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Holocaust Essential: 36 Must-Read Articles and Blogs

by David Weiss

These blogs will inform and inspire. As the grandson of four Holocaust Survivors, I aim to educate and to inspire. This book gives readers the opportunity to find out the answers to these questions and so much more;

How did so many Nazis War Criminals escape punishment after the war? Why was the lack of females in power one of the causes of the Holocaust? Did the Nazis really have a plan to send the Jews to Madagascar? Which Trump adviser believes that the Holocaust was a big exaggeration? How did Denmark save the lives of almost its entire Jewish population? What can we learn from the refugee crisis of 1945 that we can use when thinking about the present-day refugee crisis? How were Benito Mussolini and Stalin involved in the Holocaust? How does surviving the Holocaust impact a person’s belief in God? What is Czechoslovakia considered one of Israel’s greatest historical allies? What would make a teenage Mennonite girl from Indiana leave her family and friends in order to save the lives of hundreds of Jewish children in the South of France? Why is her story not more famous? What contributions did Elise Wiesel make to humanity and to Holocaust Education? Why did a young journalist attack Wiesel’s legacy right after his death?….And so much more!

Readers get a brief introduction to my grandparents long, winding, inspiring journey to the United States.This book also offers a tremendous opportunity to learn about the central issues of the Holocaust as well as some less-talked about aspects of this tragic time. Readers also see how Holocaust related-topics remain extremely relevant today. Those who forget the past are destined to re-live it. Learn about the past and the connections to the present in this one-of-a-kind book.

Tripoli: The United States’ First War on Terror

by David Smethurst

April 27, 1805. The impasse in the four-year war between the Barbary pirate state of Tripoli and the United States is about to be broken. William Eaton has led his ragtag army of Greeks, Arabs, and U.S. Marines across five hundred grueling miles of sun-scorched desert from Alexandria, Egypt, to Tripoli’s heavily defended port fortress of Derna. Outnumbered ten to one, the exhausted, thirsty men carry out Eaton’s daring charge on the pirate fortress-and enter the history books and anthem of the U.S. Marines.

David Smethurst vividly chronicles America’s Barbary War and the pivotal role of William Eaton-firebrand, soldier, and statesman. From the former army captain’s appointment as consul to the Barbary Coast in 1799 to the enemy’s capture of the USS Pennsylvania and her three hundred sailors to Eaton’s valiant attack and its stunning aftermath, Tripoli is a fascinating tale of polished diplomacy, raw heroism, and a man as fearless and independent as the young nation he represented.

Electoral College Exposed: Now vs. How Founders Wanted It

by T. H. Riddle

Electoral College now is not what the Founding Fathers had intended it to be. The Founders had not wanted the Electoral College to be a mechanism; they wanted the Electors to be people – guardians of the People who voted them in. If done right, the Electoral College was supposed to be an integral part of this republic that would save it from destruction. Tired of having to choose between only two choices? Electoral College was supposed to give you more choices if it worked the way the Founders had wanted it to. Dissatisfied about the establishment and the fact that your vote might go to waste in our bipartisan politics? Those could have been prevented. Knowledge is power. “Electoral College Exposed” discusses everything you didn’t know but need to know about the Electoral College and the presidential election in the United States of America as the Founding Fathers had envisioned.

World War 2: Strategies: The Extraordinary Battlefield Strategies of WWII (World War 2, World War II, WW2, WWII, Adolf Hitler, US Rangers, Battlefield, Strategies, Tactics Book 1)

by Ryan Jenkins

The Battlefields and Tactics that helped to win a war

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Wars are not won through sheer luck. A battle may shift due to a stroke of luck or misfortune depending on whose side you’re on. A war however, requires planning, strategy, and cunning. Without that the war is over before it even starts. Sometimes the plan works out. Other times, the failure comes at a high price. Regardless, tactics are the key to winning.

In this book you will find stories from some of the lesser known an yet important battles of World War II. From the European front to the Pacific, it was the battles that ultimately won the war.

Read about the battle for Tarawa and the costly lessons learned there. This small yet formidable island nearly brought the American soldiers to their knees. How did they turn the tide of battle and at what cost? Find out what President Roosevelt did with the Marine newsreel. Should the public know about this or will he cover it up?

Ever hear of Hurtgen Forest? Read about this little known but important battle. Find out what the Rangers endured to secure Hill 400 and what advantage that gave us. There were lessons learned in this battle as well. Learn about heroic Ranger Lieutenant Len Lomell’s stand.
War is hell. Tactics help our soldier to navigate hell and hopefully come out intact at the end. When it’s all said and done, these stories can be a lesson to us about the sacrifice that led to winning a war.

Comments From Other Readers

“I have to admit that I’ve read several books on World War II and it’s the first time that I’ve heard of either of these battles. That’s not to say that they aren’t important, there just so much information and so little resources. These stories really allow the reader to glimpse at the thought process behind some highly pivotal battles that may have helped win the war.” – Oscar S (Maine, US)

“This book was action packed and kept me interested all the way though. I normally like stories about the soliders rather than tactics but the way the author put out the material, I couldn’t put the book down! It’s short but well written. Any World War II buff should consider owning this book and even if you’re not, the stories are awe inspiring.” – Alan M (Utah, US)

“I’m not a huge war fan but I enjoy a good game of chess. While they may not seem to go together, strategy is everything. I needed a book for my history class and I wanted to write on a battle that had meaning but wasn’t as well-known as Market Garden or Normandy. Those are so common that everyone knows about them. I chose this book because the battles are lesser known but powerful. I surely was not disappointed. Well worth the read!” – Kylie M (Kitchener., Canada)

Tags: World War II, Tarawa, military tactics, battles, Rangers, Len Lomell, World War 2

World War 2: Soldier Stories VIII: True Airborne Stories of the US Paratroopers, from D-Day to Operation Market Garden (World War 2 Soldier Stories Book 8)

by Ryan Jenkins

True Stories of the Airborne Infantry in WWII

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There are few units in the United States military as well known and as highly regarded as the Airborne infantry. These men are often some of the first on the ground and dive into some of the most hostile territory. In World War II their stories have been immortalized in movies such as “Band of Brothers”.
There’s more to their story though. There were Airborne units on the ground throughout Europe and the Pacific fronts. Not only were there American Airborne units on the ground, but there were British units as well. These are some of their stories.

Learn more about the historic origins of these brave men. What country started the Airborne Troops? What were some of the challenges that they faced? How were these units trained and developed?

Read about the 82nd, under the command of the “Jumpin’ General” who was one of the first volunteers to sign up for the newly minted United States Paratroopers. Find out what happened when a troop drop went horribly wrong and how he turned chaos into success.
Read about the battlefields of Normandy and the lessons that we learned from Sicily’s tragic outcome. Find out more about their successes and continued struggles. What did our fighting men face both in the air and on the ground?

This book is action packed and filled with facts and stories of some of the lesser known units that fought on the ground in World War II. Their stories are at time harrowing and filled with peril. Ultimately, each man gave something to help win the war for the Allied Forces. Read their stories here.

Comments From Other Readers

“I loved Band of Brothers. I thought the show was really well put on so I was eager to read this book. I liked that it was a brief history but the stories were fantastic. There is so much life in each one and at times I can picture the events playing out in front of me. To be honest, I’m not much of a history buff so the back stories, giving historical reference were great as well. Wonderful little book!” – Eddly H. (Georgia, US)

“My grandfather had been at Normandy. He thankfully survived but, would never speak of the war. I never really understood until years later when I finally started to do my own research. I was shocked by some of the stories that I’ve ready but overall I’m proud of what my grandfather did for his country and for the freedom of others. This book is just phenomenal for anyone who wants to understand how the war really happened. There is history and stories from the men that lived it themselves. I loved it!” – Nicole W – (California, US)

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Easy Latin: How To Learn Latin

by Robert Jones

“An invaluable book for anyone who wants to know how to learn Latin.”

Now everyone can learn the Latin language with this short and sharp Easy Latin booklet.

In five easy to follow Latin lessons you will go from no knowledge in the language to being able to pronounce, read, translate, and understanding the Latin language.

Packed with tips on studying, little pieces of history, and essential charts, learning Latin is made fun, with all the complexities taken out.

Latin language learning has never been easier! 

Covering all the foundation grammar, Easy Latin lets you practice your new skills with questions that vary from the simple sentences all the way to entire paragraphs. Simply check your answers at the back, and follow the charts if you get stuck.

All you need in beginning to learn Latin is right here, it has never been easier.

1. Pronounciation
2. Foundational Grammar
3. Noun Declensions & Cases
4. Verb Conjugations
5. Irregular Verbs
6. Infinitive Verbs
7. Adjectives & Adverbs
8. Prepositions & Interrogatives
9. Structuring Sentences
10. Extensive Translations

“A great book to follow along with when teaching Latin for kids!”

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