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Wicca for Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, and Magic (Wicca, Wicca Spells, Wicca Books, Wicca Symbols Book 1)

by Valerie W. Holt

The Ultimate Wicca Beginner’s Guide

Discvoer the beliefs, rituals, and magic of Wicca

If you are remotely interested in having a great start to the Wiccan religion, or practices, then this is a must read. The fundamentals of the Wiccan religion will be covered in Valerie’s latest book.

In this book Valerie W. Holt, teaches dissolves Wiccan myths and depicts the real Wiccan lifestyle. Wicca is becoming ever more popular, welcoming those who believe in preserving Mother Nature and keeping the spirit of oneself alive

Here’s a quick look at what you’re getting:

  • Intro to Wicca
  • Wicca Beliefs
  • Witcraft
  • Your Wicca Quest
  • And Much More
  • You’ll enjoy a practical section of this book, and much more!

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    The Bombshell Manifesto: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Being Fiercely Feminine

    by Jackie Dixon

    Today’s Christian woman is given hundreds of different messages each day about who she should be, what she should do, and how she should look and act. What’s a girl to do?

    To get out of overwhelm and confusion, we need to take it back to an absolute – the game-changing reality of the Gospel.

    Women are uniquely fitted to bring the Gospel into the world – God chose a woman to birth the Savior, and the first Gospel message was spread by a woman after Christ’s resurrection.

    But when the female body is the target of so much misuse and so many lies, and the female identity always seems to be under critique or attack, how can we develop a clear game plan for living for God in a powerful way with the special female nature that He gave us?

    We need a manifesto for women who want to carry the truth of the Word into cultures around the world – and into their own homes. A simple guidebook for discovering, cultivating, and living out the expression of a Biblical woman – which has always had incredible impact in the world, and which can carry the Bombshell of the Good News in an absolutely remarkable way.

    We need a Bombshell Manifesto.

    Join Jackie Dixon as she leads you through her personal wrestle with the various female identities presented to women today, and the development of the 12 Pillars of a Biblical Bombshell – a woman dedicated to carrying the Gospel into the world in a fiercely feminine way.

    From the often overlooked essentials of our relationship with God, to how we see and treat our bodies, beauty, and interactions with men, to sex and money and balancing tact and truth in a winsome way in acrimonious cultures, these are the twelve foundational areas of a woman’s life that, when mastered, set her up to be a powerful witness to the world of the only truth that can ever set us free.

    Ready, Bombshell?

    Wicca Book of Shadows: A Book of Spells for Wiccans, Witches, and Other Masters of Magic (Book of Shadows, Wicca for Beginners, Wicca Herbal Magic, Wicca Candle Magic 2)

    by Valerie W. Holt

    A Book of Spells…A Book of Shadows

    Discover Genuine, but Powerful, Spells that Have Been Passed Down

    If you want to start practicing your magic, but not sure where to beginâ??look no further. Wicca: Book of Shadows contains select spells that can be performed by experienced and novice Wiccans. Plus, the ingredients you need for these particular spells are not hard to find!

    In this book Valerie W. Holt, teaches white magic spells for success, wealth, love and more.

    Here’s a quick look at what you’re getting:

  • Creating Your Book of Shadows
  • Love and Relationship Spells
  • Wealth and Prosperity Spells
  • Health and Well Being Spells
  • Assorted Spells
  • And Much More…
  • This is more than an informational Wiccan Book of spells. You’ll have actionable steps to start practicing Wiccan spells.

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    Mail Order Bride Romance: A True and Decent Man (A Sweet / Clean Western Historical Romance) (Sweet and Clean Inspirational Christian Romance Short Stories Book 7)

    by Angelica Rose


    The hope of a new beginning…

    Emma is a poor orphan who lives a decent yet empty life of labor as a cleaning girl at the local hotel. While her days are spent on her hands and knees scrubbing the hotel floor, her evenings are spent alone, longing for someone to love, and in return, love her back.

    After it dawns on Emma that she’s allowed to make a try for her own happiness, she answers an ad in the paper to become a mail order bride, believing that her life might finally be looking up.

    But despite the promise of a bright new future she is devastated when her new husband turns out to be an insufferable cad, immature and given to drink.

    Will her only friend in this wild new townâ??local Tavern owner and man of honor Jesse Helmsâ??be willing and able to help Emma out of this terrible mess? And will Emma finally find true love in the process?

    This is a sweet and clean Western romance and is a stand alone story with a HEA

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    White Midnight: A Winter Holiday Novella

    by Shari J. Ryan

    I was selfish once, and I took everything for granted. Then my life turned in a direction I never dreamed of.

    I want to fix everything, but it’s too late for that.

    Spending Christmas alone has become a new tradition. It is my self-inflicted punishmentâ??one I deserve.

    However, surviving a blizzard in Northern New Hampshire was not on my wish-list this Christmas, especially in a town were only a few locals were brave enough to wait out the storm. I never should have been one of those “brave” peopleâ?¦not with my fashionable boots and thin winter coat.

    Now that the damage is done, I am confident I can write the next book on, “How to Survive a Blizzard in Fashion”. There’s really only one step to this survival guide, though: find a hot mountain man and fall for his rugged ways.

    Maybe this Christmas, I won’t be so lonely after allâ?¦

    Vrilya Citizen 11

    by Seth Tyrssen

    In this, the eleventh volume, we find more evidence of UFO activity, more evidence of alien civilizations on other worlds, numerous sources for your own personal advancement, tapping into the Vril Force — and an exciting new message from a new contact! The newsletters expand on the basics set down in the “Conversations With Fraulein Maria” volumes, and are vital for those seeking the truth!

    MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: Devoted to the Rancher’s Baby (Clean Christian Historical Babies Romance)

    by Faith Crawford

    An Amish girl left at the altar, a lonely rancher with a broken heart and a baby without his mother. Will they heal each other’s heart?

    Cynthia Lapp is determined to marry for love, even if it means marrying non-Amish and getting banished from her community. She takes a leap of love and leaves town to get married to Japheth, the boy she fell in love with at the store. Only, he doesn’t turn up for their wedding. Desperate, Cynthia replies to a mail order advert from a man in the West, the father of a little boy.

    Clive’s only reason for taking a mail order bride is to have a mother for his son, Nathan. He has been badly hurt, with his former wife running off with a ranch hand when Nathan was barely six months old. However, Cynthia bears no resemblance in character or looks to his former wife. She is hardworking and has so much love for Nathan. He can’t help but fall in love with her.

    Just as they’re settling down, Clive’s former wife Beatrice returns, determined to take her place as his wife and Nathan’s mother. Clive is torn into two. He loves his son dearly and cannot bear to lose him. Cynthia is the love of his life, the woman he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

    But then Beatrice reveals her true self as she takes an action no one thought possible…

    This is a story of forgiveness and learning to love again.

    NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories!

    “Devoted to the Rancher’s Baby” is a 15,000-word stand-alone story in a series about young, adventurous mail order brides, set against the background of Amish communities. Other parts of the series:

    The Precious Amish Baby
    My Sister’s Baby
    My Secret Amish Baby
    A Baby at the Doctor’s Ranch

    The books are clean and all have a HEA, so no cliffhangers.

    MIND GYM: The fundamentals of practice: easy tips and tricks for your improvement

    by Rachel Rebecca Wisdom

    I just can’t do it. I’ll look stupid. I don’t look as pretty as she does. I’m not as ripped as he is. Dreams are just dreams, they can’t come true. I’m lazy. There isn’t enough time. Nobody will like me.
    Do any of the above statements sound like you?
    Now look at these statements.
    Don’t let fear stop you. Don’t worry about what you can’t do, think about what you can do. Being confident is the key. Without self-confidence, we let people walk all over us. We are too afraid to ask for that raise we were promised last year. We are too afraid to go for that promotion because we think we aren’t good enough. Guess what? You are. Believe in your dreams. If you dream it, you can do it. Visualize what you want and make it happen. Have the willpower to turn whatever it is you want into reality. Envision yourself at the end of your dream. See yourself happy and smiling.
    Now which set of statements make you feel better?
    I’m guessing you said the second one. With this book you will discover all sorts of ideas, tips, tricks, and practices to help you become that second set of statements.
    You may have even experienced some moments of frustration and self doubt. You may have woken up some days and felt like you’re going nowhere fast. Or maybe you really want to achieve a dream, but you don’t believe it is possible.

    Everybody needs help sometimes, and everybody is afraid of something sometimes, and it’s okay. That’s what this book is here to help you do. Overcome the fears and to give you that help. Is this book you will find information on:

    • How to overcome fears
    • Was to boost your confidence
    • How to turn weaknesses into strengths
    • How to believe in your dreams
    • How to make you life even better
    • And so much more

    It’s unfortunate that so many people think that they are stuck in a rut, and that they can’t achieve dreams that they have dreamed about their whole life. And they will have various reasons too. Such as I’m old, or there isn’t enough money, or I don’t know any important people. But dreams don’t have age limits, costs, and with enough motivation you don’t need to have any connections.

    With a simple spin on your thoughts you will be able to view things in a different light, and nothing will stop you. Each chapter in this book will teach you another technique to bring your another step closer into opening your mind to a new level.

    Here are some tips you will learn from the book:

    • Ask yourself, what’s in it for you. A good way to make the choice is to as yourself what’s in it for you. What good is it doing you by acting, thinking, and feeling this way compared to your old ways? You might try writing some of these reasons down and put it where you will see it every day.
    • If you have a tendency to complain a lot or just focus on your problems, you are going to feel down. Focus on finding solutions to your problems. This is the best thing you could do for your self-confidence as well as your career.
    • Look at all your options and check on them daily. Obstacles will come and go. Don’t ever walk away from your problems. Face them head on

    If you are looking for a new way of thinking, and a way to change your life, then this book is for you. This book will help you change your life.

    Sands of Reality


    Awoken to unknown reality, this story drives from an inspired event that took place in the real world.

    Nature Meditations: Reconnect With Nature for a Happier, Healthier Life

    by Kerry Daniels

    Do you spend most of your time indoors in front of a television or computer screen? Do you rarely venture outdoors, except to go from your house to your car, then to work or a store? Do you often feel drained, irritable, and sad? If so, you are disconnected from nature.

    This booklet explains the importance of reconnecting with the natural world, explaining how getting back to nature can help your physical, mental, and emotional health.

    The author then gives you three types of nature meditations you can perform, starting at 10 minutes a day.

    If your health is suffering, and you feel scattered, depressed, and off-balanced, it’s time for you to unplug and start reconnecting with nature for a happier, healthier life!

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