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Tea II (The Storm Series)

by Alan Scott

Tea II concludes the story of Shadow Killer (Werewolf) and his unusual, and platonic friendship with an old man called Samuel (A Tailor). The tale is set exactly one year after â??Tea’, on the coldest and darkest night of winter, and by the end of the night their relationship will have changed forever.

Tea II is a gentle book, which looks at a rare and touching friendship that survives in a cruel and uncaring world.

â??Tea’ and â??Tea II’ are part of â??The Storm Series’ set of books, which currently include a trilogy, three books of short stories and a number of promo stories.

The â??Storm Series is an adult, bittersweet, dark fantasy series that deals with relationships, loss, power, prejudice and ultimately, the true â??monster’ that lurks inside of us.

â??Tea’ and â??Tea II’ and can be read in conjunction with the trilogy, to obtain extra background information, or alone just as two short stories.

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