Free parenting and families Kindle books for 18 Dec 16

The Co-Parenting Manifesto: Practical Tools to Lower Stress & Improve Cooperation

by Jon Peters

Finally! A book that avoids preachy idealism and provides the skills to turn conflict into cooperative co-parenting. Most parents know why they should get along and work together. Many have ideas about what that could look like when it improves. But, so many parents are mired in lasting conflict. Even otherwise functional parents, pointed in the right direction, and taking the right steps can feel like miserable failures when attempts to cooperate take a nose dive into hostility or poor communication. Written by a clinical social worker with over fifteen years of working with and providing seminars to separated parents, it focuses on how the stress and complications of post-separation issues undermine good attempts to cooperate. It provides practical skills that are the antidotes to the all-too-common pitfalls of separated parenting. Your children will thank you later for employing these strategies. Even if they don’t, you’ll experience relief from stress and have more of a sense of control over your co-parenting relationship. And, it will work even if your ex refuses to read it!

CAREER BOOK 5: 16 Career-readiness Strategies for Parents of New Job Finders with Special Needs

by Jim Hasse

In this 40-minute quick read, Jim Hasse, a Global Career Development Facilitator who has cerebral palsy, summarizes the essential career development strategies to follow for career coaching your new job finder with special needs. Career Book 5 outlines 10 strategies for helping your youngster grow in self-confidence and six strategies for discovering disability’s competitive edge in today’s job market – all based on the road map recommended by National Career Development Guidelines and on Jim’s 29 years of experience as a mainstream Accredited Business Communicator. (17,000 words)

After The First Kiss: Making Your First Year Together Ridiculously Awesome

by Chantal Heide

Hot on the heels of No More Assholes – Your 7 Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re Looking For, Chantal takes you even further and teaches you how to build and maintain deep love and intimacy in your new relationship. How do you not only keep the magic alive, but deepen it after each hurdle? How do you make unpacking emotional baggage together easy? How can you soar through your first year so you can keep flying through the rest of your lives together?
After The First Kiss shows you how to build new ways of relating as a couple, ensuring past hurts don’t carry into your future. Using concrete tools and anecdotal stories, Chantal shows you how to evolve through common relationship issues so you can effectively work through fights and negotiate your way to success. Once you read this book you’ll clearly understand how to function as a team while developing the tools to grow emotionally and spiritually together.

Chantal Heide is a Human Relations and communications expert with a successful practice helping clients learn how to find and keep a “magical” loving relationship. She is a public speaker, workshop leader, private coach, frequent media contributor, and author of No More Assholes – Your 7 Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re Looking For.


by Rosie Granger

â??Esperienza straordinaria o mistero? E’ una storia su quel “qualcosa di oltre” (soprannaturale) che non può essere spiegato dalla scienza. L’importanza dei nostri sogni, il corpo astrale, predizione del futuro, e presenze (poltergeist).
Un libro inusuale, che presenta il racconto autentico di una famiglia piccolo-borghese, con le sue piccole paradigmatiche storie, i suoi problemi, gioie, e dolori.

Su tutto, si erge la figura di zia Jessica, che diventa simile ad un guru spirituale per i membri della famiglia, ma anche per il lettore.
Zia Jessica è profetica, divinatrice, carismatica ma sopratutto saggia. I suoi insegnamenti rimangono indelebilmente impressi nella mente; la sua lucidità anche su argomenti cruciali come l’amore, la morte, l’emozione, e i figli prediletti riesce a stupirci.

Il racconto è scritto in maniera chiara e piacevole, con ricchezza di dettagli e intuizioni affascinanti – sembra un romanzo tanto è scorrevole, teso e drammatico, ma è storia vera, e perciò va dritta al cuore.

A Fórmula Perfeita da Comunicação entre Casais (Portuguese Edition)

by M. Miguel

Você é uma pessoa que não consegue ter diálogo com seu parceiro ou parceira? Quer diminuir as brigas e discussões e melhorar o ambiente no relacionamento? Quer descobrir os segredos para tornar um clima ruim em um agradável, em poucas palavras? Quer retomar um relacionamento que parece acabado? Então você precisa deste livro. Ele é feito para quem está com dificuldades de comunicação com o marido, esposa, namorado, namorada, ou mesmo com ex-maridos e ex-esposas. Você aprenderá técnicas para mudar um ambiente hostil que possa haver entre casais, mais comum do que se imagina, porém, de solução plenamente alcançável! Neste livro você:
1 – Conhecerá as características que fazem com que um relacionamento dure mais.
2 – Aprenderá a melhor maneira de ouvir seu parceiro, evitando discussões.
3 – Aprenderá as melhores técnicas para uma comunicação efetiva e construtiva.
4 – Aprenderá um importante apoio positivo a sua comunicação: A construção da autoestima.
5 – Conhecerá estratégias diversas de comunicação para o melhor entendimento entre casais.
Esses cinco itens são apenas alguns dos muitos que serão tratados nesta obra que visa mostrar que as dificuldades de comunicação entre casais podem ser sanadas com o uso de técnicas específicas. Sem o uso destas técnicas você poderá atingir um ponto em que seu relacionamento poderá até acabar, gerando tristezas e consequências sérias, inclusive para possíveis filhos envolvidos. Este livro é ideal para aqueles que se preocupam com o futuro de seu relacionamento amoroso. Tenha orgulho de sua nova forma de agir e ganhe a admiração de amigos, parentes e profissionais que atuam com você, quando perceberem sua vida amorosa de sucesso. Qualquer pessoa, mesmo aquela com enorme dificuldade para se expressar, terá melhorias em seu diálogo com o parceiro se seguir a nossa fórmula de sucesso, em capítulos didáticos e práticos. Felicidade no amor, Já!

The Realities of Motherhood: The Top 20 Things the Baby Books Don’t Tell You!

by Katrina Abiasi

Hello Friends!

My name is Katrina Abiasi and I’m the proud mommy of two beautiful kids. However, not too long ago I was a first time mom myself. I understand what it’s like so excited yet nervous about first time pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and everything else involved in having a baby!

When I was in the same position as you, I read every baby book and pregnancy guide I could find. The problem was, all those books made pregnancy and being a first time mother seem like a walk in the park! There were no pregnancy books for first time moms that simply told it to you like it is…no BS. So, after having my two kids I decided to do my best to help future mommies by writing this book.

What’s Inside The Book:

  • Dealing with the fear of going into labor.
  • How to MAKE SURE your emotionally and financially ready to have your baby.
  • Simple tips to make you a breastfeeding CHAMP!
  • EVERYTHING you need to know about C-Sections.
  • The BEST natural ways to induce labor.
  • No BS – you get the realities of motherhood…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

…And More! 

There’s even a FREE BONUS at the beginning of the book!

You are just a few seconds away from starting your childbirth education learning the “secrets” of veteran mommies!

Scroll up and click “Buy Now” to get started!

Good luck!

Katrina Abiasi

Toxic Friends and Other Friendships: A Candid Relationship Guide

by Charm Baker

Friendships and how to keep them are a popular topic with people all over the world. Everyone everywhere has at least one friendship that they really care about safeguarding. It doesn’t matter if the friend is a neighbor, co-worker, lover or even family member; there is usually one friend that we tend to value above the rest. But what happens when the friend (or friends) that we spend time trying to please, are people who are not really healthy for us? No matter how much we love them or how much fun they may be, a toxic friend is trouble, and you ultimately get hurt.

Toxic Friends and Other Friendships is a thought provoking guide for anyone who has a friend and is a friend. If you’ve ever felt like the person in the following excerpt, then you probably already know why this book says that: “Toxic friends are like a bad drug.”

“I was thinking about past friends and relationships that kind of fell by the wayside over the years. I thought about a former best friend that I had an encounter with that would sever a ten year relationship. I now know for a fact that she was a toxic friend. Oddly enough, out of all the people I’ve strayed away from and don’t talk to anymore, she’s the one I seem to miss the most.”

Check out some personal experiences from people who suffered from toxic friends. Tune in to a discussion about what most people perceive the word “friend” to mean, as evidenced by some popular television friendships. You can read about the differences between toxic friends and genuine friendship and afterwards see how your own friendships measure up. If you dare, see what the “Toxic Meter” has to say about “5 Simple Ways to Detect Toxicity.”

It Can’t Get Any Worse!

by By Clive Nicholls

The story is of a fourteen year old named Madoc, he moves from one side of Australia to the other to live with an Uncle he has never met, He makes new friends, who like him, have had trials and tribulations. He needs to grapple with prejudices and held stereotypes. He deals with grief, first experience with girls, finding out that all is not what it seems. Friendship can come in all shapes and ages. He is confronted with his and other’s sexuality. He has many answers to questions and opens himself to more questions. His Uncle becomes a very important person in his life, and he has to deal with his uncle introducing him to his potential boyfriend.

Six Books About Children: And Pets, Harmony, Diversity, Compassion, Healing, Understanding and Caution

by Reverend Mike Wanner

Six Books About Children is targeted to many complicated issues of the day from the difference between pets and people, pet food safety, pet safety, the diversity in people, death and dying for pets, the internal power of children, environmental history, indigenous people, healing and safety.

Six Books About Children is about the following “Puppies Are Different From People” (11-13 Years – 7th Grade Level) and “God Made Children Red, Yellow, Brown, Black and White” (12-14 Years – 8th Grade) and ”
If Your Dog Dies” (12-14 Years – 8th Grade) and “Children Have Healing Energy” (12-14 Years – 8th Grade) and “Great Spirit Made Children With Red Skin: AND” (15-17 Years – 11th Grade) and the “Toy Guns Are Obsolete: Tell Every Kid You Meet” (12-14 Years – 8th Grade).

The first Ten title Pages in each book are listed after the title below:

“Puppies Are Different From People” contains “Puppies Are Different From People” and “Puppies Are Born Together” and ‘Children Are Born By Themselves” and “Puppies Grow Up To Play” and “Babies Grow Up To Be Children and Go To School” and “Puppies Have Different Bodies” and “Puppies Eat Different Food Than Children Do” and “Your Treats are Bad for Puppies” and “Puppies Like to Play” and “Some Puppies Play Too Much and Do Not Listen”.

“God Made Children Red, Yellow, Brown, Black and White” contains “You May Not Be Able to See God And Wonder Why” and “You May Not See God But You Can See Your Parents or Adults in Your Home” and “God Made All Children Similar” and “God Made Each Child Different In Many Ways” and “God Loves You” and “God’s Love Is To Fill Every Child’s Life” and “Helping God Is A Big Job” and “God Made Some Children a Little Bigger or Smaller” and “God Made Some Boys” and “God Made Some Girls”.

“If Your Dog Dies” contains “If Your Dog Dies” and “Don’t Cry For Long” and “It’ Ok To Sigh” and “Your Dog Can Talk To You” and “You Can’t Hear Your Dog At School” and “You Can’t Hear Your dog and Watch TV” and
“Wait until it is quiet, Then’ and “If Your Dog Does Not Answer, Then’ and “Your Dog Moved To A New Neighborhood” and “Your Dog May To Angels Speak.”

“Children Have Healing Energy” contains “Creator Filled Each Child With Love and Healing Energy” and “Every Child Is Special To God” and “Children Can Hear God If They Listen Well” and “Adults Listen To Children Also” and “Children Can Learn From Adults if They Listen Well” and “The Words Of God And Parents Help The Child Know How To Act” and “Nice Words Can Help People” and “Never Worry” and “Prayer Still Works” and “You Can Ask God To Heal”

“Great Spirit Made Children With Red Skin: AND” contains “Differences are Divine” and “Kokopelli” and “Native American Shaman Pow Wow hand drum and beater” and “Elders” and “Totem Poles & Totem Animals” and
“Native American Aromatherapy” and “Native American Blessing” and “Medicine Wheel” and “Indian Boy Smoke Signals” and “Dream Catcher”.

“Toy Guns Are Obsolete: Tell Every Kid You Meet” contains “Toy Guns Are Obsolete” and “Tell Parents Too” and “When People First See Your Gun” and “People Get Upset and Call Police” and “Police Come Quick” and
“To Be Cautious, They Will Yell to You” and “Good Idea for This Situation” and “Stranger Danger” and “And Your Friends Too” and “The Streets Are Just Too Dangerous Now!”

Retire: Retirement Planning for Smart People (Retirement for Smart People Book 1)

by K. L. Hammond

Retirement Planning for Smart People

Retirement Planning for Smart People is a book that looks beyond finances and at certain preparation that matters just as much as setting up a budget and saving for retirement.

You have a new life to look forward to in retirement. Your kids are growing up, probably out of the house, living their lives, and you are free to travel. You are free to see how you and your spouse like each other after a lifetime of living together. Some couples find it is better to be semi-retired versus around each other 24/7. Other couples jump right into spending their time together and enjoying the retirement years.

No matter what is best for you and your situation, you will learn how to look at retirement with a full and open perspective.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to avoid retirement mistakes
  • How to retire comfortably for the rest of your life
  • How to determine whether you are emotionally prepared to retire
  • How to age gracefully in retirement

As an added bonus you will also learn:

  • Whether you want to be an expat for a little while or the remaining years of your life.
  • The best cities to live in for affordability and amenities.
  • The secrets to investing in retirement
  • If you should retire now, or wait a few years

So what are you waiting for?

Take action, not now, but right now, and grab your copy, today!

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