Free poetry Kindle books for 17 Dec 16

In Deep

by Christina Rowell

Collection of short poems for all occasions. Looking at life, death, friendship, love, seasonal.

My love My life My thoughts

by Vivienne Alonge

Does a child really understand?
Does a child understand?
He or she is sick.
Is this fair in real life?
Does a child really know what Christmas is?

Slip through the Keyhole

by Adria Estribou

Poetry drunk on the Divine. In the tradition of mystic poetsâ??Rumi, Mirabai, Tagore, Kabir, Hafizâ??who sang of their longing for union with the Beloved, and the ecstasy of the lovers’ dance.

Enter the world of mystical union with the Beloved.


by Shareca Cole.

untitled. for many reasons, here’s another poetry book with longer poetry (sort of).

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