Free business and investing Kindle books for 18 Dec 16

Penny stocks: Successful rules to financial freedom

by Mark Jones

ï?· Fact – Penny stocks are risky by nature
ï?· Fact – Penny stocks can be a scammer’s playground
ï?· Fact – Penny stocks can also make you a lot of money
In this book you will learn:
ï?· What the future holds for penny stock trades
ï?· What risks and pitfalls to expect
ï?· How to protect yourself as an investor
ï?· Research, research, research!
ï?· How to pick penny stock winners!!!
ï?· How to protect your investment
â?¦ and more!!!

Debt: Proven Method How to Get Financially Free.

by Britton Bryon

You’re about to discover how to…
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to get out of debt permanently and obtain financial abundance.

Snapchat: Snapchat Marketing Mastery – How To Turn Your Followers Into $$$ (Instagram,Twitter,LinkedIn,YouTube,Social Media Marketing,Snapchat,Facebook Book 3)

by Marketing Mastery

â?? â?? â?? This Book is FREE – for Kindle Unlimited Users â?? â?? â??

You Have The Followers – We Show You How To Make The Money

This book will concentrate on the Social Marketing aspects and prowess of its influence in Social Media and how it is utilized within the medium of Snapchat. This book will also concentrate on providing guidelines to help in the business promotion in these mediums by educating and providing suitable steps to succeed in marketing promotion.
Snapchat and its relevance with Social Marketing Marketing has always been a field that has rendered creativity and accessibility of available avenues that attribute to a business’ overall success. For generations, successful business organizations have revolutionized the market with their inept marketing strategies and decisions by mastering techniques in the avenues they had available at the time. These techniques had a lot of experimentation and research which aided risk-taking decisions which also yielded in profitable decisions. Revolutionary successful marketing have the ability to promote a business to a tenfold profit. Every promotional marketing activity has a planning stage where a strategy is conjured up which adheres to the organizational goals and the avenues that are available for promotional activities.

Here’s what you’ll find in the book:

� Steps Involved In Social Marketing
� 3 Major Advantages Of Social Media Marketing
â? The 4 P’s
� Ways to Take Advantage of Snapchat
� so much more !

When you download Snapchat: Snapchat Marketing Mastery – How To Turn Your Followers Into $$$ you will be on your way to turn a “Snap Pics For Fun” hobby into a valuable and profitable vehicle for your business. Buy this book today!

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Procrastination: Complete Guide To Stop Procrastination And Achieve Success (Procrastination, Motivation, Success, Self-Help Book 1)

by Earl Brandone

To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.

The quote by Charlie Munger holds a lot of truth and deep meaning: To get what you desire and aspire, you actually have to deserve it. If you want to be successful, you have to deserve success. You cannot complain about not being successful when you are not working for it and when all you do is procrastinate day in and day out.

To deserve the kind of success you want, you HAVE to put in the right amount of effort and you HAVE to beat procrastination. How can you beat procrastination especially when you procrastinate frequently? This is where this guide comes in handy.
This book contains actionable information that will show you how to stop procrastination for good and start achieving the success you desire and deserve.

Created as the ultimate how-to-end-procrastination guide, this book provides you with potent and actionable strategies and information detailing how to battle procrastination, win that battle, and live a fulfilling and happy life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How Procrastination Obstructs Your Success
  • How To Overcome Procrastination
  • How to Find Motivation
  • How To Identify Your Motivational Factor
  • How To Create Meaningful Goals
  • How To Create An Action Plan
  • How to Develop Positive Addictions
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Tags: Motivation, Self-Help, Procrastination, Success

Busting the Life Insurance Lies: 38 Myths and Misconceptions That Sabotage Your Wealth

by Kim Butler

Is life insurance a bad investment? Don’t I lose all my cash value when I die? Shouldn’t I just make a bundle and invest it instead? What about my spouse or my kidsâ??do they need life insurance? Can I borrow money from (or is it against?) a life insurance policy? My insurance advisor told me one thing about insurance, but my financial planner gave me different advice, and an expert on TV said something else entirely. What do I do now? Help!

Every day, people like you and me run into questions like theseâ??and no good answers. The truth about life insurance is that myths, misunderstandings, and even outright lies cause a lot of uncertainty around what it is, how it works, who needs it and when, andâ??most importantlyâ??the great benefits it can bring to your life.

This book is here to clear up all that confusion. With combined experience of over fifty years in the life insurance industry, Kim Butler and Jack Burns know what’s true and what isn’t. They’ve seen what works and what fails. They’ve lived through every success and failure the industry can throw at them. And they’re fed up with seeing smart, well-meaning people fall for costly half-truths and mix-ups because they just can’t find the right information.

Busting The Life Insurance Lies takes the 38 biggest, loudest myths around life insurance and breaks them wide open. Whether you’re wondering if life insurance is right for you, wanting to understand how it can help you while you’re still alive, or even an insurance advisor yourself, this book will guide you to the answers you need to make the clearest, most informed decisionâ??one you’ll feel good about for the rest of your life.

The Salespersons’ Way To Riches: How To Make Money Through Selling Anything

by Jack J. Jackman

At age 9 poor, at 35 he was a multi-millionaire. He started out selling Mexican pottery that a truck driving neighbor brought over the border. Well, it wasn’t actually smuggled merchandised, but he always had to think of it that way. He barely scraped together enough money for the first shipment. His mission was to sell all of his stock before the truck returned weekly from its long haul. After succeeding with his first startup, he continued to open and start up one business after another. Many of his early businesses failed due to lack of know how. But he kept going until he developed an easy to follow list of what to do and what not to do, to essentially ensure business success for any type of business large or small. But he never forgot what he learned with his first business. You have to have something to sell, if you don’t, you have to find something to sell. This can be information, books, software, furniture, or anything else. What you have to sell doesn’t matter as long as you have something. Now you have to think of it the way Michael did at age 9, that is “what you have to sell is like a hot potato and you just caught it, time to get rid of it by selling it fast or you will get burned.” Secondly, you have to have a market – someone who wants your product. Thirdly, you have to send a message to this market that you have what they want. Then sell, sell, sell, all the while keeping up with growth, business bills, staff, personal bills, and the tax man. Michael Irvin learned this early and after making and spending millions of his own dollars and 11 years of staying up late, reading, and studying the best material he could buy. These secrets are shared in the books that he writes or co-authors under several different pseudonyms. He publishes his books under the series The Little Guys Way To Riches. I hope you enjoy the book. Look for others under Michael Von Irvin or
Consultant, Consulting, Riches, How To Make Money, Copywriting, Sales, Salesperson, Sales Professional

How To Build A Profitable Online Home Business With Amazon Kindle Ebooks: Make Money With Kindle Publishing Ebooks

by Sachin Kumar

Many new writers, promoters and on the internet promoters have been making use of the Amazon. Amazon kindle platform system recently, since it’s a very simple and profitable way to generate income on the internet. With the rise of e-books now extremely outselling physical book guides, there’s a new opportunity for people to begin with earning cash by self-publishing e-books.

The best part is, you don’t have to be an established author, or find a posting company, or even write your own guides any longer. Amazon has created it EASY for anyone – and I mean ANYONE – to post e-books you should earning cash on Amazon kindle. This eBook will serve as a guide to breaking down exactly how you can get started publishing & posting e-books and generating income on the internet.

There’s undoubtedly that during the last several years guides (eBooks) have taken off. It’s hard to claim with the ability to having all of your guides on all of your gadgets books at all times.

From the author’s viewpoint, eBooks have removed many of the limitations of access found in conventional publishing. Now, anyone can create a magazine and put it up for selling. Fictional providers and publishing homes are becoming progressively less important, even for well known writers.

This is all fantastic information for blog writers and online entrepreneurs as self publishing eBooks is now a very practical earnings flow choice. In fact, composing and publishing eBooks has taken into a full-time business for me.

The big issue with e-publishing is that a large proportion of books that are being self-published are terrible! They are badly published, sadly modified, badly arranged, etc. Many individuals hurry to get their perform released online, but this is the issue. A badly published guide isn’t going to offer, no issue how inexpensive it is!

Kindle Direct Publishing(KDP) can be an excellent way to develop a inactive on the internet earnings, but its convenience has been significantly embellished in my viewpoint. Especially now, with lots of individuals aware of it and definitely seeking it as an earnings.

Here’s what you’ll get after you finish the eBook:
1.You’ll become an expert at freelancing and NEVER would want to do an e-book yourself – especially if you do not want to do the composing or developing yourself.

2.You’ll be capable of making efficient promotion headings and styles to get individuals BUY

3.You’ll generate income even while you sleep!

4.You’ll “convert” what you know into cash!

Moreover, if you want to generate additional money to fund other tasks, this e-book business will be of an excellent use to you. That’s why you want to consider e-book publishing as a business structure and another great purpose why you should take this eBook!

You set your own boundaries, and this eBook will help you achieve your earnings prospective.

And much more…

Your First Internet Marketing Business: Start a Blog Even if You’re Broke or Sell Freelancing Services on Fiverr

by Erik Malik


I’ve got bad news for you.

Everything you learned from the gurus are just plain wrong.

You’ve been bombarded by thousands of get rich quick course that will never work for you.

I solved that problem through this bundle.

Inside this bundle, you’ll discover 2 ways to consistently make thousands of dollars per month.

You will get a step by step training for:

– How to find the best topics that are interesting and profitable at the same time
– How to create a wordpress website from scratch
– How to rank your website via on-page seo tactics that only few bloggers are using
– How to create a product from scratch
– How to do product research the easy way
– The exact questions you need to ask your customers for you to create the best product and a great marketing message
– The types of products to create that will help you go from zero to a consistent 5 figure income per month

– The 4 step process to make money on Fiverr
– The best services to sell on Fiverr right now
– How to write your listing step by step
– Examples of awesome listings to copy
– How to upsell customers to make 5x more money
– What to say and when to say it when up-selling customers

Download your copy and start creating your new part-time (or full-time if you want) $1,000- $3,000 per month side-business today!

How To Start A Nonprofit: Guide To Success – How To Build Your Nonprofit Organization And Become A Successful Leader! (Fundraising For Nonprofits, Starting … Start And Grow Nonprofit Organization)

by Lucas Stone

How To Start A Nonprofit (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

Guide To Success – How To Build Your Nonprofit Organization And Become A Successful Leader!

Non-profits are a great way to take a passion that you have, something that you really want to change, or a place where you really want to make a difference and do so in an organized manner. Your non-profit may end up being a combination of many different things, but ultimately it’s a way to reach out to your community and make a change or make a difference. So many people hear the word “non-profit” and think of trigger words like churches, schools or charities, but maybe you have something totally different in mind.

Non-profits come in so many different shapes and sizes. There are some that are nationwide with local branches in various communities. There are some that only have a handful of employees and volunteers. There are some that are mainly run online and don’t even have the main office to visit. The idea behind a non-profit looks so different these days that the possibilities are endless. However, the goals can be similar. Make a difference, make a change for the better, improve communities, help people.

Here are the things we will discuss in this particular book to help you understand how to start a non-profit organization and ensure that it will be successful:

  • What is a non-profit?
  • How to Build Your Vision?
  • How to Become the Best Leader?
  • How to Run Your Non-Profit Like a Business?
  • How to Keep Your Non-Profit Local and Why It’s Important?

Download your copy of How To Start A Nonprofit by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Become a CEO of an Import-Export Business in 24 Hours

by Jesse Perez-Robicheau

This book covers a robust action plan to create an import-export business using either EMC or Import/Export Agent models. Wondering if indeed an import and export business can be set up in 24 hours? Not to worry I assure you it can. An added value in this book is its listing of an estimated time of completion at each step by step method for busy entrepreneurs.

We have 24 hours to do this so let’s get started.

MARK CUBAN: The Life & Success Stories Of A Shark Billionaire: Biography

by Entrepreneurship Facts

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Born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Mark Cuban would go on to become on of the biggest players in the investment and business sectors of the United States of America. He displayed a penchant for business from a very young age and wasted no time in rising to the top echelons of the business world. Today, Cuban is the owner of the NBA club Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, Magnolia film production house and AXS HDTV network. Mark is the primary investor in the ABC reality TV series, â??Shark Tank’. He also authored a book titled â??How to win in the sport of businesses.

Throughout this book you will learn about the life and success stories of a Shark Billionaire- Mark Cuban. From his earlier life to how he has successfully built his empires. 

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Early Life

Chapter 2: Days in Dallas

Chapter 3: Mark Cuban’s Professional Career

– How Mark opened his first enterprise

– Breaking through with AudioNet

– Yahoo’s takeover of

Chapter 4: Mark Cuban And The Dallas Mavericks

– From nobody to the hottest team!

Chapter 5: Shaping The Mavericks Future!

– What did he do differently?

– Focus on customers

– Mark treated his players better

– Cuban realized the value of analytics in NBA

– Persona as the owner

Chapter 6: iPhone App Cyber Dust

Chapter 7: Foray into Television and Media

– Mark Cuban on television

– The Benefactor

– Shark Tank

Chapter 8: Lawsuit For Insider Trading

Chapter 9: Political Ideologies

Chapter 10: Philanthropy


Mark Cuban’s famous quotes and advices

How to Make Money Online from Home 7 in 1 Box Set: Blogging, Small Business Starters Guide, Body Language, Etsy, AWS Lambda, Quickbooks, Dropshipping

by James Clark


The Super Simple Guide On How To Make Money Blogging in 2016

Stop Working and Start Blogging

Have you ever thought of making a lot of cash at home this year? I now know that you are wondering how this can happen? But, wonder no more because this book contains valuable information on how to step by step guidelines on how you will come up with your own blog that will turn out to be the change in your life.
After reading this book, you should have the understandings of what a blog is, and how to create passive income online. Keep in mind, when creating your blog, to focus on creating value, instead of just trying to make money.

Small Business Starters Guide

The Complete Guide for Beginners to Starting Your Small Business

In this world, everyone wants to earn a livelihood in such a way that they can live a luxurious living. In this quest, some of the people opt for jobs while others choose for entrepreneurship.
In this way, the whole system of industry and commerce keeps on going.

Body Language

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Body Language and Nonverbal Communication to Connect, Win and Influence People

Body language, also known as non-verbal communication, is how we express ourselves through gestures, expressions, posture, tone, eye contact, pace of speech and so much more. If you have ever heard the expression “actions speak louder than words” you have heard a universal truth.
The actions our body takes without our even thinking about it are very telling indeed and this is precisely why we need to understand what it is and how we can use it to our benefit.


The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Sell Crafts And Make Money Online

It’s absolutely vital that you take every advantage to expand your presence online. You may want to explore your uniqueness and creativity to the world but you may wonder how to do it? ETSY is a marketplace dedicated to buying and selling all things handmade. This marketplace or a shop that helps you sell your crafts online thus making your product known to your esteemed customers.

AWS Lambda

A Complete User Guide for Beginners To Serverless Microservice

Have you been thinking of a career in IT?
In your looking around the web, have you been intrigued by the concept of microservices, and particularly of something you have heard of called Lambda? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then this guide is for you.


2016 QuickBooks for Your Small Business: A Beginner’s Guide to Bookkeeping

So you have decided you want to try to start your own business but the paperwork side of things is a little intimidating. This guide will get you started by introducing you to some of the difficult to understand jargon and what sort of data you should be collecting and how it will help you succeed out there in the small business jungle.
Once you have the basics down, the guide takes you on a walk through the online and desktop versions of QuickBooks, and the merits of both so that you can enter into the financial side of your business with confidence knowing you have the best tool for the job.


Dropshipping Blueprint for Beginners – A Guide to Dropshipping Like a Pro in Less than a Day

Drop shipping has become one of the more popular means of starting an online business and achieving the dream of self-employment and the freedom that entails.
Naturally, jumping into the arena of internet business is not a decision one should make lightly.

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Habits: 30 Habits in 30 Days that will Change your Life

by Jill Hesson

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Habits: 30 Habits in 30 Days that will Change your Life

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You may not know it, but habits are something that we learn to do automatically. Every day, we go through the process of following the same patterns and routines, but did you know you can use this for your own benefit. In every area of your life, habits determine how successful people are in their professional lives as well as in relationships and general conduct of their lives. If you were to ask an entrepreneur about habits, they would tell you that these form the basis for their success. It’s the same in every area of your life, from getting up in the morning, right through to getting into bed. Habits are your behaviors, but what’s interesting is that scientists have found that the number of neurons that actively support these habits decrease in adults, as opposed to increasing. They were puzzled by this and when they studied it further, found that when neurons are not used, they tend to decrease.

The connections between neurons are key to improving your performance. It is clear, for example, that if you do not paint pictures, the neurons that deal with the artistic area of your brain will be less active than those in someone who paints. He further purports that babies are born with what he describes as a “blank canvas” where everything is indeed possible, whereas adults limit their capabilities by honing in on certain skills that they know they are good at. They tend to dismiss those areas where their own personal strengths do not apply and thus the neurons group into limiting groups that highlight the strengths and take away what may be perceived as weaknesses.

By changing your habits and tagging new ones onto existing ones, you piggyback your way to opening up those neuron areas and increasing the range of your own possibilities. If you don’t think that this is true, then you really do need to examine the contents of this book because you will see how habits work and how tagging another habit to an existing one can improve your life in so many ways that you never thought possible. In fact, the potential was always there, but you have limited it by seeing the canvas as overflowing, rather than blank and filled with possibility. You limit yourself by thinking in this way, but if you can piggyback your new habits onto existing ones, you can increase the neuron activity in your brain and reap the benefits.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Can Learn From This Book

  • Looking at Existing Habits
  • Your Spiritual Challenge
  • Productivity at Work
  • Health Habits
  • Upping your Empathy Levels
  • And Much More
  • Download your copy today!
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    Tags: Habits, Change Your Life, Self-Discipline, Happiness, Self-Love, Positive Thinking, Mindfulness Meditation, Chakras, Chakra Healing, Chakra Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Mindfulness, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Spirituality, Holism, Healing Energy, Zen, Awakening, Spiritual

Problem Solving: With Practical Examples

by Aditi Agarwal

Most of us encounter problems in our lives, either at work or at home. These problems cause stress in our minds and leave us exhausted. Instinctively, we start to take ad-hoc actions that we think will resolve the problem, but we soon realize that our actions are not effective and do not prevent or solve the core problem.

Structured problem solving provides a systematic approach to identifying the root causes to a problem. Many scientific tools and methods have been developed to identify effective solutions to any problem. The most widely used problem solving techniques are Fishbone Diagram, Brainstorming, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, SWOT matrix and 5Whys.

Several organizations leverage these problem solving methods to manage their problems at work. Learning about problem solving tools will definitely help you to effectively solve your problems at work and in everyday life.

This book will give you an understanding of the different problem solving tools along with practical examples and applications of these tools.â??

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