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Python for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Python Programming; Learn Python FAST! (Python for Beginners, Python Programming, Python Language, Python Book 1)

by Joshua Welsh

There are few better pursuits you could undertake than learning to program.

Not many things will benefit you as directly as programming will. This book will teach you how to go from setting up your Python environment to working with complex object-oriented concepts, all in a matter of no time. If you want to learn Python quickly but still have an impressive grasp on it, this just might be the book for you.

If you’re on the edge of learning Python, I should just say that programming is the only form of self-expression that allows the end user to directly interact with your art. Programming is a science, but it’s also an art. In this book, you’re going to learn how to start to use this hugely dynamic language in order to make computers do what you want them to do.

Whether you’re learning to program as a career move, as a hobbyist, or as somebody just looking to dabble in computer programming, learning programming is ultimately one of the best moves you’ll ever make for yourself. It’s my goal in this book to ensure that you are an able Python programmer in no time at all. There are many books about Python programming on the market, but there are few that will cater so kindly to helping you get on your feet in Python and helping you feel like you know the language inside and out in no time at all. This is one of them.

Learning Vagrant: Fast programming guide

by George Sammons

This book is an exploration of Vagrant. The first part of the book discusses how network configuration can be performed. This includes both the private and public network. You will even learn how to enable port forwarding in your virtual machines. It is possible for us to work with multiple machines in Vagrant. This is discussed. You will learn how to configure multiple machines in a single vagrantfile. You will also learn the benefits of doing this. The process of installing and configuring the various software, commonly referred to as “provisioning,” is discussed. You will learn how to do this by use of shell scripts. The process of creating Vagrant boxes is also been explored in detail. You will also learn more about the various commands which can be used for working with Vagrant boxes. Drupal is a good tool for web development. You will know how to use this in Vagrant, as well as Chef and Vagrant.
The following topics are discussed in this book:
ï??Configuring the Network for Vagrant Boxes
ï??Multi-machine Environment
ï??Shell Scripts for Provisioning a Vagrant Box
ï??Creation of a Vagrant Box
ï??Working with Vagrant Boxes
ï??Vagrant and Drupal
ï??Vagrant and Chef for creation of a Development Environment

How to Make Money Online on the Internet Now: Over 10 Money Making Ideas to Cash in On the Web Today

by Jackson Smith

Who wouldn’t love to make a massive income online? There is just something about making money online that is so appealing to the masses. Not only do you have the chance to become your own boss, but you can literally make as much money as you want.

Inside of this book you will learn how to do exactly that. Inside of this book you will learn how to make money online on the Internet now by learning over 10 lucrative money making ideas that you can utilize right away.

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An Introduction to Excel for Civil Engineers: From Engineering Theory to Excel Practice

by Gunthar Pangaribuan

It’s a Excel basics book that every civil engineer should have read by now. It addresses skills that may not be covered in most Excel for civil engineering texts, such as step by step guides to create an application program and how to convert the steps into VBA code, how to perform matrix operations (multiplication and inversion) using Excel-VBA, macro for creating an engineering chart, a brief and simple guide to become an instant Excel-VBA programmer, and more…

Also to be presented the depiction in AutoCAD program. Yes! AutoCAD is chosen because one of its advantages that relies on high drawing accuracy. You will learn how to create a simple AutoCAD script file using Excel formulas and Excel-VBA. It is expected that you will be able to create simple Cartesian graph in AutoCAD, even you are an AutoCAD first time user!

In general, the articles presented in this book include:

1. Creating macros for user-defined functions.
2. The use of Excel functions for data analysis obtained from experimental results.
3. Basics of Excel – VBA programming for beginners.
4. Macro sample to create an engineering chart.
5. Creating Excel-VBA programs for Civil Engineering applications such as:
– Analysis of 2D Frame Structure
– Analysis of 2D Truss Structure
– Beam on Elastic Foundation
– Laterally Loaded Structure
– Finite Difference Method for One Dimensional Consolidation
– AutoCAD script file for the depiction in AutoCAD

With the ease of working with Excel, coupled with benefit of the given examples in this book, it is expected to increase the interest of the reader to create new original application programs. Thus, each model or even a specific calculation will be an exciting challenge for a programming job is already enjoyable.

Happy Excel programming!

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