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Emma’s Holiday Collection (Emma Books)

by Mary Lee

Includes three books.

You Are My Pumpkin
A beautifully illustrated bedtime story to tell your own little pumpkins you love them. Also, a fun way to get children excited for Halloween with adorable characters, colorful scenes and a sweet story.

Emma Had A Little Turkey
Girls and boys will love this rhyming story about Emma and her pet turkey.

“Emma had a little turkey.
Its feathers were soft as snow
and everywhere that Emma went,
the turkey was sure to go”

What’s a better way to make children laugh than a hilarious turkey tale?

This turkey loves following its friend Emma all the way to her soccer game. Best-selling author Mary Lee has written an endearing story with adorable characters brought to life with colorful, wacky illustrations.

Emma and Snowbell
Emma is an adventurous little girl who not only gets to meet a reindeer, she gets to fly one, too! Join Emma as she explores the world with her new reindeer friends. Adorably illustrated characters and fun rhymes make for the perfect bedtime story this holiday season.

Crave and Cook: Home Cooking During the Holidays

by Virginie Degryse

Recipes and advice from a Belgian mother in a California kitchen.
When I cook for my family I try to be mindful of everyone’s different taste while making sure to provide the opportunity of getting out of their comfort zone. Trying to teach my kids to be adventurous and open to new cuisine and flavor variety is a driving force for me.
A few years ago, we moved from Belgium to Los Angeles. With Whole Foods, farmer markets and fresh organic produce everywhere we turn, the local resources in this city are truly inspiring. I have always loved to cook ingredients as they are, to leave them true to their character and try not to cover them with too much spices or sauces. Moving to California has pushed me even more in that direction.

The winter flavors and Holiday dishes are my favorite. They take me back to my childhood and I am flooded with memories of family gatherings when I was a little girl. We had a routine: we would all share a house by the seaside for Christmas and New Year. My grandma would be cooking with my mom and my aunts. My cousins, brother and I would be running all over the place having a blast.
We would have a delicious dinner for Christmas Eve and then go to midnight mass. The next day, when we woke up to all the presents Santa had brought us, there would be crepes and hot chocolate with whipped cream for breakfast with Christmas carols in the background. The joy was always amplified by the food.

I keep these memories in mind when I prepare Holiday meals today. What are the new traditions of the Holidays now that we live in California? How can I merge them with my old memories to provide them with the same sensations I once had as a child?
Cooking can be scary and some people find it inaccessible. Especially during the Holidays where cooking is a part of the traditions, where you are serving more people than usual, and you’re not making your ordinary dinners! Through this book, I try to demystify Holiday cooking while showing you that delicious food can be prepared without a culinary degree or professional background. Sharing what I cook makes me as happy as showing how simple, enjoyable, and quick it can be. The more festive your table is, the easier it is to feel that sensation of Holiday joy.

Healthy Recipes: Quick & Easy Sides and Entrées (Volume Book 1)

by Samantha Schwartz

Looking for health conscious recipes? Need easy to make recipes for your family? Look no further. Healthy Recipes: Quick & Easy Sides and Entrees is Volume 1 of a two volume set. This volume is focused on side dishes and main sources. You will find scrumptious healthy recipes, which are easy to prepare. Recipes are low in refined sugars and use healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates.

Scroll up and grab your copy of Volume 1 of Healthy Recipes now!

Gourmet Holiday Murder: Book 6 in Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria Series

by Patti Benning

Eleanora Pacelli is thrilled to finally be the official owner of Papa Pacelli’s Pizzeria. In an effort to make it feel more real, she decides to make some small changes to the pizzeria, and hires a contractor to install a pickup window in the back.
With Christmas drawing near, Ellie’s focus is split between construction plans and preparations for her favorite holiday. The giant pine tree in front of the Pacelli house is just begging to be decorated, and of course there are gifts to buy for all of the people who form her extended family in Kittiport.
Ellie’s holiday cheer comes to an abrupt halt when a terrible tragedy occurs during construction. All of her plans for the pizzeria expansion, as well as holiday festivities, get put on hold as she and Russell race to find the killer before someone else gets hurt, but the killer is closer than she ever imagined.

DUNE, DOCK, and a DEAD MAN: A Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery

by Carolyn L. Dean

Amanda Graham should be happy with her newly-inherited historic inn, a fat cat named Oscar, and living in a small Oregon beach town, but a terrible discovery between the dunes on the coast and she’s right back in the soup, trying to solve a murder and save her friend!

Sure, maybe he was such a rotten person he deserved to die, but as secrets start to be revealed, Amanda is drawn deeper into danger and intrigue. With a harvest festival looming, and tourists starting to come back to visit, figuring out how and why he died is the best way to protect the town, and her sweet friend.

She’s turned her back on LA and life in a gray office cubicle, so her best bet is to dig in and fight for her new hometown.

Includes the free recipe for gluten-free blueberry coffeecake. Second novel in the Ravenwood Cove ebook series. Paperback and audiobook (with Whispersync) versions coming soon. Mild PG rating (because hey, there’s a dead guy in it).

ICE (Dr. Leah Andrews and Jack Hobson Thrillers Book 1)

by Kevin Tinto

We are writing with some fabulous news! ICE has been named the Winner in the ACTION/ADVENTURE category of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Congratulations!”
Next Generation Indie Book Awards


Archaeologist Leah Andrews stumbles upon something inexplicable in southwestern New Mexico: inside a dark cavern lies an undiscovered, Native American cliff dwelling abandoned for 800 years. While twisting through one of the narrow underground passageways, Leah’s flashlight illuminates the remains of a violent massacre.

Ancient human remainsâ??all slaughtered in a long-ago massacreâ??cover the cavern floor, along with a number of brilliantly colored, granite crystals. The rare crystals are native to only one place on earth: a frozen mountain range in central Antarctica.

Could Native Americans have traveled to the frozen continent of Antarctica 800 years prior to the first known human exploration? If so how? And why?

There’s only one person who can get Leah to those mountains in Antarctica: her estranged husband and climbing guide Jack Hobson.

At their destination they make a stunning discovery that will change history and science forever. But Leah’s team is far from the only interested party.

As her secret makes its way to the highest levels of government, a race to seize the Russian-claimed Antarctic territory brings the world to the brink of nuclear conflict.

The Three Christmases of William Spencer

by Derek Blount

“When it comes to holiday tales that share the true meaning of Christmas, The Three Christmases of William Spencer is one of the best books around.”
— An Island Life

The Three Christmases of William Spencer is a wonderful gift book for sharing the joy of the season and the meaning of life.”
— Susan Heim, parenting author and Chicken Soup for the Soul editor.

Christmas is always special, but even more so if your birthday falls on the same day. As William Spencer celebrates his birthday each year on December 25–first as a child in rural America in the 1930s, and then as a World War II veteran, husband, and father–he learns that, no matter what his circumstances, happiness is an attitude, not a condition. But as a solitary old man living in a one-bedroom apartment, William Spencer expects this Christmas birthday to be his last. His holiday is one of solitude and reflection, dominated by the echoes of the past and by a single, simple wish. When an unexpected turn of events reminds William of a lesson learned many years ago, he’s faced with a choice. Can he find the strength to imagine a new future?

Hailed as a “truly beautiful book”, you will want to revisit The Three Christmases of William Spencer every holiday season.

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