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Relationship Books: 50 Tell Tale Signs Your Man Is Taking You For Granted

by Dr Jane Smart

50 Tell Tale Signs Your Man Is Taking You For Granted is a deep insight of signs that are often shown by men when they start taking their partner for levity. It helps with understanding and interpreting the non-verbal cues men display as a mean of communicating their actions. Being aware of these signs will then better equip women to handle any situation that arise.

With the consideration of definite knowledge, this book is targeted at enlightening any woman who is dearly in need of knowing the unspoken words that are displayed by men when they have gotten their way with their partner and, as such, want a change of strategy that will enable them to get rid of her quietly and move on to the next target. You no longer have to fall victim to this. This book is designed to get you well informed. If you’re able to spot any of these signs early on in your relationship, you stand a much better chance of doing something to resolve it before its too late.

The One That Divides

by Chanakya Grover

Every word unsaid
Every feeling unexpressed
Every step not taken
Every idea forsaken
Is a possibility walking away

About The Author:
I’m the loser they warn you about
A good-for-nothing lump of protoplasm
Who just eats and shits
And makes you wanna shout

I’m the loser they tell you not to become
Lest you find yourself
Amongst the lowest of society’s scum

I’m the loser they tell you not to love
Lest you find yourself
Trying to free your neck
From my hand pressing down from above

I’m the loser they tell you not to marry
Lest you find yourself crushed
Under the weight that was never yours to carry

I’m the loser they want to keep chained
Cause I listen to no one
I don’t care if it is something ordained

I’m the loser they want dead
But they keep me alive
I would believe they do it for me
If only I was that naive

Inciteful Insights Of Rogue Scholars: Fearless Thoughts To Inspire Growth And Transformation


This is a seditious book. Its content extols and embraces the purpose and practice of freedom in a very unfree world.

Read the vaunted declarations of many of the great prophets of personal freedom. Join Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde and many others in their campaign for the freedom of expression, the freedom of thought, the freedom to challenge mass complacency and the crippling status quo.

This is a crash course in the subversive art of personal empowerment; a mandate to stand against a world where personal liberty is more of a myth than an actuality.

This is a compendium of fiery rhetoric, radical sentiment, and a fearlessness that is often found in places where liberty is still accepted and valued.

These outspoken firebrands have taken a stand against the threat of what I like to call, de-liberation, that is the deliberate and systematic stripping away of personal liberty by garnering the consent of the thoughtless and the complacent.

You will almost certainly be shocked, offended, and alarmed by some of what you read here, but at the end of the day, I would wager that you will inevitably find yourself impressed and awe inspired; basking in the presence of the truly brilliant and of the undeniably heroic.

The Intelligence Wars: Logos Versus Mythos

by Joe Dixon

The most apocalyptic war of all is coming. The battleground of Har Megiddo (Armageddon) is being prepared even now. The war will not be between the forces of good and evil, believers and non-believers, but between the intelligent and the stupid. Intelligent humanity – 10% of the human race – will take on Stupid humanity, the remaining 90% of humanity.

The legions of dunces, clowns, idiots and Dunning-Kruger fantasists will expect to use their sheer force of numbers to overwhelm the smart. But they will never even see their enemy, let alone engage them. The smart people will be using weapons that they will deploy from thousands of miles away. The dunces won’t know what hit them. They will be praying to their gods, or meditating, when they are engulfed by the Apocalypse. Too late, they will grasp that knowledge is power, that prayers and meditation have never achieved a single worthwhile thing, and that smart people, but not stupid people, can build the deadliest weapons humanity has ever known.

The Logos species have always lacked the will to beat the stupid Mythos species. Once they have the will, nothing will stop them.

The End Game is gaming. It’s time to choose your side. Will you stand with the smart or the stupid on the slopes of Har Megiddo?

The Easy Way To Clean: How to clean your house using a three times faster method – Including… the 15 minute de-clutter plan (House Cleaning, Decluttering, and Organizing Made Easy Book 2)

by Ian Stables

This method has been proven to clean your home three times faster

The Simple Method That Makes Home Cleaning Fast And Easy

If you want house cleaning to become a lot easier and three times faster…, then this new 30 page ‘to the point’ book, by Amazon best-selling author Ian Stables, will show you how. It makes house cleaning without scrubbing possible.

Unlike most books about house cleaning tips, this one isn’t just filled with lots of similar.

This is based on a method first developed years ago whilst working in a small hotel belonging to the author’s, now late, father. With guests coming and going, cleaning had to be done quickly. His father used to be amazed how his son was able to clean a room, top to bottom, in just 5 minutes. It was because he had a method.

The method is the result of developing a common sense way of cleaning.

Cleaning your home is a lot faster and easier if you have a method that works. That’s what this is. It gives you a simple method of cleaning your house in a much more efficient way. It makes cleaning and organizing rooms like your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living room very easy.

It also gives you a simple 15 minute system that will effectively de-clutter and organize your home. This system is easy and gives permanent rather than temporary results.

The Easy Way To Clean: How to clean your house using a three times faster method

You’ll be able to…

Know what you’re doing and do it a lot faster

You’ll find out why having a plan makes it so much faster and easier. You get to know what this simple plan is.

Tidy up a room in minutes

Using a simple step-by-step method you can easily tidy a room in just minutes.

Clean rooms three times faster without scrubbing

This uses common sense and a simple plan. It makes everything easy and gets rid of the need for scrubbing. Unless absolutely necessary.

Dust an entire room in just minutes

Forget spraying, polishing and buffing. You may not realize it, but traditional polishing can spoil the look of your furniture over time.

Vacuum with minimum effort

Vacuuming often results in aches and pains and can take a lot of effort. Not any more. This method removes all that effort and makes it almost effortless.

Clean glass without streaks in minutes

This doesn’t involve vinegar or any traditional cleaning products. My ex-girlfriend used to always get me to do her glass because of the results I got. This method cleans glass in just minutes. No streaks.

How to clean the entire house in one go

A plan that cleans the entire house in one go using the methods you learn.

Organize and de-clutter your home in just 15 minutes a day

Forget about trying to spend a whole day organizing a room or the shed. That doesn’t work. It only gives temporary results and takes a lot of hard work. Instead, follow a simple 15 minute daily plan.

Sort and organize any area fast

Easily sort and organize anything including cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, etc.

Always keep things tidy

This simple method will allow you to keep in control. I used to have the kitchen looking like nothing had happened. The only things visible was the pans on the cooker cooking Sunday dinner.

Do you want to carry on cleaning the hard way, or do you want to make it easier and faster?

Start making it easy on yourself and learn this method today.

About the author:
Writing since 2001. Specializes in easy, fast, and effective practical systems.

How Donald Trump Stole My Husband

by Zena Thomas

What happens when the 2016 Election collides with an already shaky marriage? How Donald Trump Stole My Husband describes the mutation of a halfway-normal husband into an intolerant, angry Trump fanatic.
Set in a Colorado mountain town during a housing crunch caused by the legalization of marijuana, the wife has nowhere to move, and must watch the transformation happen right before her eyes while Fox News eggs him on.
Intimidated by her well-armed ex, a disabled vet troubled by PTSD and anger management issues, the Bernie-loving wife keeps her mouth shut to avoid conflict while describing the monster she helped to create.
During the last months of her marriage, she finds a way to say goodbye to snowboarding high-altitude powder, camping and hiking the backcountry, photographing wildflowers, and rafting the Colorado River. This hilarious firsthand story is a low-income adventure mixed with current politics, deep-fried in gusto, and dripping in sarcasm.

Donald Trump Unofficial Biography : The next President of the United States share her lessons to keep the motivation after survive to her own bankruptcy (inspirational stories Book 2)

by Norbert Richards

The new President of the United States

Are you looking for a way toâ?¦

  • Want to know how a presidential candidate grew up
  • Want to learn how to make millions
  • Learn the Secrets of great minds
  • Whatever you’re trying to discover, Donald Trump, the unofficial biography will teach you the secrets towards being one of the top in business and in life. Find out how Donald Trump used his upbringing to become the top real estate owner and presidential candidate.
    In this book you’ll learn

    With this book, you’ll discover:

    How military school shaped Donald Trump
    The tactics towards making America great Again
    His almost college career in film school

    From his upbringing, to his businesses, to his family life now, Donald Trump is a man who knows how to create success from any area. With this book, you will learn how to be a success with information that hasn’t been told before.

    Get your copy today!!

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