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HIIT: The 20-Minute Dream Body with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) (HIIT Made Easy)

by John Powers

HIIT: Learn the secrets of this high intensity, exciting new workout plan that WORKS FOR EVERYONE!

Are you looking for a way to QUICKLY LOSE FAT and GET FIT?

If so, High Intensity Interval Training is exactly what you are looking for! It is not just a fad workout regimen, it is a real lifestyle change, a way to change how you think about your body, your fat, and your abilities. No other training program can offer the same benefits as a HIIT workout, not just to the contours and tone of your body, but to your cardiovascular, muscular, and skeleton systems.
If you are ready to transform your body, look no further than this book!

It even includes DIET PLAN suggestions to be followed for HIIT training and FAQ as an added BONUS to answer any question you might have when you start your HIIT workout routine.

John Powers has been a personal trainer for decades and has studied hundreds of different workouts. As a professional and as an athlete, he has personal knowledge of the HIIT program, how it works, and what it can do for you!

The basics of the High-Intensity Training program are short, high intensity workouts, intercut with longer recovery periods. This gives the body time to adjust to the intensity of the HIIT exercises, but keeps the muscles confused. The result is a program that is tolerable, while still producing incredible results with just twenty minutes of training a day!
There are NO other exercise programs that can offer those kinds of benefits, that quickly!

What are the real benefits of HIIT over any other weight loss or exercise routine?

– Rapid weight loss and improved metabolism
– Increasing body’s tolerance for work
– Improve oxygen utilization
– Super-charging athletes on the field
– Better enjoyment of exercise

HIIT cardio and interval training are hands down the best way to lose weight and improve fitness, bundled in a program that keeps you interested and helps you to achieve your goals. If you are ready to start your training, there is no better book that this one. When you read this book and follow its instructions, you are learning from a master, from someone who has tried every other program and found them all lacking.
This is a revised and expanded edition which makes it easy to understand WHAT EXACTLY YOU NEED TO DO to get in your best shape ever!

Illustrated 20 Minute HIIT Workout Program will guarantee to bring you the best results in the shortest period of time!
Not only that, You will also discover proven HIIT Workouts for Upper and Lower Body to get Shredded Muscles.

This book covers:

– What is HIIT training?
– Why does it work so well?
– Interval training for women. Is HIIT a good workout to lose weight?
– What is HIIT Cardio? How does it work? Best cardio workouts..
– What is a good nutrition program to accompany HIIT?
– How long should your HIIT session last? What are HIIT workout times/intervals?
– Do HIIT workouts burn belly fat?
– How often should you do it?
– What are the BEST HIIT exercises?
– When is the best time to do HIIT?
– Does HIIT help gain muscle?
– Is HIIT good for endurance training?
– Proven 7-Minute HIIT Workout!

Now is the perfect time to start sculpting a better body, whether you are starting from scratch or simply looking for a better way to workout!

To start Transforming Your Body and Your Mind, get your copy of HIIT today!

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

“My first impression was the great amount of information, well written, and easy to read. Also I think it’s well-founded and to the point. At the end of the book i was happily surprised because of the FAQ section which gave me a good understanding of all the content provided. I think this book can be a potential bestseller. I am sure this book will give results at the end. I recommend to read it. And so I will give it a 5 star rating.”

Corredores algunos tips esenciales (Spanish Edition)

by El corredor errante

Consejos o Tips para corredores

¿Correr en ayunas?
¿Cuándo correr mas no significa mejores resultados?
Las zapatillas ¿Por qué es tan importante la forma de atar sus cordones?
Lo importante de hidratarse durante el entrenamiento.
Ropa para correr en la época más fría del año.
Un musculo más que se fortalece con el deporte: El corazón.
¿Qué es entrenamiento Fartlek?
¿Qué hay para comer la noche antes de salir a correr un maratón?
Atentos al síndrome de fatiga crónica.
¿Cómo Quemar Más Calorías En El Gimnasio?
Consejos útiles para runners sobre protectores solares.
El insomnio y su influencia sobre los corredores.
¿El running puede afectar tu desempeño al tener relaciones sexuales?
¿Es realmente dañino el continuo consumo de huevos?
Los beneficios de la Cúrcuma para los corredores.
¿Más enfermedades del corazón, menos deportistas?
Pulsómetro y Reloj GPS, ¿Salir siempre con ellos?

Prepper’s Stockpile Guide: Items You Can Barter After The Collapse When Cash Is Worthless: (Survival Guide, Survival Gear)

by Daniel Hopkins

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Prepper’s Stockpile Guide

Items You Can Barter After The Collapse When Cash Is Worthless

Welcome to Prepper’s Stockpile Guide: Items You Can Barter After the Collapse When Cash Is Worthless, a book designed to help you gather the most profitable and sustainable items in the event that cash loses its value. For over a few decades, many have speculated that the dollar will eventually collapse in their time. In the past few years, this number of individuals has gone up due to the poor choices the authorities of the world has changed. This is why knowing what materials you can barter will be vital if the dollar truly does collapse.

First, we’ll go over something many survivalist novels skip; what you don’t need after the dollar fails. Knowing what you don’t need and why you won’t need something after the dollar fails will prevent you from invest in otherwise sound investments, like:

  • Rifles and Shotguns
  • Specific Precious Metals
  • Paper Money

Then we’ll also cover a huge topic that nearly all survivalists ignore and some assume that the average person already knows. The greatest bartering material that you will have is knowledge because without knowledge you can’t generate electricity, heal the sick, make weapons, and even have ways where you are living on a schedule rather than day to day. This book will tell you which books you can start with and where you will likely find them along with the level of danger you will be in in that type of area.

The remainder of the book will cover:

  • How to barter and take care of animals for the long run.
  • Which fuels will be the most profitable and why you should sell your fuel unless you plan to build your own power plant.
  • What seeds you can use to start making your own farm and not only keeping your family alive with the food you grow but also using some of the food as a bartering material.

This book will not be a list of items, but, rather, an informational guide about long lasting solutions that will both keep you alive and ensure you always have something valuable to trade.

Download your E book “Prepper’s Stockpile Guide: Items You Can Barter After The Collapse When Cash Is Worthless” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Asayl Fitness Personal Training System.

by Stuart Jones

Available for the 1st time ever as a personal training program!

The No.4 training system in U.S.A in 2015 is now yours in an exclusive format.
This is your opportunity to train with the creator of this system for 12 weeks from start to finish on a 1-to-1 basis, for a limited time only!
The revolutionary 20:TWELVE:20 TRAINING SYSTEM has now been upgraded, overhauled and expanded beyond your wildest dreams!
Try the original system in its’ entirety before moving onto the SUPERSET version, working muscles back to back for outrageous development before you move to the T.U.T.40 evolution of the program, a unique way of training a muscle past failure before you move towards the final week in one all-out push to the finish in the ULTIMATE week of training. 4000 REPS, 1 WEEK and the hardest workouts you will ever put yourself through!

A progressive system of training with the creator and ultimate devotee to the system allows you to watch yourself literally transform in front of your eyes as you gain strength you never thought you had, technique you had always wanted and complete exercises you never even knew existed.
Reveal muscles hidden below layers of fat you thought you could never see, exceed your own strength limits and break the plateaus which had held you back for so long!

A proven system with 6 years of use and research behind it to discover the safest and most effective ways to push your body beyond it’s own limits will have you exhausted, breathless, excited and relentlessy pursuing the next set, rep, weight milestone or LB of muscle to gain and LB of fat to lose!

For a limited time the cover price of the book also entitles the buyer to 4 free p.t. sessions with the creator and author at his gym on the south coast of England. (please contact Stuart Jones via the Facebook page listed inside the book)

If you have never tried an ASAYL Fitness training system before, why not treat yourself to a revolution and exceed your own evolution?!

Ohtataishihimeraretasonosainoudakarawatashihakitaisuru (Japanese Edition)

by Yoshiharajun

2008å¹´ã?ã??ã?©ã??ã??1位で東海大ç?¸æ¨¡é«?æ ¡ã?ã??巨人å?¥å?£ã?ã?大ç?°æ³°ç¤º

第ä¸?ç« ã??巨人å?¥å?£ï½?äº?軍でのé?é?¬ï½?
ã?»é«?æ ¡æ??代
第äº?ç« ã??伸びæ?©ã??だä¸?å¹´é??ï½?ã??ã?­å?ã??ã?¼ã? ã?©ã?³ï½?
ã?»2012å¹´ã??ã??ã?­å?ã??ã?¼ã? ã?©ã?³ã¨é ã?ä¸?軍å®?ç?
第ä¸?ç« ã??ä¸?é?²ä¸?é??のç«?ち位置ï½?1軍と2軍のはã?までï½?
ã?»2014å¹´ã??è??ç?ªå·44へã?å?ªå?äº?ã?でæ?¾ã£ã?ã??ã?¼ã? ã?©ã?³
ã?»2016å¹´ã??ã?ã?¼ã? ã§ã®ç«?ち位置ã?ä¸?ã?ã??なã?è?¦æ?©
第å??ç« ã??ã?ã??ã?ã??の大ç?°æ³°ç¤ºï½?ã?¹ã?±ã?¼ã?«ã®å¤§ããªæ??è??へï½?

Crônicas do Futebol Americano: As melhores crônicas do The Concussion sobre NFL e College Football (Portuguese Edition)

by Antony Curti

Criado em 2011, o site The Concussion foi um dos primeiros no Brasil a produzir cobertura original sobre a NFL – com artigos opinativos e aqueles tipicamente latinos, a crônica esportiva. Embora o site tenha se transformado em Pro Football, seu legado permanece reunido neste livro com 20 crônicas que documentam a história, o presente e o futuro do Futebol Americano.

Antony Curti revela o lado humano do esporte mais popular dos Estados Unidos; A solidão de Tom Brady após perder o Super Bowl XLVI, a volta e dedicação de Peyton Manning, o quarterback cujo irmão também havia jogado na mesma posição da NFL (e falhado) e outras histórias interessantes.


1 A SOLID�O DE BRADY: Já parou para pensar como é estar no vestiário do time que perdeu o Super Bowl? Veja como foi a reação de Tom Brady após o Super Bowl XLVI.
2 O MELHOR QUE NUNCA FOI: Antes de Joe Montana, Bill Walsh teve outro pupilo que poderia ter sido o melhor quarterback de todos os tempos. Saiba quem foi ele.
3 DOZE SEGUNDOS: Dizem que o número 12 é místico – para o Seattle Seahawks, é ainda mais.
4 A VOLTA DE PEYTON: Símbolo do perfeccionismo e da ética de trabalho, Peyton Manning ficou um ano de fora da NFL – veja como foi sua volta.
5 APAGANDO AS LUZES DO CANDELABRO: Mesmo quando a casa é antiga, é difícil se livrar dela. Uma homenagem ao Candlestick Park, antigo estádio dos 49ers.
6 A ESPERA DE AARON RODGERS: Como um dos melhores quarterbacks de todos os tempos caiu tanto no Draft de 2005? Aqui contamos seu purgatório na Green Room.
7 POR VOC�, DAVID: Já pensou se você fosse criança e visse seu irmão chegar na NFL e falhar?
9 O GOLFINHO E A BALEIA: Afinal, qual a graça de torcer para times na seca?
10 O FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK DA MINHA VIDA: Já parou para pensar que o amor de nossa vida é tão raro quanto um franchise quarterback?
11 MANIFESTO DA OFFSEASON: Como são difíceis esses meses sem NFL…
12 DUAS ALMAS, UM ABRA�O: Tom Brady tirando água de pedra em 2012.
13 DE ZELADOR A JOGADOR: Nunca menospreze ninguém.
14 O MENINO QUE QUERIA SER MONTANA: Um dia você pode ser tão bom quanto seu ídolo.
15 PEYTON 509: Não é todo dia que um quarterback quebra um record assim.
16 Ã? DO BRASIL: O dia que o Brasil ganhou um brasileiro nato na NFL.
17 GANHANDO DA EX-NAMORADA TESTUDA: Será que a vingança é plena?
18 COMENTAR � HUMANO: Não, não é o trabalho mais fácil do mundo.
19 WE´RE ON TO CINCINNATI: O passado é história, o futuro é o que importa.
20 NÃ?O FOI DESTA VEZ QUE O HEROI CAIU: Peyton, mesmo “sem braço”, continua “com cérebro”.
AS CR�NICAS QUE ESCREVI PARA MIM MESMO: um posfácio sobre todas as crônicas.


Com formação jurídica mas vocação jornalística, Antony Curti é Editor-Chefe e redator do Pro Football (antigo The Concussion); Curti também trabalha como analista e comentarista de esportes americanos nos canais ESPN e é apresentador do podcast Rádio América na Central 3. Além destas crônicas, desde 2009 já redigiu mais de 1000 textos sobre o esporte.

SHOELESS PETE: Where did all the flowers go

by Mark Vaughn

This is am essay that appears in News Dispatches into Cyberspace, and in other books by Mark Vaughn. The author was a fan of Pete Rose and has been for some type of reinstatement that would allow for a kind of restoration after a certain retribution has been paid. Baseball is feature prominently in the story Field of Dreams, a major motion picture that starred Kevin Costner. Reconcilation between father and son was the main theme. Heaven was a place a lot like Iowa in which players of old would come to life. On a sandlot in heaven, wouldn’t third base be empty if Pete Rose never got to play. This is an essay that seeks a solution to the Rose question.

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