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Dog Training: 50 Interesting Dog Behaviours Explained

by Helena Troy

DоgÑ? have been Mаn’Ñ? best friend since time immemorial. They’re very social creatures, intuitive and fun to be with. However, they also have their shortcomings. For example, they аrе unаblе to associate thÑ?ngÑ? thаt happened Ñ?n thе past wÑ?th what is hаÑ?Ñ?еnÑ?ng currently. This means that, Ñ?f you соmе hоmе аnd discover that FÑ?dо hаÑ? сhеwеd uÑ? Ñ?оur favorite pair оf Ñ?hоеÑ?, there is nо Ñ?еnÑ?е Ñ?n punishing him for Ñ?t thеn. Hе саnnоt Ñ?ut twо аnd two together аnd аÑ?Ñ?осÑ?аtе Ñ?оur аngеr nоw with Ñ?оmеthÑ?ng hе dÑ?d hоurÑ? аgо. Lеt it go аnd mоvе оn. Yоu nееd to catch FÑ?dо in thе act аnd correct thе bеhаvÑ?оr аt thаt time.

Knowing аll thеÑ?е subtle аÑ?Ñ?есtÑ? оf dog bеhаvÑ?оr can аÑ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?t you with understanding why Ñ?оur dog does certain thÑ?ngÑ? аnd tо hеlÑ? you wÑ?th trаÑ?nÑ?ng. ThÑ?nkÑ?ng like a dоg whÑ?lе trаÑ?nÑ?ng Ñ?оur dоg Ñ?Ñ? сrÑ?tÑ?саl to a Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?ful rеlаtÑ?оnÑ?hÑ?Ñ? wÑ?th Ñ?оur dog. Breaking down, analysing and explaining 50 of these behaviours in a way that’s easy for you to understand is essentially what this book aims to achieve.

Minecraft: Self Adventures Book 1 and 4 Choose Your Minecraft Story (Minecraft Choose a Path, Minecraft Self Quest, Minecraft Quest Book, Minecraft Gamebook, Minecraft Game Book)

by Billy Miner

Choose your own Minecraft Quest as a treasure hunter or a ninja!

Adventure 1: This book is a little different from regular story books. In this adventure, YOU are the adventurer. By making choises, you determine your destiny as the treasure hunter who faces all kinds of Minecraft enemies and very real dangers. Simply click on the links in the E-book version or go to the page of the printed version to continue your journey after making a choice. Enjoy this brief, interactive Minecraft story in which you decide how it’s going to end.

Adventure 4: After a theft at the museum, the grand detective, Mr. Questionmark, calls you over to do some research. With your two big knives and your sneaking and fighting skills, you are perfectly equipped to bring back the three valuable pickaxes that the villain stole. Some adventure, some action, and a sprinkle of romance make this self-adventure an unforgettable Minecraft book.

The Magic Kettle (Childrens’ Fairy Tales Book 1)

by Fiza Abbas

Sam and Mary were very poor but they never lost hope, and then they found the old red Kettle. The Magic Kettle is a fairy tale for young children ages 3-6.The book has hand drawn color illustrations and a fun message.The illustrations are all hand drawn and the book has a lesson for young children to help others and always hope for the best. This is a great bedtime or a fireplace reading for young children. Get your discounted copy today!


by Emily Musgrove

Santa’s little Elf has made himself poorly from all the mince pies and the glasses of Sherry that he has drank! How is Santa going to deliver all those presents now? He has an idea! – Little Molly Buttons can help!

Kindness Ninja: Recruiting The Team

by Brian Williams

For centuries, a secret society of highly trained ninja’s have been going out into their community spreading Kindness. Now, they have asked Brian, a freakled blonde haired 8 year old to become apart of their secret society. Brian recruits Anna & Sam to join his team to carry-out random acts of Kindness in their school and community . . . without getting caught.

The 3 Kindness Ninja’s think of creative ideas that leave their entire school baffled on who this mysterious “Kindness Ninja” is. As their challenges get more complex, they must think creative solutions to the problems they encounter . . . without getting caught.

Minecraft: Self Adventures Book 2 and 3 Choose Your Minecraft Path (Minecraft Choose a Path, Minecraft Self Quest, Minecraft Quest Book, Minecraft Gamebook, Minecraft Game Book)

by Billy Miner

Choose your own Minecraft Quest as a warrior princess or a brave soldier!

Adventure 2: You are the heroine, the princess who is searching for her identity. Your purple eyes make you unique, but you have no clue why. In a quest for meaning, you can choose your own path by going to the Nether, the End, or a lake in the middle of nowhere. Pick a marriage partner, decide what to do with the enemies you face, and solve the problem by finding out what the evil queen has done in the past. This unforgettable journey is a page turner, but you’ll have to turn pages back and forth, since this adventure will take you all over the place.

Adventure 3: You are a soldier in the army, a combined army of men from several villages who try to defend their homes and freedom against dangerous creatures, like CREEPERS!!! But then something happensâ?¦ your friend gets wounded. Will he die? Or will you find the cure by collecting the three magical gems, hidden in distant areas where filthy zombies, snakes, and wolves abide? It’s up to you! Why? Because this is a story where you get to make choices. You, the reader, choose which adventure you’re going on.

The Book Ark II: Children of the Universe

by Janis Pegrum Smith

There is a place where every book you have ever read, every story you have ever heard, really exists…want to go there?

The long-awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed fantasy adventure The Book Ark:Black on White.

So, was it all really just in Josh’s head after all?

“… none of us are unique, special, better, or worse, for we are all merely children of the universe. That is all you need to know; and when you have grasped what I have said fully – when you can hear the heartbeat of the universe beating in time with your own – then, and only then, will you truly understand. Then and only then will you be worthy…”

“In Janis Pegrum Smith’s talented gift for story-telling, Roald Dahl’s magical tales, J.K. Rowling’s imagination and Phillip Pullman’s believable alternative existences have met a very serious rival.” (Helen Hollick – From Review of The Book Ark: Black on White)

“Wildly imaginative novel and a delightful read… I look forward to the next episode in this magical love affair with books, their inner lives and the ideas and values they engender. ” (The Spectral Times – From Review of The Book Ark: Black on White)

Bedtime for Babies and Mommies – Bears!

by Oma

A new children’s bedtime classic is born.  Bedtime for Babies and Mommies is the perfect book to accompany a child’s cozy and calm bedtime routine. Using photography of adorable bear cubs, Mama Bear tells the soothing, lyrical story of the happy day Baby Bear was born.  As Baby Bear falls asleep Mama Bear says, “You fell asleep with these magical lights above. I watched you sleep and knew there was no greater love. Sleep well, my sweet Baby Boo; I’ll be very near. In the morning when you wake, I will be right here. So nighty-night and sleepy-tight I’ll see you in the morning light. It’s bedtime for babies….and mommies.”          

Going Wild with Raw Chocolate! (Char’s Start Living Series Book 2)

by Charissa Teo

Charissa Teo is the author of Char’s Start Living Series. She’s also a firm believer that you are what you eat, and advocates eating live foods to optimize your energy and feel great.
You’ll learn in this easy-to-understand book how to:
-Make chocolate smoothie recipes from plant-based sources
-Make chocolate smoothies for every palate-the sweet toothed to those who love a spicy kick and/or a savory tang

AMEN TO ROT: Books One Through Four (With ILLUSTRATIONS)

by Bryce Bentley Summers

It’s a zombie apocalypse and Amen the creature awakens with amnesia. Amen has flashbacks from when he was human which gives him clues on his mission. He saves a thirteen year-old boy named Ace who is appreciably delighted to find a creature who eats zombies. They soon discover this is not any ordinary zombie apocalypse, but there’s a sinister alien force at work. These aliens are set on killing Amen but he remains one step ahead. He is also discovering Ace is not just a survivor, but may be a key to fighting the aliens who brought on this zombie apocalypse.

7 Delightful Fruit & Vegetable Juices: So good you can drink it everyday! (Char’s Start Living Series Book 1)

by Charissa Teo

Charissa Teo is the author of Char’s Start Living Series. She’s also a firm believer that you are what you eat, and advocates eating live foods to optimize your energy levels and enhance the way you feel about yourself.

In this book, Charissa shares her favourite recipes with readers to help them look good and feel great while enjoying great tasting fruits and vegetables.
You’ll learn how to:
-Make healthy and delicious fruit and vegetable juices for yourself and your family.
-Make fruit and vegetable smoothies that are pleasing for every palate.

Julius: Fun Facts About Lions For Kids

by James Miller

The Perfect Book for Children Who Love Lions!

In a fun, engaging tale packed with whimsical illustrations, Julius the lion and Ed, his goofy brother, take children on a delightful journey through the fascinating world of African lions.

Easy to read and understand, this book will delight children as they learn all about the “King of Beasts,” including where lions live, how large they grow, what they eat, how they hunt â?¦ and much, much more.

Appropriate for children ages 6 – 10. For younger children, viewing Julius with a parent would be a wonderful way to spend quality time together!

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