Free literary fiction Kindle books for 18 Dec 16

The Player: Sports Bad Boy Baseball Vacation Romance (Comedy Alpha Male Short Reads Romance Book 1)

by Ella Frost

He’s A Big Ladies’ Man… Can He Last 30 Days Without Getting Physical With A Woman?

Damon Lockheed is a baseball superstar with all of the perks that go with the fame, including a different girl every night. In the beginning of it, he never dreamed of settling down. But all good things must come to an end. More bored than anything, Damon takes a bet with the rest of the team that he can change his behavior anytime he wants. And actually manages to do so. That is until he comes face to face with the girl from his childhood who has always loved him. No longer the little brat that fawned over him, she might just be the one thing that breaks him and his bet.

This Is A Romance Short Story With A Free Romance Short Stories Collection Inside

Johan the Blood Rider (Wingriders of Keth Book 2)

by Cyle Young

This is a 5000+ word short story and is part of the Fantasy series, Wingriders of Keth.

For blood draka rider, Johan, the thrill of long-overdue battleflight delays his assignment from the capital. The North Wing Army needs his help, and even the growing layers of winter fat around his waist won’t hold him back.

The Seduction of Eva Volk: A Novel of Hitler’s Christians

by C.D. Baker

In World War II, American soldiers were shocked to discover thousands of German POW’s carrying New Testaments. Christians serving Hitler? Never before undertaken in a novel, ‘The Seduction of Eva Volk’ explores the reality of this no-so-simple paradox from the German point of view.
Through the eyes of young Eva Volk, the alluring charm of the Hitler movement is personified in a lover. Desperately seeking wholeness in her broken world, she is quickly swept away by the passions of love and war…until she finds herself facing the consequences of blindness. Her’s is a story that serves as a warning to us all.

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