Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 19 Dec 16

High Five


The book covers five popular gadgets that employees love to use, five apps employee love to use, five funny phrases employees can use at work and five things employees hate. This is High Five!

Diary of A Minecraft Herobrine Vol.2: (An Unofficial Minecraft Book)

by Jeff Kid

Minecraft: Diary of A Minecraft Herobrine Book 4: An Experimental Surprise
Minecraft: Diary of A Minecraft Herobrine Book 5: Truth Behind Birth
Minecraft: Diary of A Minecraft Herobrine Book 6: The Terrible Truth

Why sunflower Mark turned his face to the sun?

by Anja Arsic

My name is Anja. I am 30 years old and I am writer for kids. I have finished Faculty of philology, University in Belgrade, Romanian language and literature, my second language is Spanish. After I have graduated I started to write short stories for kids on Romanian language. My first story was published in 2010 “Good luck horseshoe”. My first book “Chubby Jovan” was published in November 2015. I hope that you will find interesting my new book and that you will enjoy in reading.
All the best,


Fifi and Lulu: A Tale of Two Bunnies

by Tessa Patterson

A heart-warming children’s story about Emily’s two little pet rabbits, Fifi and Lulu. Fifi and Lulu often play outside but this time they lose each other. The animals and wildlife help to find the missing bunny. The story ends happily when the two rabbits are reunited.

Bedtime for Babies and Mommies – Puppies!

by Oma

A new children’s bedtime classic is born. “Bedtime for Babies and Mommies” is the perfect book to accompany a child’s cozy and calm bedtime routine. Using photography of adorable baby puppies, Mama Doggie tells the soothing, lyrical story of the happy day Puppy was born.

As Puppy falls asleep, Mama Doggie kisses her Baby Puppy and says, “The day you were born was a gift like no other. For on that lucky day, I became your Mother. Sleep well, my sweet Baby Boo; I’ll be very near. In the morning when you wake, I will be right here. So nighty-night and sleepy-tight I’ll see you in the morning light. It’s bedtime for babiesâ?¦.and mommies.”

They Call Me Zombie: A Humorous Paranormal Mystery for Kids Ages 10-14

by John Mercer


They Call Me Zombie

Mikey was having a perfectly good summerâ?¦. until he died.

The doctors managed to save him from the great beyond, but as it turns out, dying really messes up your life. And since he came back, nothing has been the same.
A dark and terrifying presence has followed Mikey from the other side, the meanest kid in school is doing his best to return him to the afterlife, the girl of his dreams and a girl he never dreamed of are vying for his attention, and every kid in school is calling him a Zombie.
Being twelve is tough enough. It’s even tougher when you’re back from the dead!

Christian books for children : Finding God: Bedtime stories for kids (Little christian – Kids Books Book 1)

by Beata Noemi Balint

This beautifully illustrated children’s picture book connects God to tangible things for young children
All parents, regardless of personal religious beliefs, will need to discuss the big question â??’Where is God?” with their children at some time or another. This book makes the experience a positive one.
European children’s author Bea N Balint believes God is present everywhere. She encourage young children to find spirituality in the simplest of things.
” God is in every person or being, so we have to treat everybody equally, irrespective of gender or race or age. Because God love us all, no matter if we are :
Big or Small;
Short or Tall;
Black or white;
Silly or Wise!”

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