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DIY Cannabis Extracts: Detailed Guide On How To Make Your Own Cannabis Extract And Ways How To Use

by Richard Saks

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DIY Cannabis Extracts: (FREE Bonus Included)

Detailed Guide On How To Make Your Own Cannabis Extract And Ways How To Use

Within the pages of this book you will find proven steps and strategies to guide you through preparing your own cannabis extracts right in the comfort of your own home. You will discover that there are numerous ways that you can prepare cannabis extracts and smoke them. You will get to enjoy a nice “high” from the cannabis extracts.

Learn how to easily make your own cannabis extracts by following the tips and suggestions in this guide book. If you feel unsure on how to use a certain piece of equipment then make sure that you do your research and gain the proper knowledge on how to prepare your cannabis extracts in a safe manner. More and more people are seeking to find more natural and homemade products that they can make at home, including how to make cannabis extractâ??I am sure that you will find the knowledge about this process in this book interesting and beneficial in helping you to learn how to make your own cannabis extract at home!

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil and Fruits Like Apples, Bananas, Mangoes and Oranges: Powerful Natural Healers – Boxed Set # 4 – Benefits of Fruit Diet and … Oil (Powerful Natural Healers – Boxed Sets)

by Sukhmani Grover

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Book # 1 – Discover Why Apples, Bananas, Mangoes and Oranges Will Go To Heaven?

Discover how eating these common fruits can strengthen your health and save you from such a wide variety of Health Problems. You will be just amazed and stunned to find the wide variety of health problems that these fruits can provide you protection from. This book will help you –

  • Discover the Health benefits of all these fruits as well all the ways they can contribute to your health.
  • Find out how apples can boost your immunity, help reduce cholesterol, help regulate blood sugar, fight cancers, save you from harmful impact of free radicals, aid in preventing cataract, control your blood pressure and a variety of other ways it can boost your health.
  • Uncover the truth about how bananas can improve your digestion, help remove stomach ulcers, provide relief from acidity and heart burns, stabilize your blood sugar, make you more intelligent, prevent kidney cancers, lower your body temperature in fever, help you quit smoking and other ways in which they boost your health.
  • Delight yourself with the knowledge of how mangoes can save you from various cancers, lower down the levels of bad cholesterol, help maintain body’s alkaline balance, help regulate your insulin levels, boost immunity, prevent heat stokes, help find dandruff and much more.
  • Familiarize yourself with various health benefits of oranges like how they can keep your arteries clean, prevent all kinds of cardiovascular problems, save you from different kinds of cancer, keep your blood sugar levels in check, help you have lovely hair, keep constipation at bay, save you from viral infections and other ways it can add to your health and vitality.
  • Nutritional profile of all these fruits and how you can select and store the right kinds.

Its the perfect time to acquaint yourself with the knowledge of how these fruits can add to your health and act as a natural savior from a wide variety of diseases afflicting humans. The book will provide a strong impetus and necessary motivation to make these fruits a part of your daily routine. So I welcome you to this short journey where you will discover everything you would be willing to know about these four fruits.

Book # 2 – Miraculous Healing Powers of Olive Oil

Olive Oil is blessed with numerous health benefits which can really boost your daily health and provide relief from a variety of health problems, skin and hair problems. It is great for your heart , digestion and has a number of innovative applications. This book will tell you all that you wanted to know about olive oil, its various types, characteristics, interesting facts and irresistible applications in day to day life. In essence you will learn all the ways olive oil can provide you a richer living experience.

  • Discover How Olive Oil Can Infuse Life Into Your Hair ?
  • What Olive Oil Can do for Your Skin ?
  • How You Can add to Your Beauty By Using This Oil ?
  • What makes Olive Oil so Heart Friendly ?
  • Why Olive Oil Should be Your primary choice as a Cooking Medium ?
  • How Olive Oil Can help combat Diabetes, Cancers and Skin Problems ?
  • Why Olive Oil Can help in better Digestion?
  • Why Olive Oil is good for your Bones, Nails and how it can enhance your Memory
  • Side Effects of Olive Oil
  • The Process of Making Olive Oil
  • The Various Types of Olive Oil and what each one is best for

Quit Smoking Forever – You can’t fail this time.

by Barbara Carey

Trying to quit smoking is the easiest thing on this planet.

It is so easy that you do it almost every month.

No matter how hard you have tried you have always failed. Haven’t you?

I have smoked close to a 100,000 cigarettes in the last 15 years. I first started when I got pregnant. Yeah I know that’s a very foolish thing to do. I have failed numerous times. I still remember the guilt & shame I faced while bringing up my boy. After a while, I accepted it to be a part of my life.

But a tiny part of me still hated me for smoking, smoking every day.

I finally made up my mind. This time I was determined that I WILL QUIT SMOKING. Once and for all.

And yes I was successful. You know why? Because I was determined. I was focused.

And now I want to help other smokers to quit smoking once and for all.

So what is inside this tiny little guide?

Precise and clear instructions and methods to help you quit smoking cigarettes. These are the chapters in this guide,

1. Getting Started – How To Prepare Yourself.
2. How to Combat the Cravings of Smoking?
3. How Not to Gain Weight When Quitting Smoking?
4. Going Cold Turkey – How to do it and Is This the Best Method?
5. What To Do When You Find Yourself around Smokers While You’re Giving It Up.
6. Getting Family Support to Help You Quit Smoking.
7. Relapse After Quitting.
8. What are the Best Nicotine Replacements?
9. Qualities of A Successful Quitter.
10. What Are The Best Reasons To Quit Smoking?

Smoking KILLS. You & people around you.


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OFF GRID: Self Sufficient Living Beyond the System (green energy, crops, planting, homesteading, wind energy, livestock, farming)

by Jonathon Toth

Self-Sufficent Living Off The Grid!

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What is off the grid living? Is it legal?

When you download Off Grid: Self-Sufficient Living Beyond The System, you’ll find out what off the grid living is all about and what others have to say about it. You can decide if this lifestyle, which is growing more popular by the day, is right for you!

How do you get started? What equipment do you need? Is it difficult?

Off Grid: Self-Sufficient Living Beyond The System, explains the pros and cons of self-sufficient life. It also describes the various types of situations you may run into,
and the different methods of working your way through them.

When you download this book, you’ll also learn about the equipment, resources, and animals you’ll need to get your off the grid life started.

Download Off Grid: Self-Sufficient Living Beyond The System now, and start realizing the benefits of this amazing lifestyle!

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