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Holiday of Love

by Angela Matthews

Roz Ortega has been a nanny to a beautiful little boy and a vibrant, loving couple for two years. Because of their warmth and acceptance, Ben and Olivia have become like a second set of parents to Roz, who was orphaned early in life and sent to live with a distant aunt and her moody sister. After staying with them through a rough patch, Roz is invited to nanny for the couple for another two years. To celebratetheir bond, they take Roz and their son a resort, where the toughest choices Roz will have to make will be what time to take a dip in the pool.

Artie Hartman throws her plan into disarray— the time she was going to use to decide whether or not to take the job offer is suddenly being taken up by the terribly charming and passionate young activities director, and Roz is tumbling head over heels before she knows it. Roz finds herself with a lot of choices to make—about her life and her future— and not much time to make them. What will become of their bond when vacation ends?


The Activity Angel: A Christmas Story (Angel Tweet Series Book 6)

by Peggy McGee

“The Activity Angel”, an Angel Tweet book is a story about an angel, Celeste, who is assigned a very difficult mission at â??Golden Gates Nursing Home’ as an Activity Director to bring cheer to the residents during the Christmas season. Believing this would be an easy task, she is overwhelmed by the indifference of the facility to the importance of the psycho-social and spiritual well-being of the residents. With the assistance of her supervisor, Archangel Gabriel, they must together devise a plan to circumvent this apathy and prove the value of the Activity Department to the overall health and happiness of each resident. This is a heartwarming Christmas story guaranteed to provide insight and inspiration while being enjoyed by all ages.

Know Your Fate As A Christian: An Inspirational And Revelational Book With Powerful Prayers For Every Christian

by Kelly Joseph

Do you know your right as a Christian?
This book: Know Your Fate As A Christian reveals the rights of Christians. Every Christian has a right. It also discloses some problems faced by Christians and their solutions.
The book also contains some powerful psalms, prayers for deliverance, liberation from forces of darkness. It is an inspirational and revelational book that reveals some hidden aspects of Christianity.
The book: Know Your Fate As a Christian also consoles Christians who are passing through difficult moments and suggests some possible ways to overcome these trying moments.

She’s Mine: A Mystique of Naultag novel

by Tammy Doherty

Caitlin Harrington has a new job and a new life away from her menacing ex-boyfriend, Adam. Issues with her parents, losing her previous job and the death of her beloved grandmother leave her wondering if God has abandoned her. Two things she is sure of: she’s a lousy judge of character and men just can’t be trusted. Now a volunteer firefighter who has come to her rescue more than once is dangerously close to breaking through her defenses.

And not everyone in sleepy Naultag, Massachusetts is welcoming. Someone is leaving ominous notes on her door.

Sean Taggart likes being a rescuer. But a failed engagement has taught him to be cautious with his heart and Caitlin is a threat. Women just can’t be trusted. Still, he’d like to save Caitlin from whatever demons have her so spooked. If only she’d let him.

Threatening notes. Scratching at the windows during the night. A shadowy figure lurking in her yard. Caitlin must tell the police about Adam, but everything he told her was a lie. Who is Adam? And if Caitlin trusts Sean to protect her, will his life be in danger?

Can Sean rescue Caitlin before the stalker becomes a killer?

Lord Byron’s Bride: Clean Regency Romance (Clean Short Read Regency Romance Book 3)

by Charity McColl

Lord Byron Whittaker is a true catch. He’s as thoroughbred as the stallions he loves to ride. Betrothed to the lovely Lady Sophia, his life really is to be enviedâ?¦until the day he is thrown from his uncontrollable horse.

The once vivacious Lord, now a paraplegic, loses all hope. Worse, he loses his fiancée. His perfect existence comes crumbling down around him, and the only person able to handle this changed, angry man is his gentle yet firm caregiver, Cecilia Fountain.

Charged with his private care, Cecilia helps Lord Whittaker on his road to recovery. And recover he does – so swiftly, in fact, that he soon finds himself back in his old life, forgetting the woman who put up with him and loved him in secret during his darkest days.

Rejected, Cecilia returns to work at the hospital. Unable to forget him, though, she dreams of one day being back in the arms of the first man she ever truly lovedâ?¦.

Curvy Romance: Plus Size Romance – Adult Romance, BBW, Bedtime Romance, Big Beautiful Women Anthology of Love, Large Women, Billionaire Romance, Amish Romance, Mail Order Bride, Short Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘He turned and looked at her. As he moved towards her, she felt his hands start to remove her dress as he kissed her. She was against the door as the dress fell around her feet. She ripped off his shirt and heard the buttons bounce on the ground. Their kisses became more passionate as the clothing came off. Her hands went down to his pants and found..’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: millionaire, short stories, shades, relationship, marriage, wedding

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