be purposefully found. Previously, victims One and Two were located, Four has just been discovered, and pretty, young Bree Wilson has just disappeared.

Could she be Next?

With precious little to go on, Detective Zac Toumille and his partner, Jenny Clark, are dragged along in a media circus as the nightmare continues–all in the hope to end the reign of The Count and free the missing Bree before it’s too late–before she is reduced to just parts–before she becomes–MINIMAL.

Christmas Wedding (Magnolia Mystery Wilmington Series Book 7)

by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Wilmington’s social event of the season is about to unfold: Ashley and Melanie’s lavish Christmas-theme double wedding to their princes charming, Jon and Cameron. Vows will be exchanged at St. James Church, out-of-town guests are comfortably ensconced at picturesque B&Bs and the wedding planner is none other than Colin Cowie himself. What could possibly spoil the nuptials? A hyper-critical mother-in-law known to an older generation as the Sweetheart of the Silver Screen? A Wall Street hunk who has vowed to proclaim his love for one of the brides? A “Queen of the Tarot Cards” bridesmaid who is predicting catastrophe for the wedding day? Or is it the mysterious wedding crasher whose life of lies just might cost the brides their own?
“Hunter juggles her clues efficiently and delivers solid entertainment.” – Star-News, Wilmington NC
“I have recently started reading your books on the Wilmington series and have fallen in LOVE. I cannot put them down . Needless to say not a lot is getting done at home.Thank you and GOD BLESS” Anne
“Just finished the last of the nine books in your Wilmington Series via my Kindle. Greatly enjoyed all of them. Are there any more to come? Especially liked the descriptions of the various foods available in Wilmington – makes one want to run right up here. Best wishes for future literary efforts.” William

“I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I just finished reading your ninth book. I was thrilled to see on your web page that you are writing a tenth! I’ve come to feel that I really “know” the characters, and enjoy reading about historic Wilmington. I’ve also fallen in love with the characters, and feel as if I know them as friends. I can’t wait till your next in the series. Don’t ever stop!” Kathy

“I am a huge fan of your books. I’ve read all of this series so far. Please don’t stop writing this series. You’ve done such good character development that the readers want these gals to go on and have new adventurer in their married lives. I truly enjoy your stories, please keep going. Thank you,” Jan

“I finished Christmas Wedding yesterday evening and I really loved it. You did a great job with the characters and elements of surprise as well as keeping it believable. I enjoy the historical information you include, it makes me want to come further south the next time we come to the Outer Banks. I have started “Murder at the Bellamy Mansion” and have to really restrain myself to not let my work go and just sit and read. ” Mary Ann

“My mother and I are huge fans of your Magnolia Mysteries book series! We live in Indiana. I have read all of the books that you have written so far, and I was wondering if there will be another book? Thank you for writing your booksâ?¦they have given me a lot of good entertainment!” Haley

“I just finished the last of the Magnolia Mysteries, when are you going to write more? I love the characters and the settings. You can’t just leave your readers guessing about what Melanie, Ashley, Scarlett and the rest will do with all the gold coins they found. Please continue the series. A true fan.” Lucie

“I just stumbled across your first book last weekend and am now up to book 5 – I simply can NOT put them down. They are wonderfully written – with characters you get to know and love and want to know more about. I thoroughly enjoy the descriptions of Wilmington – it sounds like a place I want to visit someday. To top that off, I am thoroughly enjoying the mysteries themselves – you have excellent plot twists and just when I think I’ve figured out “whodunit” I realize I’m wrong. I’ve been surprised every time!” Beth

“Just wanted to jot you a quick note of thanks for writing such a wonderful series. I just discovered the Magnolia Mysteries on my kindle last week. After reading the first three, I broke down and bought them all! You have an amazing talent for developing your characters and creating a sense of place in your books. I can’t wait to read the rest of them they are such a

Sight Unseen: The Haunting Of Blackstone Manor

by James M. Matheson

When house flipping investor Katie Pearson scores an amazing deal on an old Victorian home sight unseen, she not only unleashes its original historic beauty, she also unleashes an unholy and terrifying evil presence. Now Katie, the atheist-now-turned-believer, must destroy the evil or become consumed by it.

Absolute Zero

by Frederick Aldrich

Those responsible for the security of the nation were now fully awake, more so than they had ever been. The colonel’s words had bored through their fatigue like a laser. “If this thing is unleashed, the population of the planet will be returned to the level of the dark ages or perhaps even earlier. The very existence of mankind could be threatened.” In less than two minutes, they had been catapulted into a terrifying new world where they confronted a threat unlike any other in history. Like travelers awakening on a different planet, they were suddenly surrounded by a very unfamiliar landscape.

The gleaming silver tanker truck would not give up its secret easily. Only close inspection by a welder would reveal that the end cap had been skillfully reattached. Indeed, to motorists along the busy interstate, it appeared to identical to thousands of other such trucks that crisscross the country each day. But, unlike them, it contained no liquid, other than the bottled water for the terrorists concealed inside. They slept fitfully, the endless scream of eighteen tires burning into their consciousness. From time to time they would awaken and smoke a cigarette, never looking toward the box at the rear of the steel cavern. It contained a weapon they could not fathom, a horrible weapon.

In the early years, Fidel Castro believed his regime would usher in a new world order, with Cuba taking its place among the great nations of the hemisphere. But the American embargo had put an end to that, plunging his country practically into the Stone Age. Gradually, bicycles replaced cars as fuel shortages compounded the scarcity of virtually every basic necessity. On the walls throughout Havana, dispirited citizens scrawled â??In Cuba, death is redundant.’ As his country slipped deeper into oblivion, Castro’s hatred grew and he resolved to repay the Americans for what they had done.

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