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Baby Sleep: Ultimate Guide for Supermoms: The Most Effective and Gentle Solutions for the Child’s Sleep Problems

by Christine J. Carter

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Baby sleep is not a science anymore! This Baby Sleep book is a part of the Supermom Series created for the busy new moms, who want to give their child the very best. It describes the most effective and gentle no-cry solutions for your child’s sleep problems.

You can use this book as a step-by-step baby sleep guide and reference throughout your baby’s development.

Every chapter in this book is packed with useful information, tips, and tricks to help you get your baby sleeping better in no time and obtain healthy sleep habits.

In this book, you’ll learn the basics of what healthy night sleep and naps look like in babies, why they need it, and how to help your baby, toddler or child get the sleep he or she needs for healthy development.

We know that busy new moms have a lot on their plate, so we’ve organized the information in this book in clear, straightforward terms. We’ve included the most important information about baby sleep solutions and techniques so you won’t have to sort through piles of fluff to get to the good stuff!

Mastering Your Baby’s Development Milestones: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Baby’s Physical, Mental and Emotional Development

by Tracy Norton

Are you in the fear to become a parent while expecting the arrival of your baby? If you’re going to be a first time parent, then there’s nothing to panic because this book is here to help…

There’s no doubt that raising a baby is a beautiful experience, but for firsthand parents it can be a frightening journey. And that’s why Mastering Your Baby’s Development Milestones is created to help you feel at ease during the journey of parenthood. With this comprehensive guide for first-time parents, you will realize that being a parent can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Here’s what you will learn from this book:

-How to let every single moment of your baby’s 12 months milestones become an enjoyable and precious memories!
-How to turn your fearful to fearless by knowing the needs of your baby’s nutrition and fitness
-Discover the value as parent by mastering the communication skills and building trust with your baby
-How to have fun with your baby by playing games that developing his troubleshooting skills, social skills, creativity and so on
-The top tips and checklist to create a safety & protecting environment for your baby
-The difference between Breastfeed and Bottle Feed, discover the Pros & Cons of breastfeeding for mother, and the composition of Breast Milk vs Infant Formula
-And much much moreâ?¦

A lot of fears came from worries, lack of confident, knowledge and experiences. Your parenthood journey can be more joy than burden once you have learned the knowledge and skills from this book.

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The Christmas Mirror: Santa’s Last Letter to a Wonderful Child.

by Will Bevis

ANNOUNCING the Third Annual – and possibly final – Will Bevis Christmas Giveaway – Beginning Saturday December 21st 2013 and lasting through Christmas Day – As many as possible of ALL 100 of Will Bevis’ Kindle Stories – including the new full length novel “Boogie: A Life With the Devil – are FREE for Kindle. Be sure to download “Boogie: A Life With The Devil and ALL others that you want during those five days – and read them at your leisure the coming year! Last year’s giveaway resulted in over 9,000 free downloads! Including over 1,000 for “Blackbird: A Young Boy Meets the Devil For the First Time” – which is where “”Boogie: A Life With the Devil” was born! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (For a list of ALL Will Bevis stories email [email protected])

About the Author:

Will Bevis is a prolific writer of short, sometimes very controversial “Slice of life” stories, articles, essays and memoirs that make you feel you are right there, experiencing the story as it it happens. His best known story is the Top One Hundred Free for Kindle story, “The Killing of Train-Man Brown.” He has written over one hundred short stories including, “Then Her Wig Fell Off,” “Let the Dog Drive,” “Blackbird,” “Supply and Demand,” “Daddy’s Playing Dead,” and many, many others. Many are also available as audio books.

About “Boogie: A Life With The Devil.”

This full length novel grew out of the Five Star short story, “Blackbird: A Young Boy Meets the Devil For the First Time.”
It follows the little boy from that first meeting with the devil, all the way through his life… until the surprise end.
Meet “Bill the Blackbird” and “Boogie McCain” and a host of other interesting characters…
As the devil never gives up in trying to get Boogie to sign away his soul… in return for fame and fortune…
and a few other things as well!

One reviewer called “Blackbird…” A must-read treasure, December 24, 2012

By Henrietta Lala “herbalwiz” (St. Martinville, LA) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Blackbird: A Boy Meets The Devil For the First Time (Kindle Edition)
I’ve been reading about 70 years and Blackbird is one of those rare nuggets of pure gold in a whole mountain of clay . It plays out like the blues, full of riffs and bass and gravel that spin themselves into a mirror of soul not ashamed to get down and dirty and come up dragging us into a light we refused to open our eyes to before. Don’t let the stomp and shuffle and guffaws fool you into thinking it’s not about you, you ain’t gonna get off that easy. I was in Gadsden Alabama for about three months in 1958, and he’s not telling any lies. It was my first experience with deep southern segregationist views. A great morality tale told by a masterful and powerful writer about a very unique character.

About this story:

Santa leaves one final letter for a very special child.
Don’t feel bad if tears fall as you read it.
Santa’s crying, too.

From the author of
A Top 100 Free For Kindle Ebook
“The Killing of Train-Man Brown.”

A Christmas Story that will have you
looking in the Mirror at Christmas…
And remembering…

when your child or children were small…

Or when you were.

Children’s picture books: The Appreciative Princess ( Illustrated Picture Book for ages 2-8. Teaches your kid to appreciate what you are doing for him) … (Social skills for kids collection 15)

by Efrat Haddi

Learn the important value of being appreciative and showing gratitude!

Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 2-8

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” The Appreciative Princess ” tells the story of Alexandra, a princess who lived in a beautiful palace with her parents King Albert and Queen Diana.

Alexandra had a big and beautiful room with large windows through which she could see all the gardens around the palace. She had a huge bed with fluffy pillows and lots of wooden puppy dolls with ribbons in different colors. She also had white closet with fancy dresses, vanity area with a large mirror and lots of jewelry. Alexandra received immediately everything that she asked for from her parents.

The only problem was that Alexandra was never satisfied. She never smiled or said thank you.

Alexandra’s Mother, Diana, teaches her the value of being appreciative and why she should show gratitude.

Author Efrat Haddi is taking young children on a journey with Alexandra while she learns a very important lesson.

” The Appreciative Princess ” helps to teach children an important social skill that can make home life happier and school more successful.

It also provides parents, teachers, and counselors with an entertaining way to teach children why they should appreciate what others are doing for them. .

This well-written and inspiring story, delivers easy-to-digest education complemented by vibrant, delightful illustrations

This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well! It is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children.

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Boys are Special / Los Niños son Especiales: English / Spanish (Spanish Edition)

by Claudia Oyuela

A beautiful bilingual book about boys and the beauty of their existence. Children’s book in English and in Spanish. Loaded with photos and pop-ups.
Un libro bilingüe bellísimo sobre los niños y la belleza de su existencia. Un libro para niños en Inglés y en Español. Cargado de fotografías y pop ups.

Tarraco Nights

by A. T. Oram

Your wife has just left you for another man plus you’ve lost your job. You’re heart-broken (and broke) and feel like a complete failure. But suddenly you have NO TIES. What do you do?

This is what happens to Pep, a reluctant lawyer, who decides the only way to cope with his sudden, unwanted solitude is to start a new life and fulfil his dream of becoming a writer. So he leaves his home city of Barcelona for a lonely house by the sea, where he sets out to write the thriller novel he has always dreamed of. But reality proves as exciting as fiction when he accidentally chances on a weird sect with dangerous secrets to hide.

Drugs, money-laundering and the white slave trade are not the sort of thing Pep had ever imagined himself getting caught up in. But now he discovers a new and braver side of himself in alliance with a beautiful and courageous victim of the sect and a chance to prove himself in the hazardous game of defeating evil.

Welcome to Motherhood: Poems of humor, advice, and reassurance for new moms

by Lori Fettner

Most gifts for new moms are really gifts for the baby: clothes, toys, diapers. This book is the perfect gift for that new mom in your life (or for yourself!) The poems are just the right length to be read in those moments between diaper changes and feedings when a new mom is feeling alone, panicked, or just in need of a laugh. Based on the real-life experiences of a fellow new mom, Welcome to Motherhood covers the first year, from mood swings and exhaustion, to date nights, nursing dilemmas, and toys that drive you crazy.
Each poem in this full-color edition is paired with a photo.

What moms are saying about Welcome to Motherhood:

“Full of great truth and wisdom, therapeutic and entertaining at the same time” –Jen Krieger

“So rare to read something that’s so honest and raw about motherhood” –Jessica Orchier

“Wonderful, touching, funny…”–Angel Rafter (A NU Toy Store, Tarrytown, NY)

Written by mom and blogger Lori Fettner. Visit for more details.

Reni’s Apples


Kids book on learning to not be greedy. Cute and Witty with pictures to relate story.

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