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Winter Crochet Book Collection 4 in 1: 36 Cozy Winter Projects And Professional Crochet Stitch Guide: (Christmas Crochet, Crochet Stitches, Crochet Patterns, Crochet Accessories)

by Julianne Link

Winter Crochet Book Collection 4 in 1: 36 Cozy Winter Projects And Professional Crochet Stitch Guide

Book#1: Professional Crochet Stitch Guide: Learn The Most Popular Modern Crochet Stitches: Chinese Puzzle Stitch, Cable Stitch, Crocodile Stitch, Picot Stitch, Waffle Stitch, Popcorn Stitch, Shell Stitch, Seed Stitch!

Professional Crochet Stitch Guide: Learn The Most Popular Modern Crochet Stitches: Chinese Puzzle Stitch, Cable Stitch, Crocodile Stitch, Picot Stitch, Waffle Stitch, Popcorn Stitch, Shell Stitch, Seed Stitch

Crochet is a versatile art, and the use of different stitches will help you to make lots of unusual patterns. You can follow the tutorials given in this book to learn modern stitches. These stitches will prove good to improve your crocheting patterns and add borders to your work. In this book, you will find out tutorials for all modern stitches. These stitches are quite beautiful, and these easy tutorials will make your work easy. Follow the step by step images along with written instructions and learn these stitches. You should practice them to become a perfect person. This book offers:

Book#2: Crochet Mittens: 6 Crochet Mittens Patterns For The Whole Family

This eBook “Crochet Mittens: 6 Crochet Mittens Patterns for The Whole Family” is an awesome guide for someone who is planning to weave the mittens this winters. Winters are approaching soon due to which covering your body becomes a necessity in order to avoid any kind of sickness. Our body temperature needs to be normal in order to stay healthy in winters. People tend to cover themselves through different ways including the gloves but believe it or not, mittens work as a wonder for you in winters. Try to weave it by using this guide which gives you step by step guidance to weave the mitten.

You can weave the mittens for your family members through different patterns and we have arranged them in different chapters for you. Here are the following accordingly:

Book#3: Crochet Neck Warmer: 15 Beautiful Neck Warmers To Keep You Nice And Cozy

If there are two things that go with this time of year, it’s pumpkin spice lattes and cozy clothes. No matter what you do with your day, whether you spend it inside in your comfiest outfit, or if you have to dress up for the office, you know you want to be cozy in this weather.

And what better way to do that than with a neck warmer? Fun and fashionable, these incredible little inventions are just what you need to keep the chill at bay while you look good and feel great. There’s no end to the ways you can have fun with the different looks on the market todayâ?¦ whether you want something that’s fun and flirty or something that’s downright elegant.

When you make your own pieces, you are sure to get the results you are after without spending a lot of time or money to do it. Not only are you given patterns that are everything you want them to be, but you can also mix and match, throw in other colors or make them a different size, or do anything else to make them your own.

Book#4: Crochet Angel: 15 Wonderful Crochet Angel Patterns To Prepare Your Home For Christmas Miracle

Christmas time is here again, and so are the decorations. When it comes to Christmas décor, there’s nothing better than homemade, and certainly nothing better than angels.

Let me give you the patterns to 15 different angels that you can make in just an afternoon. This book has it all, and with it, you are going to have exactly what you need to make any Christmas angel you want.

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Essential Oils: Over 75 Uses

by Trish Jones

Essential Oils

Discover Essential Oils for Healing, Health, and Household use! Over 75 proven methods of using essential oils.  You’ll discover that the “Oil of flowers” will help you with your most dreadful obstacles. If you’ve ever desired to put away the harsh chemicals and deter from side-effect laced medications, perhaps essential oils can offer you the options you seek. 

No Miracle Cures

No miracle cures here. For anyone who is pushing essential oils as miracle cures, steer clear! Essential oils are a holistic approach to addressing some of the most common ailments, household needs, and various other issues proven as efficient with the use of essential oils.

In my book, you’ll gain a quick and easy resource that will lead you to discovering the benefits of essential oils for:

  • Burned on food in your favorite pan? 
  • Perhaps you skin is dry and not responding to over-the-counter lotions?
  • Tired and want a pick-up?
  • Stubborn smells in your carpet?
  • Cramps that won’t go away?
  • Feet rough?
  • Eyes tired? Lips dry? Hands rough?
  • The list goes on and on, and we have it all for you –

Download you copy right now!

The Face of The Business: Develop Your Signature Style, Step Out from Behind the Curtain and Catapult Your Business on Video

by Rachel Nachmias

Are you the Face of Your Business? Impressions matter.

If you want to grow your business with video, you’re going to need to look the part. You know that crafting amazing video requires more than just great content. You want to make the right visual impression to attract viewers that are ready and willing to listen to your message, but you’re not sure how. To get maximum impact from your videos, you need the confidence and skills to master your image and truly become the face of your business.

Based on her experience transforming hundreds of clients from fashion rookies into camera-ready women of style, Rachel Nachmias offers a step-by-step process to becoming your most beautiful and confident self and creating videos that grow your following and turn viewers into clients willing to pay top dollar for your expertise.
In The Face of The Business you will learn how to:

  • -Dress like the brilliant expert you already are – and get compensated accordingly
  • Know exactly how to choose your best styles and avoid the rampant fashion myths that undermine your results
  • Finally get your wardrobe working for you and your business
  • Leverage your beauty potential on camera to attract thousands, or even millions of viewers
  • Develop your signature style and never let your appearance hold you back again

If you dream of creating a personal style that is an asset in your business and not a liability, The Face of The Business is for you.

Container Gardening: Houseplants for Clean Air & Food: An Essential Guide to Container Gardening for Beginners

by Jenna Wilson

Humans and other animals have evolved over millions of years in the presence of plants. Over these years, we have developed a relation of codependence with the plants.
But with forests being cut down every day to sustain the human population, there is only one way to keep this relation of coexistence going- By making place for plants in our cities and homes. I, for one, do not consider a house complete unless it has plenty of plants, outside and inside. You can have all the costly furnishing in your home, but that stuff isn’t alive. It doesn’t breathe. It does nothing to promote your health. It does nothing nourish you with healthy air and food. And as far as aesthetics go, synthetics cannot compare to real plants. I believe I have said enough. If what I just said makes sense to you, it is time to introduce a few plants where you live.
Gardening if of many types, but the most versatile and flexible type is, by far, container gardening. Container gardening has become popular because of the land constraints in our cities. Land is costly and not everyone can have a full blown farm outside their house. Another reason is that you cannot have a traditional garden indoors. And as far as air cleaning goes, you need to have the plants indoors, else it would be pointless. In most cities, the amount of toxins and carbon dioxide in the air is slightly higher than what is ideal for the body, and since we spend most of our time at home, container gardening indoor with air cleaning plants gets the job done.
So, in a nutshell, plants give you food to eat, air to breathe, cost almost nothing, make your house look colorful and beautiful, and demand very little care. Sounds too good to be true right? It is!
If food doesn’t fascinate you, how about exotic flowers? There are so many species on plants on this earth that most of them haven’t even been discovered yet. And all that variety of flora at your disposal, each species having different benefits, make container gardening a fun venture. “Which plant so I get next?” is a question that should I love to ask myself, and if you’re going to start this practice, you’ll start doing do too.
To be honest, container gardening isn’t a craft that would require a book with hundreds of pages. All you really need is the basics and you’ll learn as you go. This book will provide you with all the basic info you’ll need to know about soil, watering, feeding, and eliminating pests and weed.
This book will also provide you basic info about aesthetics of the garden. Health and safety concerns with regard to eating your own plants are also addressed. Once you’re done with this book, you’ll be ready to start a beautiful container garden of your own. Let us dive right into it then!

Marriage: Guide to been a good wife in the modern era

by Franchesca May

The women at the present era usually have three simultaneous roles. She could be a career woman, a mother, and a wife. However, not all women could manage to pull these three roles altogether. They often set one of the roles aside. Women are forced to juggle their time between their career and motherhood. The role of “wife” is often the one that is pushed to the side.
Marriage and family could suffer if the woman neglects her role as a wife. A wife is often the force that holds the family together. But, how can you be a good wife in today’s era? Many seemingly important things already demand your time as a woman. Will you still have enough to become one?
This book gives you the answer to those questions. It provides you with the definition of what a good wife is and teaches you how to become one. It includes steps and strategies on how you can fit the role of a good wife as your marriage go through different stages.
This book might not guarantee you a fairy tale life with your partner. But, it aims to help you secure a happy marriage and a happy home.

American History: An Objective Look at the People and Events that Changed United States History Forever

by Mike Livingston

Discover the Most Captivatingâ??and Untoldâ??Details of American History

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was considered by many to be lazy? Or that Menâ??and not just womenâ??were accused of witchcraft in early America. Were you aware that the American Revolution didn’t actually end the war between America and England? Can you imagine that the West Coast was NOT discovered by Lewis and Clarkâ?¦like you may have heard?

American History is filled with many popular notions and ideasâ??many of which you and I are familiar withâ??and most of which are just DEAD wrong.

As Americansâ??or foreignersâ??we know a pretty set-in-stone story of the events that transpired to create America. However, a little digging and fact finding will show that many of our shared ideas about the Land of The Free are just utterly false.

Now, in the illuminating book, real American History is revealed to you for perhaps the first time. We’ve gone to great lengths to bring forth the true stories, incidents, and facts behind the greatest nation ever to be formed.

Inside you’ll be taken through a unique journey of the United Statesâ??from the early days of the pioneering settlers all the way up until a real estate billionaire and TV celebrity became Presidentâ??It’s all inside.

And the nice thing is that “American History” is not a long, boring, drawn out book that you’ll never finish. It’s a quick read with all of the most pertinent and untold facts about the U.S.

Inside this book you’ll discover:

  • How The early settlers weren’t the first Europeans to discover California (inside you’ll find out who)
  • The birth of the first 13 Colonies
  • The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Roanoke Settlers
  • The native American Massacre at Jamestown
  • Incidents that occurred at the Plymouth colony
  • The controversial Salem Witch Trials and Executions
  • How early settlers fled religious persecution only to be held victim to it once more
  • How even men were being accused of witchcraft in the early days
  • How strong independent women were accused of being witches
  • How the many Native American tribes helped and rescued the earliest settlers (only to be betrayed by them in the end)
  • The REAL story behind the Boston Tea Party
  • The incidents leading up to the American Revolution
  • The story of George Washington
  • How England’s War with America didn’t end after the American Revolution
  • The little-talked-about War of 1812
  • How American Patriotism developed
  • The skinny behind the Civil War
  • The abolition of Slavery
  • How Abraham Lincoln was thought to be “lazy”
  • The assassination of American Presidents
  • John Wilkes Booth’s original plan prior to shooting Lincoln
  • The Women’s Equal Rights movement
  • The birth of the Secret Service
  • How America became a superpower with industrialization
  • The explosion that was the Labor Movement
  • World War One and Prohibition
  • The making of organized crime in America
  • The events surrounding the Great Depression
  • The Bombing of Pearl harbor
  • The unusualâ??and controversialâ??circumstances surrounding Harry Truman’s presidential election win
  • The makings of the Cold War
  • Reasons behind the Korean and Vietnam War
  • The Space Race between America and the Soviets
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal
  • The terrorist attacks on the United States
  • The first black president and the first billionaire president
  • Much, much more

Download this book today and educate yourself on the real history of America.

Creativity at Work. How to be creative at work.

by Britton Bryon

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to release your creative potential and utilize it to improve productivity and efficiency. This book will cover the psychological view towards creativity, what it is and what are its sources. This book will also provide insightful tips on how to maintain creativity inside the workplace and how to ensure creative ideas to flow freely. This small, but helpful guide will is assured to give you necessary ideas and concepts which you can use to transform your workplace from mundane to the best place on Earth to churn out creative thoughts.

Ketogenic Diet: Weight Loss For Women! 7 Day Success Plan to Unlock the Secret to Fat Loss for Women (Keto Guide and Beginners Cookbook with Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss 1)

by Danyale Lebon

Discover the Hidden Secret to Permanent Weight Loss, More Energy and Feeling Great! WITH BONUS BOOKS INCLUDED!

Do you struggle to lose weight? If so, then the Ketogenic Diet is perfect for you! The Ketogenic Diet may help you regulate blood pressure and sugar levels as well as show you how it can help you to lead and enjoy a healthier, fuller life!

Don’t know anything about the Ketogenic Diet you? No worries at all. This book will teach you everything there is to know about the ketogenic diet for beginners and how you can start enjoying its benefits.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The origin of the Ketogenic Diet
  • The numerous benefits of the keto diet, not just to your figure, but for your overall health
  • the types of food to eat and avoid
  • A one-week recipe plan to get your started on your Ketogenic Diet journey!
  • And so much more!

Make your first step toward a healthier you today! Download your copy of “Ketogenic Diet: Weight Loss For Women! 7 Day Success Plan to Unlock the Secret to Fat Loss for Women” today and start your journey to a healthier you!

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