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Adventures of a Mall Santa

by Nick Nichols

Bursting into the photo lab, David, the mall manager, said to me, “QUICK, put down what you’re doing; our mall Santa cancelled, and we need a Santa NOW!” On our way out the door he said, “I need you to be Santa for this week through Christmas Eve,” and then almost as a second thought, he asked, “Have you ever been a Santa before?” I said, “No, and why ME?” “You’re big, you don’t need pillows, you laugh a lot, and your eyes even kind of twinkle a bit,” he said. I was dumb struck–thinking about myself as Santa! The whole idea was so crazy and sudden that I burst out laughing with a “HO! HO! HO!” to fit the moment â??”SEE,” he said, “That’s what I mean; you’ll make a GREAT Santa!”

What others have said:

“This book is short and is full of real, funny, compassionate, and timely stories by a mall Santa. I hope there’s a second helping coming!” –CVV

“This Christmas story made me laugh; it was such a delight to read this. I would truly recommend it to everyone to read.” –JVK

“Funny and heartwarming story! Reminded me of taking my kids to see Santa when they were little . . . one would always cry!” –SFG

If you’re looking for a heartwarming Christmas story that will make you smile, then you’ll find this book an easy and fun read! Whether you’re reading the top Christmas books, or even assorted Xmas stories, in the end, Santa is in the hearts of those who enjoy the Christmas Spirit of the season. This little book promises to put that Christmas twinkle in your eye with a smile, and together with jolly old Santa, you’ll find yourself joining him in bellowing, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Anxiety: Rewire Your Brain Using Neuroscience to Beat Anxiety, Fear, Worry, Shyness and Panic Attacks

by Jeffrey Holloway

Use developments in neuroscience to rewire your brain and free yourself from the chains of anxiety, shyness and panic attacks.

If anxiety dictates the way you live your life and you are ready to make a change and take charge of your life, this book will help you overcome axiety. 

Fear and the amygdala have been studied since the 1800s, with scientists making a connection between the two. Both the brain and fear are complex, and the studies continue today. It turns out the finding in the 1800s was true, and the amygdala does play a significant role in emotion known as fear. To complicate matters even more, fear is a state, and you can feel it to different degrees. These range from mild worry, anxiety, fear, and panic. However, not all of these are related to the amygdala, the first two, worry and anxiety are actually linked to the prefrontal cortex. This is a fairly new finding, but something that has been studied by neuroscientists ever since its discovery.

Fear is an intense emotion that can take many different forms, including both anxiety and panic disorders. Even though they can both be debilitating, it is possible to use the brain’s own fear response to rewire it. This is possible because over time the brain has been conditioned to react a certain way to both real and perceived threats. So, just as it learned to this the first time, it can learn to do it again, in a way that is not harmful. Fear takes two different paths in the brain, with different techniques that correspond with the two. So it is important to be knowledgeable about different brain functions and how to improve and develop them. This the key to releasing the grip fear has on you and your brain.

You will learn about:

  • Fear and the brain
  • Different forms of fear/anxiety
  • Anxiety and panic
  • How to retrain the brain
  • Techniques
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

and much more!

The Reframe: Reframe Relationships.

by Brian Maddox

The Reframe is a self-improvement book with the primary goal of attracting a desirable mate from a male’s perspective.
This book is composed of three main sections Social, Health and Wealth. These categories cover a wide array of topics and link them back into the main idea of finding a meaningful relationship that will stand the test of time.

How can you attract and maintain a relationship in perpetuity with a partner you truly desire?
The Reframe doesn’t just tell you to be confident, genuine and non-needy like so many other books in today’s men relationship book market. Instead it collectively shows you how to bring that confidence out of you naturally, ensuring you get the most out of your relationships and out of life.
This book tackles the idea of social conditioning and therein challenges the reader to push him/herself in interesting ways. The author argues that these somewhat unorthodox tactics and “reframes” are needed given societies view on relationships are not working as intended, citing an ever increasing trend in failed marriages.

This book is a must read and does succeed in making the reader think about relationships in a most interesting, albeit alternative way.

Social Anxiety: The Comprehensive Guide to Conquer Shyness and Overcome Social Phobia

by Michael Wakefield

Conquer Your Social Anxiety Without Feeling Overwhelmed!

What if you could approach people that you want without feeling anxious and not having an excuse of not knowing what to say? Imagine if your social life could improve by simply learning and implementing strategies, starting with small strategies at a time, to make big improvements to your social life over time.

Best-selling author and self-help strategist, Michael Wakefield, presents leading-edge techniques and scientifically-backed research that will allow you to gradually overcome your social anxiety without feeling completely overwhelmed by the steps you can take to become a better version of yourself. By following the techniques and strategies outlined in this book, you will be able to take concrete steps and make progress towards your goal of being more social with others without feeling like you will be rejected or that others will not like you for who you are.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Strategies that you can begin to implement immediately to overcome fear of approaching others
  • How you will no longer have the excuse of “not knowing what to say”
  • Different lifestyle changes that you can make to better manage and conquer social anxiety
  • Detailed and easy-to-follow plans to guide you in dealing with social anxiety
  • And much more

Get started on transforming your social life for the better by implementing the strategies in this book. Get your copy today!

Starting Out Right With Your New Puppy: Important Tips For The First Days Home

by Anne Makela

If you are getting a new puppy, this book is for you!

Packed with essential information, Starting Out Right With Your New Puppy will not only guide you through the process of preparing yourself, your family and your home for your pup’s arrival, this book will provide you with reliable and useful tips about the care and particular needs of a new puppy during the important first days home as well.

You will also gain unique insights on what a puppy goes through while he or she learns to adjust to a new family environment. It is a perspective that will touch your heart and inspire you to make the most of the first days that you spend with your new puppy.

It is important to gain an understanding of what your new puppy will experience, and in Starting Out Right With Your New Puppy you will find excellent recommendations for how to make the tender transition process go as smoothly as possible.

Sensible and attentive preparation is the best way get ready for the arrival of a new puppy, and Starting Out Right With Your New Puppy is a comprehensive and thoughtful guide that will help you to make the best start possible with your precious new puppy!

A Look Into Chinese Art, Babylonian Art (The World Culture Art Book 5)

The art of ancient civilizations and traditional folk cultures have been eternally deemed
as classics. The concept of the World Culture Art Series is to introduce to the participants, the value of the artistic creations found across the globe.

Aspects of these art elements are to help broaden the creative minds of individuals.
The images selected in this series include mythical creatures, patterns, abstract styles, and so much more. These pictures are from various sculptures, paintings, friezes, bas-reliefs, potteries, masks etc., and have been simplified for the project. Each image includes a brief footnote about its rich history behind it.

There are five volumes in this series from ten different cultures: African Art and Oceanic Art (Vol. 1), American Indian Art and Pre-Columbian Art (Vol. 2), Egyptian Art and Phoenician Art (Vol. 3), Indian Art and Cambodian Art (Vol. 4), Chinese Art and Babylonian Art (Vol. 5).

Essential Oils: 39 Outstanding Essential Oil Health Benefits with Natural Ways to Heal Yourself (essential oils, essential oils book, benefits of essential oils)

by Samuel Sims

There are so many essential oils available on the market that it can be incredibly difficult to work out what ones you need and how you should use them. There are oils for pain, for infection, for colds and coughs, and multiple other health issues. But if you walked in to a store and saw all the essential oils, would you know which is best for you?

The essential oils often treat a variety of different conditions, and for this reason we have included chapters with specific oils pertaining to the more common ailments, such as moods, pain, sleep, stomach problems and headaches. This eliminates some of the guesswork for you and you will find this information invaluable.

Once you have selected an oil, you also need to know how to use it. Some are best inhaled, while others are suitable for applying to the skin. Using a diffuser or burner is another option, and whatever method you use will depend on what ailment you are treating. For example, if you have a cold, an inhalation method would be best because it’s delivered straight to your nasal passages and sinuses.

Using essential oils can be exciting, enjoyable, and successful in removing a lot of pain and illness.

The chapters in this book are designed to give you as much information as possible, and they include:

  • Oils that are best for pain
  • Essential Oils for the Mind
  • The Infection Fighters
  • Essential Oils for Colds
  • Oils for the Stomach
  • How to Use Essential Oils
  • Plus much more!

Download your copy of Essential Oils by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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