Free poetry Kindle books for 18 Dec 16

Plus Minus

by Eric P. Bolduc

For you, the reader, Plus Minus is a short collection of original poetry, prose, and fiction. For me, the author, it is an exercise in vulnerability.

On the Night Before Christmas

by Shelagh Watkins

On the Night Before Christmas is a modern version of the classic poem, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”. The original poem first appeared in print in 1823 in the New York “Sentinel”. Clement Clarke Moore composed the poem after a shopping trip on a sleigh. This version follows the theme of a father who awakens to the sound of reindeer. He runs to the window and sees Santa slip down the chimney, carrying a sack of toys with him. He watches as Santa fills the stockings hanging by the fireplace. Santa then disappears up the chimney, climbs onto his sleigh and flies away into the snowy, night sky.

Testing Times

by Sharena Satti

This book has a variety of poems, each poem has its own story and meaning.
Poetry to me is a way of expressing feelings and is release of emotions
I write in hope that others can relate to my poetry and I think if it doesn’t touch your own emotional experiences then they will leave a imprint in your heart.
The contents of this book are varied and I believe they will bring out different emotions in different people.
The poems will either make you feel happy or sad. They may bring laughter or joy or tears of sadness.
I think this book will appeal to a wide range of readers.
If you like Poetry then I’m sure you will love this book

Beyond Death: A Book of Poems

by Emily Hutchens

Debut collection of poems by Emily Hutchens involving themes of death, fear, and mourning.

The Lost Parcel

by Everett Owen

It was Christmas Eve and Roland did not look forward to this time of year. When he stumbled up a parcel by accident, he had a decision to make. One which would make it a Christmas he would never forget.

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