Free politics and current events Kindle books for 19 Dec 16

Monsters Among Us

by Kenneth Passan

“Monsters Among Us” is a current treatise on the world around us and the dangers we face in the midst of living our lives. The focus is a look into the eyes of everyday people who have become ‘monsters” through their evil deeds toward their fellow citizens.

This book is reminiscent of Hal Lindsey’s “Late Great Planet Earth” and Eric Hoffer’s “Reflections on the Human Condition.”

The Low-Income Housing Guide: Rental Assistance, Public Housing, and Home Ownership Options in the U.S.

by Kirsten Anderberg

This ebook was written for low-income people in need of housing assistance, but it is also written for case managers, crisis counselors, social workers and concerned citizens who would like to help low-income community members achieve sustainable housing. This book clearly explains how to get Federal, State, County and City rental assistance and public housing. This book also details information about the Section 8 Voucher Choice Program, Charitable Organizations & Low-Income Housing Assistance Programs, Section 8 to Home Ownership, Government Grants for Low-Income Renters to Become Home/Land Owners, College and University Housing Options with Financial Aid, Housing Alternatives, Rolling Homes and Cooperatives, Housing for Minors Under 18 aka Homeless Teens and Tips for Homeless People.

Resources and referrals abound in this book, for a wide variety of locales and population groups. Activist and author Kirsten Anderberg has written many books and articles on the topics of homelessness and poverty. She received her M.A. Degree in History and Archiving from CA State University at Northridge in 2010 and her B.A. Degree in Political Science from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1993.

CLARITY BEYOND GENIUS: An Artistic Portrayal of Effortless Creativity and Insight employing Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

by Dave Ryan


People may be surprised: CLARITY BEYOND GENIUS already exists within consciousness. Expanded clarity within mind: overshadows dullness. Acknowledge effortless intelligence; we already own our perfection: au naturel. Discover greater conscious connection in living.


An artist’s portrayal of creativity, insight and inquiry on discovery and experience of effortless clarity in thinking. Original art, stories, observations, poetic verse and prose: reflecting human behavior.

Chapters 1 and 2, connects to our exposure within the workings of desire: the relation to planet, our connection to Nature. Genius sits still, within Nature, within Human: relationships same.

Continuing chapters expose patterns and habits of human behavior, setting over time. We become our good and bad habits of thought. We think we are what we think of past: we drag old thought through fresh fields of lost wonder. Over time we mold a conscious fiber of hard wired thinking, failing freshness of mind.

All of us scattered, we work our effort: we try to survive chasing fullness. Human design comes desirous of the experience of fullness: complete contentment, desirous of heightened, saturated moments of experience.

The final chapter addresses author’s personal stories and perspectives on talent, regarding creation of thought; including statements on genius thinking: given examples of Einstein, Mozart and songwriter Alanis Morissette.


  • So called, genius thinking or perception is variable: as measured. The author attempts to expose experience and some understanding of root or source of freed clarity within mind: contained and accessible within each individual.
  • Effortless meditation is simply a key tool, for access to private ownership. You already own the complete potential technology of consciousness: there is so much more natural awareness, yet to be enlivened; increase the clarity of perception you already possess.

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