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The Enoch Pill (The Enoch Saga Book 1)

by Matthew William

The world was changed forever when scientists developed a pill that extended the human life span indefinitely. It was distributed free of charge, to the furthest corners of the globe; everyone was about to live forever.

Well, almost everyone.

When 18-year-old Kizzy Cartwright learns that she’s immune to the immortality-giving pill, it makes her a social outcast. Her only hope is to find the missing scientist who invented the compound, or be the last and only person to grow old and die.

From Beyond Space and Time 4 2017

by V Bertolaccini

A high quality action-packed thriller of explorers encountering a mind-bending celestial voyager!
Scientists, paranormal investigators, military, archeologists, and treasure seekers uncover a deadly mind-bending celestial voyager with inconceivable magnitude and supernatural origins, which explored universes, and entered this universe exploring something of unknown origins!
Over centuries people are viciously subjected to deadly mind-bending magical forces and manifestations, and the origins, from accumulated ancient sources, occurred in 1620 when fishermen witnessed its materialization over the sea, out of the early morning sky, like a colossal crazy shooting star.
Accounts of its accelerated/decelerated motions, forms of a crazy entity/life formation, and appearance of being damaged and on the brink of existence showed it had entered a form of damaged or dormant state, surely exhausted of energy from either its extraordinary manifestation or impact with the world, or it not having existed in the universe.

Daughters of Anarchy: Season 1

by C.A. Hartman

Stevie can alter her appearance through genetic manipulation. Her job affords her considerable power. And she’ll use both to clean up her corrupt City, one evildoer at a time… as long as she doesn’t get caught.

In Season 1 of Daughters of Anarchy, Stevie’s beleaguered world struggles to rebuild itself after decades of war. The City is bankrupt. The shaky economy benefits the wealthy. Greenery is scarce. Women genetically enhance their appearances to attract a shortage of men. Perhaps worst of all, the Feds have instituted mass surveillance to prevent more terrorist attacks. 

Stevie has only one goal: restore balance to her native City. And she does so with great finesse… until her dangerous endeavors begin to catch up with her.

Here’s what readers are saying about Daughters of Anarchy:

“Wonderfully written from beginning to end, Daughters of Anarchy sets up an exciting new series. If you liked Dexter, you’ll love Stevie.”

“The pacing is smooth and quick, the characters sympathetic and incredibly vivid, and the setting gritty, brilliantly-described, and all-too-real.”

If enjoy science fiction with thriller/noir elements and a strong female protagonist, you’ll love Daughters of Anarchy!

Sci-Fi Fantasy Collection (Fortification & The Red Caves)

by S.K. Holder


Skelos Dorm comes from a superhuman race known as Citizens.
His home planet is Odisiris, located within the Andromeda Galaxy.
A renowned neuroscientist, he specializes in the field of neurorobotics. Under the watchful eye of the Odisirian Establishment, he seeks acclaim for a more controversial experiment. One he believes will pay dividends if he is successful.

When politics and greed threaten all he has achieved thus far, he ventures into the network of treachery to find those who seek to supplant him.

The Red Caves

Skelos Dorm comes from a superhuman race known as Citizens.
His home planet is Odisiris, located within the Andromeda Galaxy.
Once renowned for his work in neurorobotics, Skelos has since fallen from grace.
Far away from the city of Pareus, deep in the Red Caves where the Outsiders live, he is busy conducting a controversial experiment: a fusion of magic and science.

He thinks he is safe from the prying eyes of the Odisirian Establishment, until an extraordinary discovery becomes his undoing…

Skelos Dorm’s adventures continue in The Quest of Narrigh.

Fundamental Force Episode Two

by Albert Sartison

(try out the first episode for FREE!)

Mankind was warned not to touch Pandora’s box, a lost relic of an alien race, but it decided not to listen…

Through a tragic chain of events, human civilization gains access to fragments of knowledge from an ancient alien race. Unaware of the danger lurking in the powerful technologies, it undertakes the first interstellar journey to the nearest exoplanet in the habitable zone…

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