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Speed Reading: 7 Simple and Effective Speed Reading Techniques that will Significantly Reduce Your Reading Time (Productivity Book 1)

by Michael Maxwell

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Use These Powerful Speed Reading Techniques To Significantly Improve Your Reading Speed In Less Than 24Hours

Speed reading is a powerful technique that can help advance your career, get you through school and accelerate your learning in life. Through learning to speed read, you will be able to work at a quicker pace, retain information better, and comprehend things much faster.

When you increase your reading speed, you will notice a significant reduction in the amount of time it takes you read through things like text books, project notes, meeting briefs, contracts, etc. It use to take me months to finish reading a book, but after I learned to speed read I had no problems finishing 1 book a month!

In this book there are several techniques that you are going to read about that are going to help you to improve the number of words per minute that you read. The more that you practice the techniques that work for you the faster that you are going to be able to read.

The biggest benefits of speed reading are that you are not only going to be able to comprehend what you are reading at a faster pace, but you are going to improve your focus which is going to help you in other areas of your life. When you are able to focus on reading, then you are going to be able to apply that focus to work and whatever else you need to focus on.

So, when you look at the things that you will gain from speed-reading, what is stopping you from starting to improve your reading skills? No matter what your excuse is for procrastinating, speed-reading is going to help you in the long run. Even if you have a reading disability, learning how to speed-read is going to help you overcome it in the best way possible.

Here Is a Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • What speed reading is
  • The three reading types
  • Benefits of speed reading
  • How to use the chunking technique
  • How to minimize the use of sub-vocalization
  • The art of skimming
  • The importance of having a distraction free environment
  • And Much Much More

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Shelby And The Night Sky (Shelby’s Astronomical Adventures Book 1)

by Sarah A. Kelsey

The first of the educational and artistically illustrated series â??Shelby’s Astronomical Adventures,’ this book, â??Shelby And The Night Sky,’ takes a look up. The reader will find themselves immersed in the cosmos in this tale about the night sky and the astronomical science of what’s happening above.

Shelby is 9 years old and loves visiting her Grandparent’s in the country. On this particular visit, in mid-August, just before starting 4th grade in the big city where she lives, Shelby notices how fantastically the night sky can be seen from the peaceful countryside.

One night, Grandma and Shelby sneak out to sky gaze and sleep under the blanket of stars above. Granny surprises Shelby Girl with her deep love of the night sky, and all of her cosmic wit. The special bond between this Grandma and her grand daughter makes this educational adventure a treasure for the heart and mind.

Educational concepts include:

Why the moon shines

How the moon got it’s spots

Earth’s rotation & the axis

Reason for the seasons

How to make an ancient sundial

The 8 planets & Pluto the dwarf

Basics of a refractor telescope

What causes a meteor shower

What’s a radiant?

And of course, how to sneak out of Granny’s house!

Dissertation – A simple Guide to writing dissertations

by Studyskills Mentor 2015

Dissertation writing – a simple guide.
Writing a dissertation can often seem to be a huge problem, where to start, how to plan, what to write and how. Dissertations can sometimes feel shrouded in mystery and generate nervous thoughts which shouldn’t really be there!
Writing a dissertation can often be your chance to finally write about something you want to! You may have a passion for something and getting approval to write about it should be seen as a positive and not something that makes you feel you have just started trudging up a huge hill!
So, let’s see where we can begin this. First things first, this pack contains several articles. Take your time to read through them and begin to get a feel for how your dissertation is going to be.
A couple of good points to remember, take your time; relax and enjoy your work!
Good luck

-Dissertation writing
-Writing a Dissertation title
-Writing an Abstract
-Writing a dissertation introduction
-Writing a dissertation conclusion
-Dissertation Introduction and conclusion in summary

Mrs. Purdy Hatches an Egg (Life On a Farm Series Book 1)

by Anne Makela

Mrs. Purdy is a hen who is hatching an egg. Step by step, Mrs. Purdy allows us to watch her baby chick hatch!

How long will it take for Mrs. Purdy’s egg to hatch? Where are baby chicks born at Quaker Farm? What will Mrs. Purdy name her baby chick? Can a rooster lay an egg?

The answers to these questions and many more make this story both interesting and educational.

The text is written for ages 3 to 7 years old. The photos are captivating to all ages.

Rich and dramatic color photographs provide readers with a rare, close-up view of this amazing miracle of barnyard birth.

A small word list at the end of the story helps to review new words which may have been learned.

Written from a Christian perspective. Part of the ongoing Life On a Farm Series from Quaker Farm, and the experiences of a real American farming family.

Articles ‘A’ and ‘THE’: A right-hand grammar guide to definite and indefinite articles of the English language

by Robert Brookgarbolt

Articles â??A’ and â??THE: A complete guide to definite and indefinite articles is an all-inclusive reference book for students of English.
Learning grammar properly is a significant goal to achieve in life. No one says grammar is easy to understand. And it shouldn’t. In fact, the more you are absorbed in it, the more intelligent you are, for learning grammar is nothing but training your brain to respond soundly to difficulties. Among the many, comprehension of what articles are and how they are used correctly to produce a logically meaningful sentence is an excellent investment into your future success and intelligence.
Undoubtedly, it will benefit students of all levels of skill and is excellent for self-study by anybody intent to develop his or her linguistic logic of thought.

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