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Success Redefined: Travel, Motherhood, & Being the Boss

by Monique Alvarez

Are you in transition, and questioning if the dream you’ve been sold is actually your dream? Is it safe to travel as a woman or as a family? How is full time travel possible? Is being a digital nomad right for you? How do you succeed in business? Where do you start?â?¨â?¨Â In Success Redefined, you’ll learn how to step into the unlimited version of yourself, how to set goals and meet them, and how to tap into your adventurous nature. You will discover why travel matters, and what you must have in place to make your dreams come true.â?¨

Monique Alvarez is a woman of wanderlust. From the age of nineteen she has explored more than seventeen countries, often venturing off the beaten path and always making priceless memories. She received backlash from family, hometown acquaintances, and clients, and because of this she tried several times to be content with the American Dream. It took nearly twenty years for her to embrace her true colors and set off on her greatest adventure of full-time travel with her husband and two toddler sons. From international volunteer to digital nomad, Monique has blazed her own trail, and she encourages you to join her!

Monique is on a mission to share her love of the world with the world. She is a pioneer and leader. She is passionate about teaching location, time and money freedom to those who desire to live life on their terms. She is an energy worker and holds space for her clients to step into their power and own their most authentic life. She facilities high-end Masterminds while traveling the world with her family.

Monique has been featured on Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, International Living, Global Gallivanting and LifeGrid Magazine.

Canada: Canada Travel Guide: 101 Coolest Things to Do in Canada (Toronto Travel Guide, Montreal Travel Guide, Vancouver Travel Guide, Banff, Canadian Rockies)

by 101 Coolest Things

Congratulations! You’ve Found the Ultimate Guide to Canada Travel!

This Canada Guide is now available to download to Kindle, Android Phone, iPhones, iPads, and other tablet devices. So what are you waiting for?!

You are super lucky to be going to Canada, and this guide will let you know all of the coolest things to do, see, and eat around the country, in places like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary, Banff, and the Canadian Rockies.

Why You Need 101 Coolest Things to Do in Canada

This Canada guide will give you the lowdown on:

  • the very best things to shove in your pie hole, from comfort food like poutine, through to the best seafood restaurants in the country
  • incredible festivals, whether you would like to party hard to international bands or you would like to watch film projections on the walls of a snow castle
  • the coolest historical and cultural sights that you simply cannot afford to miss from the city walls of Quebec through to world-class art galleries across the country
  • the most incredible outdoor adventures, whether you want to have a white water rafting adventure in the Rockies, or you fancy going on a dog sledding ride
  • the places where you can party like a local and make new friends
  • and tonnes more coolness besides!

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Hindi Language For Kids And Beginners: Speak Hindi Instantly

by Shalu Sharma

Do you want your children to speak and learn the Hindi language? Are you a beginner to Hindi? Are you travelling to India? Do you want to polish your Hindi? “Hindi Language For Kids And Beginners: Speak Hindi Instantly” is designed for those who want to learn the Hindi language quickly. This book contains the most frequently used Hindi words, phrases and sentences which will allow you to speak Hindi instantly. The best way to learn Hindi is to quickly memorise the commonly used Hindi phrases.

This are the topics covered in this book:
What is this book about?
Who is this book for?
How to use this book?
Hindi vowels and consonants
Hindi vowels
Hindi Consonants
Most commonly used Hindi word and phrases
Time and duration in Hindi
Hindi when meeting and greeting
Hindi when saying goodbye
Hindi numbers
Names of common Indian sweets
Colours in Hindi
Common food and drinks in Hindi
Eating words and phrases
Relation words
Education related words and phrases in Hindi
Household words, phrases and sentences
Vegetables in Hindi
Animals and birds in Hindi
Nature words in Hindi
Human organs in Hindi
Common fruits in Hindi
Conversation with a guest from the moment they come in
Conversation between dad and child about studies
Child saying I am not well
Conversation between child and mother for dinner
Message from the author

Thirteen Days, Ten States, Five Museums, and Some Route 66

by Rev. David Weyrick

David Weyrick, his wife, and college-aged son loaded their van and embarked on the annual family vacation. After 28 years of marriage, the annual vacation has become the highlight of his year and Weyrick has captured the highlights of this one which covered ten states from Ohio to Texas. From seeing a collection of more than 600 ventriloquist figures, to dining on old Route 66, to sampling real Dr. Pepper, to eating lamb fries for the first time, to posing for photos with a little league team, to being close to heaven on a mountain top, he shares the thirteen-day adventure in whimsical and often thought provoking ways.

Tomas Learns Spanish: Learn Spanish The Easy Way

by Heleneah Kim

Many studies show that people can learn a new language by comparing original written articles to the translated article. This is because it is easier to identify the translated words and the parts of the sentences, than learning them one by one.
Using this method, the book will teach you how to learn Spanish by reading English short stories that were translated to Spanish. To make this book more practical, the stories included in the book are the adventures of Tomas Gomez, an Amerian student, who is going to study in Barcelona Spain. His adventures include how to make new friends, how to ask for help, and other simple adventures in life, where the character has to hold a conversation with Spanish people.
The story pages of the book are divided into two columns. The left column is written in English and the right column is the Spanish translation. To make it easy for you to associate the words, the stories are made in the script narrative form.
At the end of each story, the translations of important words are enumerated. As you go along with the succeeding stories, new sets of words will be added to your vocabulary. After you have read this book, you may be able to carry on a near fluent Spanish conversation with your Spanish friends.

Vagabonding – The Art Of Travelling On The Cheap! (Cheap Travell Book 4)

by Rob Hillman

Vagabonding – The Art Of Travelling On The Cheap!
You can think of vagabonding as a means of letting go of the things that hold you down, and trying to see the world in a whole new different lightâ??especially because you’ll be going from city to city or even country to country.

With the help of this book, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Vagabondingâ??from how much you should save up for, how to prepare, and which places you have to visitâ??you’ll find them all right here and more!

How To Travel Solo – Tips and Ideas on How To Make Solo Travel Easier! (Cheap Travel Book 3)

by Rob Hillman

How to Travel Solo – Tips and Ideas on How to Make Solo Travel Easy is full of useful and easy to follow tips and strategies to help make your solo travel experience more exciting and also offers tips on how to better prepare yourself for the experience.
Considering this element of solitude, you might be wondering why on earth any individual would even consider traveling alone. The answer is simple as there is an upside to this growing sense of individualism. The thing about isolation is that people get time to think about their current situation, their existence, their professional endeavors, and the passions that they want to pursue.

The Best Ways to Travel Cheap – Access the Simple Secrets for Cheap Travel (Cheap Travel Tips Book 1)

by Rob Hillman

Learn the simple steps to allow yourself to travel cheaply and yet not compromising on safety. Traveling can be done quite cheaply without any sacrifices to travel quality. There are ways where people can save enough money before and during a trip that will allow them to experience what other countries have to offer to their fullest extent.

The Minimalist Budget: A Practical Guide on Living Well, Spending Less, How to Save Money And Living Your Life With a Minimalist Lifestyle

by C. Kancel

Learn How You Can Get More Out Of Your Life With A Minimalistic Approach

To celebrate the launch, you’ll be able to get this book for only $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99
When you think of â??Budgeting,’ â??Spending Less’ and â??Saving Expenses’ you probably associate all of these words directly with money. Money, money, money. It certainly plays a significant role in our lives. It is nice to have enough money to live the kind of lifestyle we want, and it contributes leverage power to what we can do in and with our lives. We can have various relationships with money, we can love it, we can hate it, we can obsess over it, and we can crave it. Your parents or relatives might have taught you some good old school values when it comes to money. Get a good education, get a stable job, buy a house as soon as possible, and have enough savings in your bank account.
Simply put, money has power holds a significant power in our lives. You could see money as a resource. Realising and accepting that your resources are not unlimited can bring tremendous peace in our lives. Knowing the value of what we have helps us respect ourselves, our time and our environments more.
Money is only one of our resources in life, and probably not the most important one. Think about it, would you trade both of your eyes for 10 million dollars? I highly doubt you would, and there will be an answer to another thing that we are going to address in this book; What do you truly value in your life?

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