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An Old Fashion Christmas: When A Tragedy Hits

by Honey Bee

Sara Evans is an advertising agent in Atlanta, GA and as she was working on an ad she gets a disturbing phone call that her only brother and his wife has been in a horrific accident and she needs to get to Lancaster PA swiftly. Sara quickly ended the call and notified her boss then headed for Lancaster.
Once Sara arrived at the hospital and was informed of her brother’s critical condition and the death of her sister in law she knew that she would have to stay and assist her brother with her nephew. Sadden by the loss of her sister in law just weeks before Christmas Sara reached out to her friends in the Amish Community for some of their assistance in try and create a wonderful Christmas for her brother and nephew.
Join Sara Evans and her family as they find out family secrets, heal from the loss of a love one and experience another sad tragedy. This story will have you crying, interested in another culture and waiting for A New Year A New Tragedy.

Essential Oils: 35 Essential Oils Blends Every Beginner Should Try: (Essential Oils, Diffuser Recipes and Blends, Aromatherapy) (Natural Remedies, Stress Relief Book 1)

by Lora Brenner

Essential Oils:

35 Essential Oils Blends Every Beginner Should Try

Essential oils are famous all around the world for their therapeutic properties. These are natural oils extracted by distillation and have odor and characteristics of a plant. Essential oils contain the aromatic qualities of a stem, rose, seeds, root and bark of a plant. Essential oils are used for beauty treatments, heat-care practice, and food preparation.
The chemical and physical properties of volatile aromatic properties of essential oil enable them to smoothly move through air and interact with olfactory sensors in your nose. These unique properties make all essential oils ideal for aromatherapy and massage on your body parts. If you want to get the advantages of essential oil, this book can help you. This book offers:

  • Essential Oils to Improve Your Mood
  • Coconut EO Blends for Hair Problems
  • EO Blends for Weight Loss
  • Reduce Depression and Stress with EO Blends
  • EO Recipes to Use as Room Fresheners

Download this book and get the advantage of these recipes. This book will prove good for you.

Christian Romance: Prayerfully Yours (Contemporary Women’s Second Chance Clean & Wholesome Romance) (Fiction First Love Amish Sweet Love Inspired Short Stories Book 1)

by Rachel J. Moore

Macy Lark and her family have lived on their farm for as long as any of them can remember, patiently growing as one with the land and their animals. And Macy wouldn’t have it any other way. But there is one thing missing in their lives: the presence of a man. Having lost her father as a young child, Macy has always grown up without having a strong man to guide her, to serve as her father her on earth while her Heavenly Father looks down from above.

And, ever faithful to his children, God provides. His provision came in the form of eighteen-year-old Adam Engels. When three of Macy’s sisters suddenly fall ill, Adam brings them all comfort in more ways than one, and, enchanted by the strong, Godly man, Macy finds herself drawn closer and closer to him.

But they had not anticipated God throwing them another curveball, one that would leave the tiny, determined family in absolute shambles, scrabbling to find their footing in a world that was suddenly collapsing down on them.

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Vikings: Viking Romance – Viking Historical Romance, Romance Short Stories, History, Love, Romantic Short Story Collection of Viking History, Nordic Romance, Highlander, Sweden, HBO – Adult Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..She looked like a Goddess to him. Her hair wet and water dripping from her body. He removed his shirt and sat to take off his boots. Leaving his sword and breeches behind him, he joined her in the water..’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Viking, Viking Romance, Viking Historical Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Victorian Romance, Love

To Have and To Hold

by Catherine Scott

Annie McIver has essentially been banished from Massachusetts. Her father has done something so terrible, she can never go back. Instead, she seeks a new life in Wide Bend in the New Mexico Territory as a mail-order bride.

When she steps off the train and finds her promised husband is nothing but an evil criminal, he’s soon shot down right near her feet. She’s left with little choice but to try to make the best of Wide Bend and its quirky frontier folk.

As it happens, the would-be husband knew nothing of his bride, because the letter was actually the invitation of the mad “Mayor” McGrath, grandfather to one long-time bachelor by the name of Garret McGrath. Garret has tried to swear off love, as he wants to live an independent life.

Can the equally stubborn Annie tame Garret’s wild heart and help him discover love once more?


Self Healing: Master The Art of Healing: Self Help Guides to Energy Healing and Holistic Healing

by Mary Solomon

Self Healing! – Join The Thousands of Readers That Have Enjoyed Healing! Now Two Awesome Guides In One Book!

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Learn How To Heal Yourself!

Are you sick and searching for ways to recover? Are you interested in learning how your body can repair itself? Did you know placebos are one of the most effective treatments we have in medicine?

If a placebo is effective 30-40 percent of the time, is it not proof that the human mind can help heal itself? If a sugar pill can ease pain, nausea or irritable bowel syndrome how can we illicit this same healing for ourselves?

Download this Special 3rd Edition today, and let the healing begin!

This insightful book teaches you to empathize with the people that surround you, and create a positive support system. You’ll discover how to take personal responsibility for your health, and learn to listen to your body’s needs.

Illness and adversity can become an opportunity, not a curse!

If you use your situation to develop your character, you can stimulate the placebo effect and increase your healing power. You’ll learn to approach illness with the power of suggestion and affirmations and unlock the wonders of your mind.

You’ll even learn how sleep empowers and heals you every night!


Heal Your Body and Mind – Live Happily and Harmoniously!
2nd Edition

Are you out-of-balance? Is your life in disarray? Do you need inspiration and guidance?

If so, then Healing: Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body: Change Your Life is the book for you! This helpful book explains how you harness your mental powers to create healing in your mind, emotions, and body. By learning self-control, you can make great strides in your life!

Are you interested in:

  • The Way the Mind and Body Work in Harmony?
  • Healing the Mind?
  • Positive Reinforcement Exercises for Your Mind?
  • Positive Reinforcement Exercises for Your Creative Side?
  • How to Practice Self-Control?
  • Listening to Your Body’s Needs?
  • Sleeping Easier and Deeper?
  • Learning How Meditation Helps Your Body?
  • Being Happy?

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You’ll even learn to discover your purpose in life, understand your mind-body connection, and put an end to your mental and physical pain!

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