Free poetry Kindle books for 19 Dec 16

Unadulterated Thought Mechanism

by Martin K Anderson

Martin K Anderson is young at heart but old in spirit. He has spent several lifetimes traversing this humble planet we call home; as a poet, a scholar, a distinguished gentleman with a golden voice gifted from the Gods above. Martin is heaven sent; a beautiful sentient being with a pure heart who has been likened to Gandhi. But let not these words convince you of such, rather, allow the gentle caress of his voice bring you to a state of untamed bliss as he taps into your subconscious desires; convincing you of truths hidden beneath the surface of your incapacitated minds, which slowly rot as the establishment maintains control. Allow Martin to expand your consciousness and accept our shared humanity through the expression of his inner conflict, which he expresses unashamedly as he knows we are all in fact conflicted in our own way.
However, with all being said, as you delve into the many facets of Martin’s complex personality you will realise he has a great taste for the absurd, thus not all of his creations are to be taken too seriously. -And might I also mention he feels great disdain toward those who refer to themselves in the third person.

Drama Child: Emotion in Rhyme

by Heather L. Fleming

Poetry written by the Author in her childhood and teenage years. Vividly worded, and inspiring. Read the heartbreak, human breakdown, child abuse, neglect, and will to survive. Beating the statistics and creating new life. Each poem has a meaning that is left for you the reader to decipher. Some messages easier felt, others hidden deep in cryptic words. It’s poetry for everyone, young and old. Guaranteed to bring tears, but also leave you celebrating the growth and fight to survive. Readers can relate and find their own personal stories matching poem by poem. To be read again and again. Instant Classic Poetry!

Emotion In Rhyme

From the childish to mature
Happiness and pain
Young love, Old love
Heartbreak and change
Life’s unspeakable, People’s coldness
Growing, Dying, Weakness, boldness
Death, Betrayal
Scattered through time
Drama Child
Emotion in Rhyme.

Flowers of Night: A Collection of Poems of Life, Death and the In-Between

by C. Campbell Robinson

Life does not always envision our future the way we see it. Often times, we are faced with realities we cannot possibly comprehend. These poems are specifically about life itself and the ultimate experiences that each person must witness whether it is good or bad.

First Person: Supernatural Interviews

by Okisha Jackson

What if you could interview an emotion or a spirit?
More importantly, what would it say?
This book of poetry, First Person, is a collection of interviews that have a voice. Each title will speak to you expressing their true identity and feelings.
In the second half of this book, poems are in reference to me dealing with my own experiences with disappointment, rejection, and relationships.
The scriptures included are complimentary to each poem giving God’s wisdom on specific matters. I hope you enjoy these pieces and I believe God had me write it to inform and expose what you’re really encountering.

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